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While the Supernatural spin off Bloodlines didn’t strike the right notes with the fans, CW President Mark Pedowitz has expressed interest in trying for another spin off this year.  Fans have had many ideas about which characters they’d like to see spin off into their own stories, but the network hasn’t announced what it plans on pursuing quite yet.

We’ve gathered some of the popular ideas here in this poll, but if you have your own idea feel free to submit it!  Who would you like to see with their own spin off?

Poll closes January 23rd 11:59pm EST.

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157 thoughts on “POLL: Supernatural Spin Off?

  1. I’d be on board for a spin-off featuring any of the human characters. I’m kind of burned out on angels and demons for a while. But if they come up with a spin-off featuring Charlie and Dorothy, I’ll be in heaven.

  2. I’d like to see a spin off with Jody, Donna, Mama Tran, and Charlie leading a crew of “ghost/angels” fighting monsters. Heaven could open and release Bobby, Grandpa Winchester, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Kevin, etc. as ghosts or angels. We’d have everyone back and the storylines would be endless!

  3. Prequel with Samuel Colt; prequel with John and the boys; Jody and Donna; purgatory ‘creatures’; men of Letters

    Please don’t let it be with the angels/demons, we have too many of them already. Nothing with Claire/Krissy/Alex as being teenage hunters either.

    1. I love the idea of a prequel with Samuel Colt!! This is the first I’ve heard someone mention it! a mix of the supernatural and the “wild west” could be quite entertaining! It would definitely be something new!

    2. Love the Samuel Colt idea! The show has consistently hinted that there’s a fantastic story about Samuel Colt that never got told on screen. He built the Colt that can kill everything in creation except five things, he built a gigantic devil’s trap made of railway tracks and churches to contain a door to Hell. He mailed phoenix dust to Sam Winchester far in the future after getting his address off his cell phone! It would be totally awesome to see how that all came about. Supernatural meets the wild west.

      1. Samuel Colt’s one of my top three favorites, too… and beyond what we’ve seen of Samuel Colt onscreen, the Men of Letters and the Campbell family could have a presence in the show if they want more ties to Supernatural. Plus it has the advantage of getting to be its own story… the writers would get a totally fresh sandbox to start over in instead of worrying about keeping canon continuity between two separate series and is there enough story and how do we keep this from being just like SPN but with different characters in a different car and…. a Men of Letters prequel set in the ’40s or ’50s would have that same advantage; if we’re getting a Winchester ancestor I’d rather see Henry than John.

        1. If they ever did a prequel set in the ’40’s, I’d want them to bring back Nick Lea as Eliot Ness, at least as a recurring character. That’s a show I’d watch!

  4. I would love to see a prequel of John Winchester. John’s character could bring a lot of the current player with him at least as guest. Mary’s family, his family with the men ofletters, Bobby and Rufus, Ellen, Jo, Ellen’s husband, angels, demons, monsters and with time travel any of the other characters. It would allow new character and monsters to be included and of course there’s “the boys”. So it could be endless. How exciting that would be.

  5. Lets talk seriously here of the options:

    Gonna start with the ones I think are bad choices

    1)A John Winchester prequel would be very uninteresting even if you love Matt Cohen to pieces and also highly risky given that as a rule, the fandom Hates John Winchester with a passion. Firstly I’m pretty sure that most of those votes were supporting the actor and not the character. Secondly, we all know john’s story by now. We know how it started and how it ended. I can understand people wanting to get a full view of how Sam and Dean’s childhood was but its tied end either way and I don’t think it would be a profitable choice. Besides TPTB already said It wasn’t happening.

    2)Bobby singer: I enjoyed immensely 6×04 and thought it was hilarious. I adore bobby and I miss him a lot. But seeing as he is dead and in heaven at the moment the only chance here would be doing a prequel about how he became a hunter. And just as the john prequel it has the problem that its a dead end choice cause you have a fixedstart point and end. Also you would have to cast a guy that looked like a young Jim Beaver. Plus people who look like the actors who played every other character that was friends with Bobby.

    3)Men of Letters: It would mean you could get a supernatural show in the 20s wich would look awesome. The problems I see with it are that producing it could be more pricey precisely because of the setting. Plus you have to deal with all the disgusting things from the era: blatant misoginy and homophobia to cite a phew. The cast of the men of letters would me mostly man also if you want to be faithfull to what we know from canon. Sooo… Not my favourite choice really.

    4)Angels: The only way I can see an interesting angel spin off would have been if we had more angels deciding to stay on earth and how they try to understand humans. And I think the oportunity to do that has already passed. Season 9 would have been awesome to introduce this spin-off but…

    Now lets talk about the other options:

    A Charlie Bradbury spin off would be all kinds of awesome. Female hacker/part-time monster hunter sounds pretty interesting to me and the character is already a fan favourite and a very respectful representation of fandom. Giving her a spin off would mean having a main protagonist to easily relate to. In fact I actually thought that they would try and give her an spin off since they sent her to Oz in 9×04, because they would have a complete world to explore with her. Still, if she is returning in 10×11 it would still be interesting. Extra points for LGBT representation.

    A Jody mills&Sheriff Donna spin off: This is my favourite option so far. You get two officers of the law who usually have access to the means and the information to catch murderous creatures lurking in the night. Plus they are complex characters with a lot of potential. Two female leads with tragic backgrounds and on Jody’s side teen daughter and link with the Winchesters.

    Others: I was very hopeful they would consider a spin-off for Krissy and her gang, and I still think this would be an awesome choice because hello? Teen drama + monsters?? that was buffy’s recipe.

    If there was a way to merge the Jody&Donna spin off with the Krissy band I would die of happiness, but I guess that is highly unlikely.

  6. Hello, Seriously hoping for one that has Kim Rhodes in it. She is fantastical and I love her and the character she plays. I’m saying this with no monetary stimulant or physical coercion by Miss Rhodes.Thank you.

