Ms. Marvel #14 Review: Crushed – Part II


This month’s issue of Ms. Marvel didn’t waste any time when it came to Kamala Khan’s new crush and pitting her against another nemesis. I was expecting the focus on our young superhero’s love life to go on for a few more issues, but I was glad G. Willow Wilson didn’t drag it out and kept the story going strong!

The moment Kamran came into the picture I knew he was trouble. No one can be that perfect and not be hiding things. I was surprised to see his reveal as a new Inhuman like Kamala in the previous issue. But all the talk about the Inhumans thinking that they were better than the rest of the world raised a lot of red flags for me. I immediately knew Kamran was going to be the kind of guy who thought the Inhumans should rule Earth.

11148793_379039958946478_358536358000834352_oI have to praise G. Willow Wilson again. She knows what she’s doing and was able to handle a lot of things concerning Kamala’s love life in just a few pages. Being a Muslim Pakistani-American, there are a lot of limitations on Kamala because of her religion and family. She snuck out at night with Kamran, and I was actually expecting the two to kiss. I was happy that they were interrupted by the police before they could lock lips, but the panels just went to show how attracted Kamala was towards Kamran.

The best part of the issue was definitely the talk Kamala’s brother Aamir had with Bruno. I know Aamir comes across as someone who’s quite religious because of his clothes and demeanor; however, he always has an eye on Kamala and is understanding towards her. He could see that Bruno was in love with Kamala and instead of getting mad he actually tried to make Bruno understand that it could never work between the two of them.

Kamala’s family clearly likes Bruno but the differences in their religion and culture are just too great. Judging by the look of things, I don’t think Kamala likes Bruno as more than just a friend. Her feelings might change as the series progresses but right now I’m enjoying them as friends.

I also liked how Aamir couldn’t make sense of Kamala falling for a boy she only knew for a day. I truly couldn’t understand either. I get that Kamala was happy that Kamran was an Inhuman, but acting the way she did felt kind of crazy to me. But then again I guess we all have done crazy things in love.

She clearly snapped back to her senses when Kamran didn’t drive her to school, and she immediately told him to stop the car so she could get out. Kamala Khan is a girl who respects herself, and I admire that about her!

Takeshi Miyazawa returned as the artist for this issue and brought his unique ‘anime’ style with him. The art is definitely one of the strong points of the series and just takes the story to a whole new level of quirkiness.

Coming back to the story, Kamran indeed turned out to be one of the bad guys. The leader of the evil Inhumans was revealed to be a character named Lineage. He seemed to have a whole army of young Inhuamans at his disposal and I can’t wait to see Kamala going against her own. She definitely needs to put in a few good punches and knock Kamran out for zapping her unconscious before the fight ends.

What did you think of Ms. Marvel #14? Did you enjoy all of the drama in Kamala Khan’s love life? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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