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  • Steven Universe Speculative Fan Fusion List

    Fusions are alphabetized. This way, to find them, simply use format “[Gem] + [Gem] + [Gem] etc.” Unless it is a Ruby/Sapphire fusion without the other, Garnet will be used (same with Stevonnie). But a fusion between Opal and Peridot would still be listed as “Amethyst + Pearl + Peridot.” The category titles will include […]

  • Steven Universe Alternative Rewatch Episode List

    Welcome to the alternative rewatch/episode pack list! For episode numbers, I used the wikipedia list of episodes. Be sure to also check out my speculative fusion fan art list. Table of Contents I. Fusion Pack II. Amethyst Pack III. Pearl Pack IV. Garnet Pack V. Connie Pack VI. Peridot Pack VII. Rose Quartz Pack VIII. Greg Pack […]

  • A Year of Queer on ‘Steven Universe’

    On March 12th, 2015, the two-part season one finale of Steven Universe aired. “The Return” and “Jail Break” quickly made waves for a number of reasons. Top of the list was the grand reveal that main character Garnet was in fact a fusion of two Gems, Ruby and Sapphire. The pair loved each other so […]

  • What Your Favorite “Steven Universe” Ship Says About You

    In the oft-barren wasteland that is the femslash fandom, one show rises like an oasis above the sand: Steven Universe. There are so many ways to ship ladies with ladies in this show that there was a recent episode in which a character makes a shipping chart, an incredible meta joke about their own characters […]

  • The 100 3×04 Review: “Watch the Thrones”

    A change of leadership on The 100 is about to pave the way for all-out war between the Arkers and the Grounders. Which side are you on? “Watch the Thrones” was an episode that was very much focused on government and leadership. One of the things I have always wanted on The 100 was to learn more […]

  • Steven Universe: Rocks That Make You Cry

    The set up in Steven Universe is all too familiar in this age of superhero blockbusters: a supernaturally gifted team fights together to keep Earth safe. Members include the strong, mysterious one, the neurotic strategist, the haphazard brawler, the empathetic healer, and of course, the Girl. But Steven Universe takes these tropes and turns them on […]

  • Supernatural 11×2 Review: Form and Void

    I didn’t go into the new season with much hope. I’ve done that in previous years and gotten burned. Season 9, I’m looking at you. Interestingly enough, I was pleasantly surprised. The show, in an effort to make up for past mistakes from both characters and show executives, has gone back to the golden years […]

  • “Bokeh”: An Interview with Andrew Sullivan

    BOKEH is a new science fiction film filmed in Iceland. It follows the story of a young couple on holiday there, when suddenly every other human being vanishes. It stars Maika Monroe (THE BLING RING) and Matt O’Leary (THE LONE RANGER). The film has finished principal photography, and is currently raising funds through a Kickstarter […]