  7. My advice to SPN? Stick with already established and Season 9 newly introduced characters. That way, fans feel rooted by established characters and their interest peeked by newly Season 9 introduced (but not wholly fleshed out) characters. Then, slowly add new ones to keep the spin off fresh and interesting. Cole, Jody, Donna, Garth, Charlie, Crowley’s son Gavin, the Trans.. make great places to start. In my opinion, the last one failed because it felt too Vampire Diaries/The Originals (not slapping those shows, they are great for the type that they are). It was also too many new characters all at once. Knowing this fandom the way I do, you got to have those roots of characters fans are already emotionally invested in or have met and want to find out more about them. The seeding plot has to take the SPN we know nd love to another level (but grounded in a version we can recognize). Otherwise, it’s just not going to take. <3

  8. So, taking into consideration how freaking awesome Agent Carter is, why not do a SPN spin-off that’s a period piece? They’ve already established the Men of Letters backstory. And we know that the hunters used to be a separate, necessary, but unliked group. And if the Men of Letters HAS to be all men, then the hunters main characters should definitely be women. Women who have no use for your sexism and your rules and (some of them) your penis, cause they got a warrior culture all their own. Maddie, Betty, and Flo can go places the men cannot go, and because the civil rights movement hasn’t hit yet, Flo can go places they don’t *want* to. She might be Maddie’s girl, but is *not* her maid.

    You could do the origins of some of the lore. The people who figured out how certain things were killed.

    Demons could be big and scary again instead of the weekly bad killed by the hundreds.

    You could even do some of the manipulation of the Winchester lineage if you wanted, though it wouldn’t be required.

    There have always been apocalypses predicted around the corner, so there could be earlier ones averted by different vessels.

    It’d be a little bit Librarians, collecting powerful things and stopping rampant magic. A little bit Agent Carter, women rocking it in a man’s world. A little bit of the original, saving people and hunting things. But with none of the technological shortcuts we’re used to, requiring information to be gathered differently. And the tension of their underground world starting to collapse as society shifts around them. Men of Letters? Why not Women of Letters? Men as hunters? Hah! Too much ego to work as a team.

    And drop the episodic nature for all mytharc. This would force a structural change in the writing of the episodes, so it feels like a different beast.

    SPN’s(tm) Crucible

    1. I’d prefer him stay on the main show, personally. He’s family. I feel like Misha is capable of carrying a show, but like I said, I’d like him to stay on SPN with the guys.

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      -Admin Angel

  9. I would love to see a Charlie Bradbury, Jody Mills, and a Donna central spinoff. I love the idea of these three ladies getting together and reestablishing the Men/Women of Letters.

    1. Cautious about character hate. While this wasn’t direct hate it is getting close.

      -Admin Angel

    2. Yeah, I feel the same. Not that they weren’t amazing characters (cause they were, and I cried. A lot) it’s just that I don’t believe their story line could really go anywhere

  10. And may I say, it seems like most of the comments are leaning towards the idea of a female-centric cast. I’ve got no problem with that. But this show has been a sausage fest, and I think going away from that will lose the mainly-female fanbase. I know, the girls will all scream and shout that I am wrong, but if an attempt is made to spin off any and all females in the cast, the base viewers will shut down, in time. The only person this may not be true of is Abbadon. How about a Demon-centric storyline, told from her perspective? Oh, that’s right! Another character killed off before they could be explored!

    1. mmmm while I’m not going to debate that one of the charming things about supernatural is the four good looking male leads I’m gonna have to disagree on the idea that therefore a female lead spin off would lose interest or have less audience.
      Female consume female centered media too. I’m a rabid fan of Orange is the new black, Orphan black and Agent carter. Hell I’m a fan of Buffy and I can’t think of a more powerful genre show lead by women.
      And well, It not just me. OITNB didn’t get an emmy and a PCA for their photography or because someone thought it was well directed.

      My point here is that we should get rid of the notion that because the audience of supernatural is used to having absurdly atractive males as leads it wouldn’t embrace a spin off of (if I’m allowed to say) awesome and also atractive female leads.
      I’ll remind everyone here that the spin off doesn’t mean not having those atractive males any more. it only means that we would also get the females. I see no reason why people wouldn’t like that. Plus after seeing the numbers and demographics of the supernatural fandom thanks to the fandometrics survey you can check that almost half the female fans of SPN are queer.
      Sorry If I seem a bit agressive in my response. Its not my intention to be, but it frustrates me when the idea of female leads gets dismissed this way.

    2. I agree that characters like Abbaddon get killed off too quickly, but I’m going to disagree that a female led spin off would fail because Fangirls wouldn’t tune in. There are many women who 1) are also attracted to other women 2) don’t watch shows based primarily on sexual attraction of the leads and/or 3) are desperately craving dynamic female protagonists on TV.

      1. There’s also no reason you can’t have hot men as support characters. Like… every show in existence does with women. You don’t HAVE to murder all your support characters, just SPN did so now there aren’t any left. Or it could be your main antagonist. People show up for a delicious bad guy.

    3. See I read this comment and go “What?”. I love Charlie, she is such a dynamic character and has a good fan base to build off of she could definitely carry a spin off in my opinion. Jody & Donna are amazing as well, they have great chemistry as partners and already have some good background drama built in and are quickly gaining fans. Jody has been well-loved for a long while now and Donna has become a fast favorite. I would be thrilled we either of these spin offs.

    1. Who is we?? You certainly don’t speak for me. I would love to see a spin off of SPN. The day there is nothing new to add to the SPN universe and it shuts down for good will be a dark, dark day in my house.

  11. We wood like to see Jeffery Dean Morgan. Come back to supernatural and work along side his boys again we mis him. And to see John Winchester and his sons work together again will be a nice to see

    1. I think this would be a cool idea as well, I mean they could make it work. Nearly everyone else has come back from the dead at some point. However, I fear that we are likely in the minority.

  12. I would have loved a Castiel spin offf back in season 6 when Raphiel was threatening to put the apocalypse back on track. Most of Castiel’s story line then was of camera unfortunatly . But a Cas spinoff now wouldnt work the writers they have now are a joke and as much as i love Cas his story line the past 2 seasons have been dull , Crowley has suffered the same fate good character destroyed by crappy unimagative writting,

    1. I’ve loved seeing Cas’s character develop and slowly become more human, as well as watching his relationship with the boys develop. I’d rather see him stay on the main show, and I don’t think the showrunners would be willing to lose him to another show at this point, honestly!

    2. Nah, I’m still all for a Castiel spin off. He’s my favorite, a show all about Cas would be fantabulous. Hopefully it’d have better/different writers though, yeah.

    1. Remember, character hate is against the rules of the poll and rudeness is against the rules of the website.

      -Admin Angel

  13. Would love to see Jody and Donna in a spinoff — they both know the evil in the world is way more than sheriff school prepared them for, and they have such great chemistry together. I also agree that a combo of the two of them and the young coming-up hunters (Krissy and her gang, Alex) might be interesting.

