New Avengers #5 Review: Don’t They Know…It’s The End Of The World!

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I knew New Avengers was going to focus on Wiccan being possessed by an ancient magical being, but I had no idea All-New, All-Different Marvel was going to do it so soon.

And while I enjoyed New Avengers #5, I can’t help but feel they should’ve waited a bit before getting into the current arc. I enjoy action-packed comic books, but I also enjoy stories where the protagonists get to bond. A complaint I have regarding All-New, All-Different Marvel is that everything seems to be moving at lightning speed. We have no clear idea what happened during the eight-month gap after Secret Wars, and new teams just sort of popped up everywhere.

The same holds true for New Avengers. We have Wiccan, Hulkling, Power Man, Squirrel Girl, Pod, Songbird, White Tiger, and Roberto in a team without any backstory. What made these young superheroes decide to form a team together?

The previous issue felt like a temporary conclusion to the Moridun arc, and I was looking forward to reading an issue where we got to know more about the current team members and what brought them together. However, Issue 5 immediately took readers into the future where Moridun had taken control of Billy, and was using his Demiurge powers to wreak havoc, and alter reality.

New Avengers (2015-) 005-002Similar to other time-travelling comic book arcs, the Avengers of the future traveled to the past (the present timeline) in order to stop Moridun from taking control of Billy. I would’ve enjoyed the setup had I been given some time to rest between the events. The New Avengers just came back from space after defeating Moridun, and immediately they have deal with a future where Billy has gone crazy! It’s just too much happening in a very short amount of time. Let the heroes rest for a while. Show Wiccan and Hulkling out on a date. They are engaged-to-be-married for crying out loud!

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m more interested in knowing how the current New Avengers came into being rather than what new threat they have to face in each comic book issue. Al Ewing needs to give me some backstory, because action sequence after action sequence can very easily grow boring.

The only thing I’m looking forward to is seeing Wiccan defeat Moridun. Wiccan is one of the most powerful beings in the whole of the Marvel Comic book Universe, and that’s why I know Moridun is going down even if he’s supposed to be the most powerful evil wizard. The love between Wiccan and Hulkling is strong enough to save the Marvel Universe, and no evil wizard stands a chance against it.

Issue Highlights:

  • Clint aka Hawkeye still feeling out of place fighting alongside the New Avengers.
  • Even though Moridun took control of Billy in the future, it was cool to see the Demiurge being unstoppable. He easily took down Thor Odinson, and the future Avengers were nothing against him. Just goes to show what can happen if Billy decides to realize his full potential.
  • Hulkling is still the monarch of space. Good job with the continuity. Space doesn’t have time to worry about character sexualities. If you are destined to be the monarch, then you shall be the monarch regardless of your sexuality. Major points to Marvel!
  • Still no idea why Squirrel Girl is part of the team. But she does make for some interesting comedic relief.

What did you think of New Avengers #5? How will Billy defeat Moridun? What is The Maker planning? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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