Orphan Black 5×1 Review: The Few Who Dare

The Few Who Dare Orphan Black

Orphan Black is back, and “The Few Who Dare” was a solid introduction to the show’s final season. It was satisfying in that we caught up with all of our favorite clones, got some heavy ship moments, and received answers to questions that have been lingering for a while.

“The Few Who Dare” started right where we left off last season with an injured Sarah on the island. At least she had enough battery power to get through to Felix and Ira to give them a heads up about S and Kira, and for Ira to tell her about a village on the island to try to locate. I was a little surprised at how quickly we got some answers, but it was really nice to see this trio of characters right off the bat. Unfortunately, Sarah remained in badThe Few Who Dare Orphan Black shape throughout “The Few Who Dare”, and it was (unsurprisingly) the thought of Kira that gave her the strength to keep going.

As for the camp, I am on Team Charlotte: Revival is scary. We actually got some information about Revival, thanks to some exposition between Mud and Cosima. Apparently this camp is the “heart” of Neolution, and its founder, PT Westmoreland, is still overseeing the movement and its projects at the ripe age of 170. Even though it was nice to see lots of Delphine and Cosima in the episode, we knew it wouldn’t last. Luckily Delphine seems to be working as a mole of some sort to get to the bottom of what Neolution is working on next. In fact, before departing, she was able to tell Cosima where she hid the cure with the hopes that Cosima would cure herself, take Charlotte, and get the heck off the island.

One of the best scenes of “The Few Who Dare” was between Sarah and Cosima when they briefly met in Revival. Sarah, after all, got to the island with the intention of saving Cosima, but it turns out that Cosima doesn’t want saved. In fact, she is making the ultimate sacrifice for her sisters by deciding to stay within Revival to get more information on Neolution and answers (hopefully) from Westmoreland about what the movement is up to. Shortly after Sarah left, however, Rachel discovered Cosima trying to administer the cure and offered to do so instead. Cosima let her, allowing her to finally get the cure that she desperately needs and mutually gaining the trust needed to stay in Revival.

Off the island, we met up with the Hendrixes who were still off the grid with Helena. I don’t know about you, but I still am in love with the friendship between Donnie and Helena. Using loon calls to communicate was a really fun touch withThe Few Who Dare Orphan Black Donnie being peak Canadian and all. But seriously, even after Alison got kidnapped, Donnie made the decision to look after Helena and keep her safe. Even though Helena is probably better equipped to take care of herself over Alison, in this case protecting those babies is top priority. We will have to wait until next week to make sure Helena and the babies are okay because after getting impaled with a stick, who knows what will happen?

Luckily for Alison, it was the cops who kidnapped her. Art and his new partner Maddie are investigating the Hendrixes for drugs, but it seems like Maddie knows a little too much about the clones and may even be in Neolution. I am not even sure that Art is safe at this point, which makes me extremely nervous especially since he is working closely with Felix to try to locate Kira and S (who have been abducted by Ferdinand).

From a technical perspective, this was a beautifully shot and directed episode. The cinematography was super interesting and definitely stepped up from prior seasons. The visual effects are always top-notch on Orphan Black, but the technology and talent has improved enough to where having two clones in the same scenes is completely seamless and is even easier to transport us as viewers into the web.

Overall, “The Few Who Dare” was a surprisingly action-filled season premiere. We got all of our favorites onscreen, and it was a solid example of why this is the most consistently good show on TV.

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