    I also want to address the female lead thing. Consistently, women have complained about the killing off of interesting female characters, good and evil. Yeah, there are those who come to the party to look at the pretty boys (I may have done that a bit myself) but most of us prefer good stories and great characters. Why not make some of ’em women for the long haul?

  14. So has to be Cole! Travis Aaron Wade is an awesome actor…so versatile. The fact that we don’t know much about his character’s past opens up a world of possibilities.

    1. I like the actor, but the character is uninteresting on his own — a mirror for Dean, will possibly be the reason Dean makes a different choice this time (although he certainly hasn’t in 10 years). But more straight white male manpain? Boring.

      1. I’m going to have to second Janne – we’ve seen so many characters just like Cole over the years. He’s a good narrative tool for showing a Dean mirror right now, but I can’t imagine watching a whole show about him (or an episode that focuses too heavily on him, for that matter).



  16. Any opportunity not to rehash the same middle-aged white man bent on revenge! That means no to Cole.

  17. Keep angels and demons on the main show, definitely – they’ve really added a whole new depth to the show and I can’t imagine SPN without them (especially Cas and Crowley, because they are almost as much a part of the show now as Sam and Dean). Would love a spinoff with Jody, or the Trans, or Charlie. No Cole, though – nothing against him, but he isn’t interesting enough to hold my focus as a side character, so I can’t imagine that would change with him as a lead.

  18. Hey Geekiary staff! Hi! You should consider making your polls only allow one vote per IP address.

    1. The polls are meant the measure fan enthusiasm, not a one vote per person system.

      -Admin Ang

  19. I know that Travis is a nice person and he’s a good actor, but Cole as a character is too boring for his own spin-off series. I’m sure all his fans are voting like crazy to win this for him, but that show was already done. It’s called Supernatural and it’s going into it’s 11th season.

    There are a few factors involved in deciding on a spin-off for this series, and reasons why they won’t go for a great idea, even if it’s great and the fans would love it. For instance, the show I’m interested in is seeing Josie & Henry in the MOL and how Abaddon comes into play. The 50s/60s time period would be interesting from a history perspective, and the bunker is a gorgeous location. Plus, the added dynamic of the scholarly MOL vs. the Hunters of the time. They could also bring in a young Samuel Campbell & his family.

    The biggest problem with this is that the network is looking for a spin-off that will afford them to bring in Jared, Jensen, possibly Misha or Mark for ratings boosts. They want something in present day.

    Charlie would be amazing in any capacity, but most likely Felicia’s own schedule is too busy for this. However, if they do a modern day spin-off, Charlie could also be a guest character occasionally for ratings boosts, which is something they are looking for.

    Another factor is CW’s demographic. The Supernatural audience has aged with the show this past decade — and luckily has found a younger audience along the way (mostly, I feel, due to Misha’s growing online popularity). But the problem remains that the rest of the CW audience is a bit younger. So they want a show that will keep their audience, and have them grow with them again. So, they will have to appeal to a younger crowd as well as our current fanbase.

    The idea that handles all of these issues nicely is… JODY & DONNA!

    They can run some type of home or organization where the younger hunters/supernatural creatures we’ve come to know and love, could reside. Krissy, Alex, Claire, Kate. Garth could be on hand to help them balance Supernatural & hunting lives. They could bring in young male hunters/supernatural creatures for the romantic angst. And they can have male protagonists/antagonists for Jody & Donna to spar with on a regular basis. Maybe even have Donna dating a… *gasp*… woman! Or have the younger set have a bisexual or homosexual character right off the bat. Give a more varied tapestry for this spin-off world.

    The key factor is that they want to do something in the present day to give the main cast a chance to pop in for special episodes. This idea affords that to happen for ALL the current cast, including guest stars like The Ghostfacers.

    1. “I know that Travis is a nice person and he’s a good actor, but Cole as a character is too boring for his own spin-off series. I’m sure all his fans are voting like crazy to win this for him, but that show was already done. It’s called Supernatural and it’s going into it’s 11th season.”

      Thank you, I was really take aback by these results.

  20. I want to see what Kate the Werewolf has been doing and what kind of supernatural creatures she’s met on her journey.

  21. I’d take a spin off about Gabriel. It could start when he flees to Earth and show us how he gets used to live away from Heaven and among humans, how he becomes Loki, his relationship with the other pagan gods, etc… Richard Speight Jr. has enough charisma to lead a show IMHO. And in a perfect world, Ben Edlund would be the showrunner.

    1. I agree. Gabriel is a really interesting character, and his adventures as a pagan God really present a good opportunity for countless adventures (plus I just REALLY like RSJ) but if we do get a spin off I hope it involves strong female leads. (Jody and Donna)

  22. There’s a lot of these that I want. And while I do like Cole, I’d rather see something with other characters we’re more familiar with. I’d love to see a spin off of Charlie and Dorothy in Oz or maybe something with the Trans. I’d also like to see a John Winchester prequel and go more in depth of how Sam and Dean were raised.

    I also think it’d be really cool to see a Crowley prequel or to see a spin off centered around the angel family, cause I think both would be really interesting to see. And with Jody and Donna’s return, I feel like a spin-off with the two of them would be amazing.

    Honestly, I would be okay with pretty much all of these.

  23. I love a lot of these ideas, but I feel a “Roadhouse revival” needs mentioning too. It could mean an entirely new cast, or maybe Jody or Garth or even an Angel could re-open the place. The key feature here would be the opportunity for a wide range of revolving cast coming in and out of the Roadhouse, including ALL of our favorite side-characters, instead of focusing on just one 🙂

    If you feel like this idea deserves some consideration, type “Roadhouse revival” in the Other box!

    1. While it’s not my first choice, I would definitely watch it if they decided to go that route. It would be very interesting. I also miss having a good western-based show on.

    2. I think Samuel Colt was fascinating. As was the original MOL storyline, with the Golem Rabbi Initiative societies fighting crime. But I think the problem with all of these ideas is, first and foremost, they want the spin-off to be something where they can have the current talent ‘stop-by’ for guest appearances to boost ratings when necessary. But I agree that we didn’t get enough of Samuel Colt’s backstory, and it’s very interesting to imagine.

  24. I’d prefer a spin-off with Castiel as the main character. With fresh writers and a new showrunner I think it could do well. Misha has a large fan base and they would follow him to a new show. I know a lot of people want him to stay on Spn but the show is dwindling down and I don’t know how many more seasons it has left. It would make sense to spin him off now before he gets much older.

