Naruto x 688 Review: The Sharingan’s…!!


This week’s chapter of Naruto made up for the filler filled one we got last week, even if it featured Obito in the first few panels. Kakashi finally stepped up his game with a new power up, and the final battle has begun!

Even since Madara stole Kakashi’s sharingan, the ninja hasn’t been able to do anything during the final battle with Kaguya. Without his eye powers, Kakashi is just a ninja that’s very smart. Obito took back the eyes from Madara and I have been hoping he would give them back to Kakashi. Obito died in the previous issue and it looked as if the sharingan’s were gone with him. However, the current issue opened with Obito telling Rin to wait for him because he wanted to do something for Kakashi. As far as Obito is concerned, Kakashi is to be the sixth Hokage, followed by Naruto as the seventh. I’m all for such a plan. Kakashi is more Hokage material than Naruto. During the ‘Pain’ story arc, Kakashi was nominated as Hokage while Tsunade recovered. The white-haired ninja deserves to shine because of how amazing a character he is in the series.

Naruto and Sasuke were still battling Kaguya. Even with just one arm, the female antagonist was putting up a good fight. She easily fought off Sasuke in his Susanoo-mode. The issue also revealed Naruto’s new move, the Sage Art: Super Tailed-Beast Rasenshuriken. It was a combination attack that utilized different rasengans formed by molding the individual chakras of the tailed-beasts inside Naruto.11253_281039905413151_8939745671762290926_n

The new attack had an unexpected effect on Kaguya and she transformed into a huge mass of different beasts joined together. While the new humanoid was still unstable, Sasuke figured it would be easier to seal. I understood where Sasuke was coming from. Trying to land a hit on Kaguya wasn’t easy in her normal human size. However, the new form wasn’t to be taken lightly because it was way faster than Kaguya and was able to absorb things. A panel showed a hand moving towards Sakura, and I thought she was going to die. There haven’t been a lot of panels throughout the series where Sakura has been able to doge an attack without being saved. She even needed to be rescued when her head-seal activated and it took away from the awesomeness of her new power up. At least this week she was able to step out of the way and run for her life. But, being the girl in the group, she still needed to be saved. I don’t know what Kishimoto has against female ninjas. Why can’t they save themselves? Kakashi swooped in just in time to fly her away on his new Susanoo.

A thing I noticed was Sasuke’s readiness to save Sakura. Just a few issues back he thought of her as useless. It’s good to see some development in his character and that he considers Sakura’s life to hold some worth. The past few issues have been a slap to Sasuke’s ego. The people who he thought were useless have all proved him wrong. Sakura and Obito went through different dimensions to save him, and Kakashi has been given a powerful Susanoo.

I’m quite happy that Kakashi will finally be able to do something during Team 7’s fight with Kaguya. My concern lies with Sakura. Compared to the rest of team she desperately needs a power up. The three male characters can fly, and Sakura being flown around on Kakashi’s Susanoo won’t feel right. Right now, Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi are the only ones who might be able to attack Kaguya. Sakura needs to do something in the coming issues because she has again gone back to her role of spectator.

What did you think of this week’s issue of Naruto? Are you excited that Kakashi has a Susanoo? Let us know in the comments!

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