Ms. Marvel #3 Review: Super Famous – Part III

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G. Willow Wilson brings the first arc of Ms. Marvel to a very satisfying conclusion in “Super Famous, Part III”, showing Kamala Khan’s growth along the way. 

Even though our young superhero has joined the big leagues post-Secret Wars, that hasn’t stopped her from saving Jersey City as Ms. Marvel. I was glad when Wilson didn’t put Kamala and Bruno together. I prefer them as friends and hope to see their bond grow stronger as the series continues. I do feel that giving any character a love interest, especially when they are just starting out, forces character development to take a backseat because of cliché romantic teenage angst. Kamala is definitely dealing with Bruno moving on with his romantic life, but that has more to do with her feeling that she might lose one of her best friends to another girl rather than being romantically attracted to him.

Introducing Bruno’s girlfriend, Michaela, into the mix has increased the entertainment aspect of the series for me. Not only does Michaela love Bruno, she understands that Bruno was in love with Kamala. She also helps Ms. Marvel defeat Hydra’s mind-controlling nanotech. That’s one cool girlfriend, I tell you!

Ms. Marvel (2015-) 003-020Even though Michaela doesn’t know about Ms. Marvel’s true identity, I liked the conversation they had. Their interaction made it clear that Michaela wants to be able to talk to Kamala because she knows she has an important place in Bruno’s life. And being the kind of girl that she is, it is Kamala that’s having a hard time talking to Michaela. I can’t wait for those two to have an actual mature talk and understand each other’s feelings.

Sure, Michaela is cool and all, but I want to see Nakia get a bigger role. She’s one of Kamala’s best friends and seeing her standing against Ms. Marvel didn’t feel right to me. Kamala needs her friends, and I hope to see Nakia become part of the Kamala Corps.

The current arc didn’t have a lasting impact on the rest of the Marvel Comic Book Universe, and that’s what I like about this series. There are no pointless tie-ins to Marvel comic book events or surprise guest appearances. Ms. Marvel is primarily a story about Kamala Khan, her friends, and the city she lives in. It’s a story that doesn’t go beyond that, and keeps things simple and fun for the readers.

With Hydra’s plans thwarted by Ms. Marvel, I’m looking forward to seeing her next adventure. How will she change her public image, which has been used by Hydra to further their agenda? Only time will tell.

What did you think of the ‘Super Famous’ arc? Are you enjoying Ms. Marvel? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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