    1. Agreed. I really want to watch a Cas focused show that doesn’t have the meat of his story take place off camera.

      1. Agreed. So much of his story has taken place off screen which is a shame. Continuing on Spn will not do the character any favours since the writers don’t seem that committed to an interesting storyline for him. If he was the star of his own series with an interesting supporting cast, that would be a series I’d be very much interested in. The rest of the choices on the list not so much.

    2. I think the time when a Castiel spin could’ve worked is past. I’m new to the fandom (less than 6 months) and from “go” all I’ve heard about relates to the Destiel division. I watched the series completely before I got online and it never occurred to me to pair Dean and Cas as anything other than war buddies/bros. In fact, I really love/loved the strength of the bond as re-defining friendship between men. The cast is so talented that I’m pretty sure they can make me believe wherever they go and I have no problem w/slash if that’s where the writers/actors decide to go. But at this point I can’t imagine TPTB have any confidence at all that a Castiel spin would fly. Additionally, like it or not, SPN viewership would take a hit (large or small) w/o the minions that it cannot afford. On any other network SPN would’ve been cancelled after the third season (this season “Constantine” is at 3.3 million and on the cusp of cancellation). SPN barely ever hits even 2.6 million so they need all hands on deck. Yes, they got an early renewal, but J2M were all signed for S11 when that happened. SPNFandom needs to “hold hands and cross the street together” instead of arguing. Also-Misha has a lot going on (cons, Cas, Random Acts, GISHWES, writing, other acting/directing projects) and I doubt he wants to get nailed down to a daily grind when he has the freedom to spend time w/his children and explore other more diverse options. tbt I’d have LOVED to see more exploration of what being an angel means and what that eons-of-existence perspective brings to Sam/Dean/the story.

  25. I’d say Sheriff Jody and Donna has the best chance of success for a spinoff unless they plan on killing Dean thereby eliminating any chance of Destiel so they can make a Castiel based spin off.

    Unfortunately, Kim Rhodes stated in a tweet that CW won’t consider her for a spin off because she is told old. Which is appalling if you think about how well loved Sheriff Jody Mills is and how good Kim Rhodes is at playing her.

    There are just so many ways Jody and Donna could swing things as it relates to SPN.
    – They could try to police the regular humans and the supernatural. (Perhaps they could work with Winchesters to get access to the MOL bunker and library. Maybe Aaron and the golem could be the human interface at thr bunker? That could be hilarious.)
    – Jody’s experience with Alex could have them helping in the placement and rehab training of “monsters”.
    – They could work with Garth to help hunters avoid law enforcement difficulties. Especially those with permanent disabilities forcing retirement.
    – The world at large could become aware of monsters and the FBI could draw on them as experts.
    – Jody’s contacts and experience means we could get guest appearances from Winchester brothers and flashbacks with Bobby.
    – etc

    This just seems so much better than most other options.

    1. Totally agree. Cagney&Lacey and Kate&Allie both ran for 6 seasons and featured two mature female leads. I think they have a good chance with the same texture as SPN (ratio of horror/drama/comedy), GREAT writing and a good time slot.

  26. I personally never want to see supernatural end! I love the show for the show besides the fact that Dean, Sam, and Castiel are extremely hot looking. There are a few areas that I would like to see a spin off to the show. However, this would probably lose interest for the mere fact that they are dead. This would be a prequel to Bobby, John’s hunting after Mary died, or their grandfather hunting with Mary. Samuel Colt would be a great area to explore too. However, I would not mind if they did a prequel to Dean and Sam’s childhood hunting years.

  27. I support a Castiel spin off but in an AU environment, perhaps starting at the time when Castiel goes on his journey to find God, and gradually becomes more and more in tune with humanity, and exploring the differences between Cas vs the other angels etc. Misha has a huge fan base that would follow him to the spin off. Setting can be in present time, and gives room to include the Trans (prophet of the Lord and Mom), Chuck himself, Gabriel, at the same time Charlie Jody and Donna can be his human support network as he “humanises”. just saying…

    1. Well, that would make me really happy 🙂
      Obviously it’ll never happen, it’s too nice an idea.

  28. First vote goes to Jody&Donna (with Alex, maybe?) although it’s already pretty sure this isn’t happening because neither of the actresses are young enough for the CW (shaking my head at how gross the reality of HW can be).

    Anything featuring Charlie is a must-watch for me for sure, so she gets a vote as well. I don’t think Felicia Day has the time though since she’s working on a book and has her YouTube channels etc. etc.

    I’d also definitely be interested in seeing how the Tran family deals with Kevin being a ghost – is heaven even open again? If no, they could work on that. If yes, I’d like to see Kevin and maybe the Roadhouse crew fixing what heaven is for humans and explore that realm. Include Bobby in that, maybe reunited with Karen at last.

    I don’t really think a Cole spinoff would work – sure he could go hunting randomly from now on (seeing as his main goal used to be finding Dean and getting revenge he’s probably pretty lost when it comes to hunting). But I’m not sure how interesting that would be – the character is incredibly similar to the Winchesters (dead parent -> revenge -> introduction to the supernatural + the whole military thing). It would probably feel like a washed out version of Sam and Dean without the chemistry since he’s by himself. Even age-wise he’s (supposedly) right where they were when they started. Plus, hunting Dean for years and years without realizing there’s something else out there? Doesn’t make me want to put my faith in him to have adventures by himself if I’m very frank.

    Krissy and the gang could be pretty interesting but I fear that it could turn out a little bland, especially after meeting Claire who was suspiciously similar to Krissy. If it happened, I’d probably watch it though. I’d give a Claire-spin off a try but so far the character hasn’t really convinced me.

    I don’t think a John Winchester prequel would work – when Sam was born they already had JDM play John, not Matt Cohen… If you want to find out more about his past, I strongly suggest reading his Journal or the Supernatural Comic series (though they’re definitely fringe-canon and from what I heard, sometimes contradict canon even… but hey!)

    I wouldn’t want a Men of Letters spin-off purely because it would likely be incredibly sexist… additionally, watching a bunch of people read about the Supernatural without actually going to hunt it (as they look down on hunters) doesn’t sound very interesting to me.

    I don’t think a Crowley prequel would work – if we got too much info on him as a person I doubt he could still surprise us in the original show. It seems that they’re slowly unwrapping his past there and I’m definitely looking foward to that.

    I don’t think the angels would work – they missed the timing on that one. Plus if you ask me, the majority of the angels has become increasingly political and sometimes even repetitive. I’d probably watch an angel spin-off, but I’d go in with low expectations, hehe.

