Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×73 Review: The Other Side of the Moon

Boruto anime episode 73 review The Other Side of the Moon
Boruto in The Other Side of the Moon (Image: Screengrab)

The arc to get Mistuki back continues with another enjoyable episode. ‘The Other Side of the Moon’ had Boruto and Salad hear some harsh truths about Mitsuki. Here’s hoping Boruto becomes more understanding of his fellow ninja once he catches up to him.

Boruto and Salad deciding to go to Orochimaru for answers about Mitsuki was the right call. While Mitsuki’s parent wasn’t able to tell them where the young ninja was headed, Orochimaru did share some truths about Mitsuki’s origins. As viewers, we already knew about Mitsuki being a clone. However, it was enjoyable seeing Boruto and Salad hearing about it for the first time.

Knowing that your friend is one of many clones is ground-shaking news for anyone. That’s why I really liked the way the animation team focused on Boruto’s surprised (and horrified) expressions throughout his interactions with Orochimaru. Boruto clearly felt guilty about not being a better friend to Mitsuki. I liked how Boruto was mature enough in ‘The Other Side of the Moon’ to admit he didn’t listen to Mitsuki even when he tried to share something about his life.

Orochimaru also dropped another truth bomb. Turns out Mitsuki has a curse mark which prevents him from revealing his real nature to anyone. If Mitsuki decides to share information about him being a clone or the power he possesses, his body will self-destruct. Though Boruto couldn’t believe Orochimaru would do such a thing as a parent, the Legendary Sanin was very calm about the whole thing. He has more Mitsuki clones to raise as children if one of them steps out of line.

With Shikadai and his team catching up to Boruto and Salad by the end of this episode, it will be interesting to see if they are able to bring the two back to the village. My guess is Shikadai and the rest will decide to ignore their mission and help Boruto and Salad retrieve Mitsuki.

Some thoughts and questions

  • I liked Karin and Salad meeting each other.
  • The conflict Konohamaru felt due to Mitsuki being revealed as Orochimaru’s son was well-written.
  • I wonder what Boruto and Salad will find out when they meet the White Snake Sage.
  • If Mitsuki’s body is supposed to self-destruct if his true nature is revealed, does that mean he would have died when he tried to save Boruto when Momoshiki attacked during the Chunin Exams?

What did you think of ‘The Other Side of the Moon’? Let us know.

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