Naruto x 689 Review: I Like You


This week’s manga chapter of Naruto was all about Team 7 finally working together to take down Kaguya. The team went on the offensive and their strategy looked successful. Was Kaguya really defeated this week? I’m not really sure but I do hope so.

Kakashi obtained two sharingan’s in the previous issue and even activated his Susanoo. Kishimoto focused a lot on the white-haired ninja this week. Even though I’m not sure how he’s able to activate both his eyes and control the Susanoo so quickly, it was cool seeing him use new attacks. His Kamui Shuriken was able to send away the deadly arms of the rabbit-faced monster and this gave the team an opening to land an attack. However Kaguya was able to stabilize the tailed-beasts and create a huge Gudoudama.

It looked as if she took chakra from the people stuck under the Infinite Tsukuyomi in the real world. Seeing how much chakra the antagonist has been sucking I’m kind of worried about the other Shinobi. Shouldn’t half the population be drained by now? It wouldn’t make sense if Kishimoto ends the battle without anyone dying in the real world because of it. I’m also curious to see what the Endo Tensi Hokage’s have been up to. They haven’t showed up for weeks now.

It was clear the team wouldn’t be able to stop the huge chakra bomb and that’s where Kakashi formed a strategy. Kakashi is one of the most intelligent ninjas in the world, and it was good seeing him use his brain to form an impressive plan. His strategy consisted of confusing Kaguya and finally sealing her. It was good the team didn’t go in for a direct confrontation because that wouldn’t have worked against such a powerful opponent.10376908_284841398366335_7868893194808316623_n

At first the whole fighting sequence looked confusing to me and everything happened quite fast. But with my second reading I was able to understand the panels better. Like I said, it was all about confusing the opponent. The best part of the fight was Kakashi and Sakura taking an active part in it. I was half expecting Kishimoto to ignore Kakashi or at least Sakura but he didn’t and I thank him for that. It wouldn’t be a combined Team 7 effort if those two didn’t do anything useful.

After seeing how Sakura was able to stop Kaguya from flying away from Naruto and Sasuke’s attack, it was obvious why she hadn’t gained another power up during the war. The pink-haired female ninja is way too powerful when it comes to brute strength. Giving her another power up when she’s currently strong enough to stop a God-level being would’ve been overkill. I just hope the trend continues and other readers see how powerful a character Sakura really is. Without her, Kaguya would’ve easily dodged Naruto and Sasuke’s sealing technique.

With the end of the series nearly here I am interested in seeing how the battle concludes. We all know there’s going to be a final confrontation between Naruto and Sasuke. Is Kaguya finally going to be sealed by the two heroes? I hope so because the fight has gone on long enough. I would like Kishimoto to spend a few finale chapters telling us about the world after the battle and where all the characters end up.

What did you think of this week’s chapter of Naruto? Were you glad Team 7 was able to work together to take down the antagonist? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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