  29. Top 3 has to be Jody and Donna, Bobby and Rufus (they were all kinds of fun together and I’ll get Bobby back in my world!) and Charlie. I didn’t see anyone mention Cain. His story seems full of potential. I LOVED Mary Winchester but I want to see her hunt with John which obvs isn’t possible. Or Mary maybe being a hunter and having to hide it from John? Maybe. Crowley’s past seems more possible now that we have a glimpse of Rowena. I’m putting in a vote for Krissy because I loved her brief appearance. And it would give us an idea of what the boys might have had to deal w growing up AS hunters.

  30. I can’t believe so many people would go for another show in the same universe with a straight white dude having daddy issues, it’d be disappointingly familiar, and old.
    I’m personnally not a fan nor a hater of the character Cole Trenton, I find him kind of dull and not really original. I wouldn’t mind seeing him more on spn and see his character expand, but a whole spin-off? It’s a not for me.
    What I want to see is diversity, characters not explored enough in Supernatural to be given the development they deserve.

    Imo, those are:

    – Jody and Donna.
    I cannot express how much I loved the episode featuring those two amazing ladies. I fell in love with Jody quite a long time ago, and loved her more and more as she returned. Donna’s first appearance was funny I was glad we got to see her again, as she grew on me.
    The dynamic of these two is really something that could be really interesting to see in the long term. They are two well-written female characters who are very different and yet so compatible. I don’t want to see more, I NEED to see more.

    – Charlie Bradbury
    Who doesn’t love Charlie, that is my question. I think the character stole many hearts and is very popular in the fandom, and I guess the lovely and awesome Felicia Day that plays her has a big part in that. Charlie was a love at first sight for me and god if she didn’t make me fall deeper and deeper as we got to see her more and more, as her character expanded and showed her complexity.
    I think she is a very positive female character to have on screen, especially for the female side of geekness and queer representation.
    I’m not gonna start ranting about Charlie so i’ll just say : She is awesome, she deserves a spin-off all the way.

    – Tran Family.
    Because representation and hell, Linda Tran is a tiger. I just feel like a spin-off with her dealing with supernatural shit and her Ghost of a son would be one hell of a comedy (with drama potential).

    Just give me a spn spin-off with awesome ladies as main characters (add POC and queer representation) and you have me hooked-up!!

  31. Much as I’d love a spinoff with Bobby, I think my biggest choice would be Aaron and his Golem, from ‘Everbody Hates Hitler’. That would be hilarious, and if I admit it, a little adorable- Cuz his Golem treated him like a child, while he’s ready to ‘take charge’ and all.

  32. Also, if there were a spin off with Bobby and Rufus, it would basically be like Scrubs- They’re old alcoholic Turk and JD.

  33. Benny! Vote Benny, a show about him as human being turned into a vampire, than him being a vampirate. It writes itself, that would be so good. Plus Ty Olsson deserves his own show!

  34. Okay so two ideas:
    -Personally, I’d really like a spin off with John, Sam, and Dean. I love stories with how they were before Sam left for Standford and everything. Just basically a spin off from the Winchesters right after the fire, all the way to right before the beginning of season 1.

    -and, like some others have said, a spin off about all the significant human characters (maybe some angels as guest stars) that have died meet up at the Roadhouse in heaven. There they just hang out and go on adventures. While also keeping an eye on team free will.

  35. COLE TRENTON. My vote goes to Cole.. as he’s a new character on spn & we only have seen him few times.. i wanna know more about him,his family,his background…
    And most of all, i m a Travis Aaron Wade fan!! so thats it…..

  36. 1. I would separate Sam and Dean, but not the family issues. Occasionally, they would have episodes together.
    2. Sam would be recruited by the Men on Letters in Europe and start hunting in different places around the world like London, Paris, Rome, Prague, Rio, Berlin, Tokyo, Cairo, Sidney, Athens. He would have a female companion: Bela. I would bring Bela back. They would try to find the Colt, for example. They would hunt local lore: different monsters we never heard of.
    3. Dean would work with Jody Mills, Charlie, Cass and other pals at home, running the American Men of Letters Bunker and solve problems left behind in the previous seasons. For example, Adam should come back from hell and Dean would teach him how to become a hunter.

    Well, maybe this is not a spin-off at all.. I don’t know…

    1. I think I would I die and not in a good way. Everyone is entitled to their own taste and opinion but this seriously sounds like my worst nightmare. The interaction between the brothers is the entire reason I watch the show. I’m all for bringing Adam back however, and having the boys work more with Charlie, Jody, and Donna.

  37. SO…love most all of these characters…wouldn’t mind seeing John back in the picture, but am voting for Cole…Travis has lots of appeal and intensity…would like to see him become a hunter and go his own way…truth of the matter…what ever happened to the epically hilarious GHOSTFACERS…now that one have made a great spinoff…

  38. i would like to see John Winchester BEFORE Sam and Dean. Like what he did right after Marry died. Obviously the boys would be small, but still would be cool to see that.

  39. Why the hell does Cole Trenton have the most votes? I like the character but if they do make a spin off about him it wouldn’t really be Supernatural he’s not even a hunter he just worked at the USMC, there’s nothing really Supernatural about that.

    1. Misha/Castiel will never be a lead on SPN that is J2. The big split in the SPN fandom is not that people don’t feel part of the SPN FAMILY, it’s the part of the fandom that feels entitled to change what SPN IS ABOUT. YES, I’m biased but not a hater. Give Castiel, Claire Novak and all the angels except Gabriel a spin off and let Misha be the lead. I think Ty/Benny should be a part of it just cause he is so cool.

      1. Fans want to see the writers follow through with a narrative they began weaving subtextually. That isn’t entitlement. And that isn’t being a hater either. It’s simply not staying silent as silence only benefits heteronormativity, and thus anyone in the anti-destiel camp will of course promote “shut up and say nothing” because it benefits their agenda. I’ve seen far more fans pestering people to keep the show stagnant, and thus truly making it what it NO LONGER IS (or has been in a long, long time) than anyone seriously wnating to change the core of the show. And about changing the show, that’s another myth promoted by anti-destiel fans. Who says change is bad? Seasons 1-9 had Dean as a human, pretty much being the embodiment of a non-supernatural entity. Now he’s a demon with the mark of cain. Why isn’t season 10 being accused of changing what Supernatural “is”. Right because it’s not about slash or homosexuality. It seems that change and fan entitlement is fine as long as it’s not coming from Dean/Cas fans.

