Naruto x 675 Review: Sasuke’s Rinnegan


We finally got a manga chapter this week! There were some things that didn’t make sense to me, and I could’ve done without. However, I still found the chapter enjoyable. Sakura’s fate was revealed, and I think Team 7 will be teaming up to take down Madara once and for all.

Before the attack could hit, Obito managed to teleport Sakura to the real world. Wait! What? Obito’s Kamui got faster. How’s that even possible? Maybe Madara being there with Kakashi’s sharingan increased the speed like it did before? Obito is a ninja, and leaving Sakura behind would’ve been the logical choice. Yes, Madara would’ve come back to the real world, but it would’ve allowed Obito to get help from Naruto and Sasuke.

Sakura told Sasuke and Kakashi about what Obito requested her to do, and I couldn’t stop myself from smacking my head on the table. He told her about the danger Madara would be if he got the other eye, and even then Sakura couldn’t make herself stab his Rinnegan. It’s war and she hesitated. I guess it’s more Kishimoto’s fault than hers. He wanted Madara to get the other Rinnegan. So, of course Sakura couldn’t do anything about it because he’s the writer.

I enjoyed the interaction between Obito and Madara. I was not expecting the antagonist to be so smart. Everything Obito has gone through, losing Rin, Kakashi killing her, etc. was pre-planned. Madara really is a force to be reckoned with.

Back in the real world something happened that made me wonder why Sakura was even in the story. Naruto reached Kakashi and using his new Sage of the Six Path’s powers, regenerated his eye. If Naruto can do all that (he saved Guy from dying a few minutes ago) then what’s the point of Sakura because Naruto seems to have God-like healing powers now. Some of you might say that Sakura still has brute strength! Well, Naruto is also capable of dealing immense damage in his new mode. I hope Kishimoto tells the reason behind Sakura being there. Maybe her brute power still exceeds what Naruto and Sasuke can do even in their new modes? Fingers crossed!


Kakashi had amazing panels where he remembered the main characters as kids, and we saw how much they had grown. Naruto had surpassed the Hokage, and Sakura…poor Sakura was still stuck on the guy who tried to kill her. I don’t know what Kishimoto was trying to say with that panel and making her into a ‘kind girl’ because pinning after a guy who tried to kill you just for the sake of it is very healthy isn’t it?

Her character was kind of redeemed when Kishimoto showed how smart she was. Sakura and Kakashi seemed to be thinking the same thing and she asked Sasuke about what he meant when he said he wanted to become Hokage. I can’t help but think there’s going to be a confrontation between those two very soon, and I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted a Sakura vs. Sasuke fight.

This chapter was about Team 7 and Madara getting another power-up. I think this time he will be getting his other Rinnegan and the Nine Tails chakara that’s still in Black Zetsu. The last panel showed Team 7 getting ready to kill Madara and I hope Kishimoto doesn’t forget Sakura during the fight scenes. I want to see the three of them go all out against the evil Uchiha, together.

What did you think of this issue? Still wondering where the rest of the Allied Shinobi Alliance is? Do you think it’ll be Obito who ends up with Madara’s eyes? Please share in the comments!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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5 thoughts on “Naruto x 675 Review: Sasuke’s Rinnegan

  1. Finally, a review where he/she do not blame Sakura and called her useless…I’m so sick of that comments…

    But true, I really don’t get why Sakura is even in the story…..if Naruto suddenly has that healing ability out of the blue. -_- I’m getting confused. I’m really glad Sakura didn’t die (because many stupid haters wanted her to) I love her so much.

    Good review bytheway. Ta-ta.

    1. thanks! i know what you’s like Kishi gave the thing that separates Sakura as a ninja to Naruto by giving him God like healing powers…i am hoping Kishi has something up his sleeve regarding Sakura and actually shows she’s a character that deserves to be in the story…because she does deserve it and i hope Kishi shows it soon

  2. obito is coming out of the dimension to make resolve with kakashi and to have his final moments before he dies…he will get a power burst from the anger he has just been told madara set him,kakashi and rin up for his own selfish ambitions….naruto is going to find be heal him, and it will be all konoha teams and the entire ninja world doing a combination team asswhipping on madara..the manga will be over with this arc bu 850 and then the road to hokage and growing up will start after a 6 month absence

  3. What if they teamed up and went for his eyes like they tried to do with the bells when they were kids? Then Something awesome be done with them. Then Sakura could graft Kakashi another Sharingan like Rin did in the past. It’s a lot of things that can happen at this point, although O’m wondering what the rest of the Alliance is doing in the meantime.

    1. I guess the rest of the Alliance is still busy battling that huge statue with a lot of arms

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