      2. Destielfan is exactly right. Cas fans don’t feel “entitled to change what SPN is about” because the writers are ALREADY doing it. We’re just telling them what we love about the show. I honestly don’t know what show you are watching, but Supernatural has FOUR leads, each with their own storyline. In S10, the writers have crafted individual journeys for each of those four main characters.

        The “split in the fandom” actually comes from entitled fans who think that everything should be about Sam & Dean, and that Misha & Cas should be excluded, belittled, fired, killed off… at every turn; and they are extremely rude about it. So, I would say that those types of fans are the ones who don’t know what the show is really “about”. I’m not a hater either. I love Jensen & Jared, and everything they do to make Sam & Dean interesting through 10 seasons of playing the same character. I also know that they have loved how the addition of Misha/Cas has made the show better. I wish the fans who claim loyalty to J2 would see how much they insult Jared & Jensen every time they put Misha down. The show is better when Sam, Dean & Cas are working together.

        [Although, this poll is about spin-offs, so once again: JODY & DONNA RULE!]

        1. Snapegirl – I totally agree with everything you said. The show would not have lasted without the addition of angels, and the boys’ connection to that storyline wouldn’t permeate as deeply without their friendship and love for Castiel (and vice versa). Also, I second your notion: JODY & DONNA FTW! Those are really two of the only characters I would follow to another show. We care about them, they’re well developed characters, and it would be reasonable to craft an environment/story around them. It would also provide a way for cameos or return visits from Jensen, Jared, Misha or Mark after SPN is done.

          1. Thank you Rebekah. Everything you mention here is right on the money, and a lot more succinct than what I always ramble on about. 😉 Most importantly, they want a spin-off where the current stars could make cameo appearances. That doesn’t work with any of the ‘prequels’ people are suggesting. And even though Travis might be a wonderful person & talented actor, having yet another storyline about a white male with father issues bent on revenge, is just too boring to think about. Why should we care about another man who left his family to suffer while he was on a vendetta to deal with his past? Show that you are a real man, and go raise your family, and keep them safe.

        2. the SPN show is about the bros at the core with now the addition of Cas and Crowley as additional leads. SPN has grown for the better in evolving into a more ensemble-type show with additional SLs and supporting characters. For a spinoff show with these supporting characters, Sherriff Jody and Donna would be an excellent choice. Their characters are established, have backstory and, in Jodys case, have had substantial interactions with most of the main characters alive and dead. Also, the CW would benefit from having a show with strong females leads, something they are sorely lacking. Last note, SPN will never get rid of, write off or kill off Cas. TBH, with Misha’s only PCA win for the show this year, it would be suicidal and TPTB know it

          1. Castiel and Crowley are NOT leads, they are regular, supporting characters.
            And no, that’s not being a hater, but the role of the supporting cast is to enhance and to support the leads, not take sizable chunks of time out of what should always be the main story about the leads. The issue many of us have in the last two years of SPN is that it has become just that, in fact, it feels like the two leads have often become supporting players in their own show.

            1. “the supporting cast is to enhance and to support the leads, not take sizable chunks of time out of what should always be the main story about the leads.”

              By your own definition, you have proven that Castiel & Crowley are NOT supporting actors in this narrative any longer. Granted, when they were introduced back in S4 & S5, they were supporting characters. Currently, Castiel’s story is about being disillusioned with his life as an Angel, and making things right with Claire. Crowley’s story is about his internal struggle with his humanity, and how his Mother is trying to take over Hell. Neither of those stories have ANYTHING to do with supporting Dean or Sam. Dean’s story arc is dealing with the Mark of Cain; and while all 3 other main cast members will revolve around that as well, both executive producers have boasted 4 separate journeys for their 4 main characters.

              Charlie, Jody, Claire, Rowena, etc. are supporting characters who are only in the show to be a catalyst for the story telling of the FOUR main characters.

              You might not have intended for your comments to seem hateful, but they definitely show a bias toward a show that revolves solely around Dean & Sam, which is not what the actual creators of the show are giving us currently.

      3. thought this was polling spin off of CHARACTERS not actors but your comment is mixing Misha and J2 into this poll which is SO NOT COOL. POLL: spin off Cas + Donna + Jody + Charlie, Gabriel and Chuck 🙂

      1. Cole’s actor is great but I thought it was supposed to be on characters rather than actors? I don’t really want another show about a white male hunter with daddy-issues. We already had that in John Winchester, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Gabriel, Lucifer, and Michael. Do we really need it in Cole Trenton, too? Because if we get it, then we’re going to get it from his neglected son in the future, too.

        1. Yeah, agreed. And to be fair, we don’t know a whole lot about Cole. Yes, that means his story could be explored further in a spin-off, but the problem is we need to care. That’s what happened with Bloodlines. The story was fine, but we weren’t invested emotionally in the characters. Having said that, I don’t really want them to do a show with old/past characters (young John Winchester or Mary Winchester, etc) because I have a feeling they would mess up their own rules/lore/history/etc. Instead, they should choose characters we know and care about that have potential stories to tell set in the present or future (Charlie, Jody, Donna, etc).

  40. I would love to see a spin off with Charlie or Jody & Donna. As long as we still see them occasionally on the main show. I still love their interactions with Sam & Dean. Personally, I am more interested in Charlie’s story but Jody & Donna have a really good partner set up going already with some good drama already built in the background to build off of. It would be really interesting to see the Supernatural universe from the perspective of the law.

  41. I really like Charlie, I really do, I am just not sure she would carry a new show well. They would need to create new and interesting characters for her to interact with, or have her interact with people the Winchester’s have already met. (Slightly tangential, but I really, really, really want Charlie to meet Castiel, when is that going to happen? sigh.) Anyway, I love the Men of Letters storyline, we know how it ends, but that is about it. I think a story about Henry Winchester would be awesome. Showing his training into the men of letters, going off on adventures with Josie, and then later Abaddon after Josie is possessed could be really interesting I think. It wouldn’t really allow for much in the way of crossover episodes with SPN, baring soul powered time travel or an angelic assist.

    Donna and Jody would also be awesome, I just don’t see that happening on the CW unfortunately. As for a Castiel spinoff, Cas has been on Supernatural longer than he hasn’t at this point and I think it would not be possible to separate him from the show and it not feel like its lost something. Cas isn’t in every episode and I don’t think that should change, it would alter the show too much to have Cas with his angelic powers around all the time (though I do not want him to end up human, like at all. I thought it was useful character development but I was counting down the days until he got some Grace back), so it is important for him to have his own storyline, but it should be closely linked to the Winchester’s. Problem with season 9 was I felt he was often almost in another show doing his own thing. I think Cas is best when he is working with the Winchesters.

    Anyway, I think they have a lot of potential for a spin off, but inventing new characters and not using existing ones as they did with Bloodlines was their biggest mistake. Plus it made Sam and Dean look uncharacteristically dumb not to know about the monster smorgasbord in Chicago. I mean, it would be nice if that were at least mentioned in the show, maybe Sam says something like, remember all that business in Chicago last year, well there was a big fight and a team of 20 hunters is heading up there to clear out the city the best they can. Or SOMETHING. lol.

    ugh. back to work. Counting down the days until The Hunter Games 🙂

    1. They strike me as the best basis for a new show.

      Jody and Donna knowing about hunters and monsters means they could work within the law enforcement and legal branches of government to make things better for hunters.

      Alex mean we could have some of the show be focused on people in this late teens, early 20s be a central part of the show.

      1. Jody and Donna could also find themselves forces, as police officers to comply with FBI searches for “serial killers” who J&D know to be hunters… Oooh, that’d be dramatic.

  42. Ok. It was Kripke’s dream. His hard work. Would you alter Shakespeare as well? As an Artist myself. Actress/Writer. Do not alter my own work I say. Don’t ride my coattail . Do the hard work! Write your own great show, sell it! Then change it as you wish! How can you tell the creator what he/she should do? Just fans. Remember that. Travis A Wade is a seasoned Actor with a great resume…hence the reason chosen for Supernatural. You act like SPN was his first gig. No.plus he does charity and humanitarian work. My point…rather than try to alter someone elses dream…create your own! Sure. One can gently suggest but it is getting insulting.

    1. You are correct on all fronts Cherie. If one wants to alter and play with canon then that is entirely what fan fiction is for. I have really enjoyed watching Travis Wade on SPN, and for people saying “oh no, another guy with daddy issues”, they need to use their imaginations. Who’s to say that Cole couldn’t learn from his mistakes and the Winchester’s own and their combined histories to CHANGE his future. I like Donna and Jody, but if we had to watch Jody play the Straight man to Donna’s Comic camp week in and week out, that would get tired and so fast. I like The Men of Letters as well, but as everyone has said, we know how that ends. So a show just following Henry’s beginning would be absolute filler. And oh how I love Charlie. They have a wonderful co-star in Felicia Day, she’s just all around awesome. I would like to see her more and a meet up with Cas just has endless possibilities. But I recognize and respect Kripke’s vision. But this was his play ground first, and if as a fan you are not happy-then go try your own hand on a fan fic site. People should have their version of another man’s vision critiqued before they start shouting out “How dare they do that to our show!” Again people, it was Kripke not you…

    2. Pretty sure Shakespeare would go into hysterical gales of joy if he knew we were still reading and acting out and yes, altering his work today.

  43. I think a Cole spinoff would work with other characters as well. The writers have already established that his father was an unknown breed of monster, he was introduced to the hunters world and learned enough on his own to catch and torture a demon for information. I see potential for a new Hunter network, throwback to the road house kind of. In my head, it’s an ensemble cast: Cole, Jody, Garth, Charlie, maybe even Krissy. That’s the spinoff I’d watch. Characters with an already established connection to the Winchesters would allow our guys to pop in and out from time to time. Good news for everyone.

    1. Cole doesn’t have the connections though. He hasn’t been around long enough for Sam and Dean to hook him up. Further, Dean may be suspicious thst Cole himself may turn into a monster. Ar a later point in life… Rather like rugaroos do

      Now Jody… I could easily see Sam and Dean setting Jody up with Garth and Aaron, forwarding information they have from the bunker or letter her have a key.

    2. That is an awesome idea! Another key point with each character is their loss and lack of familial ties. But as Bobby Singer taught The Winchester boys,”It don’t take blood to make a family.” I would watch that show! And it still leaves the potential for the boys, Cas and Crowley to do cross over work. To add a couple more though–this would be the perfect scenario to also bring back Ghost Facers. Another fine actor in AJ Buckley. And I have to laugh at the ntion that “Dean may be suspicious that Cole himself may turn into a monster at a later point in life, like Rugaroos do.” Have these people been watching a different SPN than the rest of us? I seem to recall BOTH boys turning into exactly what they hate, what they hunt. They have obstacles, they face them, most times it’s not pretty but there are exceptions. Example: Benny. I can and will leave it there.

      1. Yes, the Winchesters have turned into what they hunt… That’s part of the problem with Cole as a character that may turn into a monster himself.

        I want a fresh, original story set in the Supernatural universe and told by a character we already love and told from a perspective from which we can sympathize. If there’s one thing that Supernatural should have

  44. Can someone who is voting for a Cole Trenton based SPN spinoff say why they are thinking it would be a good thing?

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a show which is different in tone from Supernatural but in the same world?

    All I see when I imagine Cole as the central cast for a spinoff is John Winchester (another marine) roaming the roads in search of a hunt while neglecting his child. We’ve already seen most of the ending for that story.

    Compare that to
    – Garth being dispatch and dealing with being a werewolf.
    – Jody and Donna policing humans and Monsters
    – Bela Talbot going through hell and becoming a demon

    The guy playing Cole is a good actor and attractive, but Cole’s story is too reflective of the Winchesters but with less family issues and likely no preferred vessel of the archangels storyline to liven things up.

    What do you, the Cole fans see?

  45. Pretty sure that I explained why I think a Cole spin-off would work in my first comment, but I’ll try again. He’s a human, as far as we know, and the writers have left his history and background as open as possible, so it really could go anywhere. Not saying it has to be cole-centric, just that the intro to his history sets up a good first season plot. Hunting the breed of monster that destroyed his family. That’s basically what any other spin off would be about…hunting monsters. Jody and Donna have the same set-up. I’d definitely watch anything that has Kim Rhodes in it, but given Mills’s history, a spin off would likely involve monsters of some sort. With Cole, he has a dual-sided opportunity: he has the military background and a connection to the supernatural, so it’s definitely logical that he’d be a hunter, and a hunter of monsters. As I said before, ever since the road house days, the idea of a hunters network has interested me. And considering the actor has multiple movies out this year and as significant resume, I’m confident that he could carry a series.

    1. I look at Jody & Donna and see two women with Phys Ed training that comes from police academies rather than Marines (Cole, John, & indirectly, Sam & Dean).

      Women who could help hunters retire, hunters escape prosecution, and “monsters” avoid persecution far better than any other character we have had on SPN since they have ties to law enforcement and other branches of the legal system.

      Cole hunting just one breed of monster isn’t very different from John and the three year YED hunt that we have had already.. Except Cole could potentially be a monster himself.

  46. I agree with another poster Misty regarding the great flexibility of Cole’s character. The fact that he was not as explored as say Jodi character wise leaves a broad scope of opportunity to develop a story line. One can bring in various SPN elements. Characters. Branch off from there. No limits really. Why is he any less suitable I ask? They all have connections. If it were Jodi/Donna it would be a two Sheriff’s hunting. Ok. Well, with Cole his backstory is fairly mysterious. There is so much available to the writer’s imagination. That is why we want a Cole Spin-Off, or I do. Speaking for myself. The show Will be new…sky’s the limit creatively.

    1. He is a great actor, I’ll agree. And yes, I can sympathize with the character.

      But I really don’t like the character for the same reason that I have issues with John Winchester. Neglecting parental and familial responsibilitirs. Cole neglected his child to chase down Sam and Dean.

      He tortured and tried to kill two humans because he didn’t get all the facts. I get that the facts are so out there as to be disbelieved, but John managed to wrap his brain around the supernatural before going hunting.

  47. A Cole spinoff has 27% of the vote? Cole? The character who appeared and then disappeared changing nothing whatsoever? Cole? REALLY?

  48. I’m sorry, but all I keep hearing from fans ALL THE TIME is how SPN is so quick to kill off strong female characters without giving them a chance to develop. I’ve never had an issue with this because the show has always been, and always will be, about two brothers. But I find it absolutely ridiculous, after all the complaining I’ve heard so far, that the top choice for a spin off seems to be a stereotypical white male character with daddy issues. Really? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Travis is cool shit, he’s a good actor and from I’ve seen, a pretty damn decent human being. But all arguments I’ve seen for his character having a spin off sound pretty flimsy. You can love the actor while admitting that his character really has nowhere to go, and in my opinion, even the existing story line so far has fallen pretty flat. No offense to those that like Cole, but if we’re gonna be reasonable, and choose a spin off that might actually appeal to wider audience and not flop miserably like the last one, Jody and Donna seem like the best bet.

    1. Agreed.

      I’m baffled that Cole is leading this. I can only assume it’s mostly due to people who are fans of Travis Aaron Wade who tuned in for the first time for his episodes. His character, while not horrible, is a distorted mirror to too many make character on the show.

      A spinoff that introduces and elaborates on the female side of the SPN world would be amazing and if done from the law enforcement angle (which could put Jody and Donna in a position where they have to hunt hunters now ans them) things could get so good and conflicted… It would be enthralling.

      1. I’ve been watching this show from day one, and while I am a huge fan of Travis, I also firmly believe there are a lot of directions Coles story could go. I think the reason some people feel his storyline is “flat” is because the writers aren’t done telling it yet. No one knows where they’re going with it, but they obviously have a plan, since they’ve brought Cole back for at least one more episode. His story isn’t done.

        1. It’s not just that it’s flat, it’s that it almost the same as John’s or Dean or Sam’s but isnt as deep.

          1. Cole was a marine. < John was a marine. John used his marine experiences to train his sons.
          2. Cole lost his father when young. < John lost his father when young and his wife as an adult, Dean & Sam lost their mother to a demon.
          3. Cole is abandoning his wife and child to hunt for daddy's killer. < John abandoned Dean to take care of Sam for weeks long stretches. John abandoned Adam and Adam's mother so that John could hunt YED obsessively. As an adult, Sam abandoned Dean in an attempt to find normality and escape from John.

          Almost all of SPN, as much as I love it, has been about family members failing to be there for one another and the consequences of that failure while the main charactes live on the fringes of society. Isn't it time to show a group of people in the SPN world who are capable of being there for one another while being perceived as living within societal norms? Cole might work as a replacement for Dean or Sam if either of those characters die or are written off and I would be 100% okay with that once I stopped mourning … but a show with Cole as a central cast member that isn't SPN will likely parse like an SPN-wannabe rather than a new show that can stand on its own.

  49. I’d love to see young Mary Winchester. How she was raised as a hunter, what made her decide she didn’t want to be a hunter, etc. Start in high school, have most of the hunting take place in the afternoons/nights, show how it affects her schoolwork. Definitely have John come around and insult her sometimes, and she insults him back; they canonically HATED each other before the angel roofie-ing.

    I’d love to see her interactions with her parents, cousins, etc. She has this family legacy to carry on, but she doesn’t want it, and she fights with her parents about it all the time. Once she moves out, she hunts close to home if something’s a threat but doesn’t actively look for new hunts. John gets shipped out to Vietnam, so she doesn’t have to worry about running into him. She goes to college with her friends but drops out when the angels come and force her to love John.

    I’d love to see a show about hunting from the POV of someone who doesn’t want to hunt, and I want them to actually address the consequences of angel meddling and how it completely screws up people’s lives. John cheating on her? Dropping out of school? Losing her friends? Possibilities of the consequences are endless, and I’d love to see them.

    1. I have to admit is love this.

      I must guiltily admit that part of my interest in this is 70/0s style clothing cosplay…yum.

  50. Benny,cause he’s a fantastic character,and I think a purgatory spin-off would allow them too go more in depth on it’s build, like are there different rings/levels, what happens when you die, is there a place you emerge from or after so much time your body just revives,or are you just dead? Maybe when you die in purgatory you go too a lower level? Do angel’s go to Purgatory when they die, and if they do is it a separate ring,level,or section of Purgatory?can those condemned too purgatory have children in it,if so wold the child be condemned as well,and/or would the chill be different for having been born in it? Are there creatures born of Purgatory,and if so,are they feral or intelligent, are there different classes? also Benny Lafitte as king of Purgator or on an unwitting journey too it would be cool! Just a thought and personal opinion

  51. has anyone beento A Supernatural Convention? the actors who are in the show are absolutely amazing! going to meet J2 in a few months & Jeffery Dean Morgan. .yes thats right he us coming too!…but the person who will always steal my vote is Benny..what’s not to love? x

  52. The only one that holds any interest for me, or that I would bother tuning into, would be a John Winchester prequel. Casting issues aside (JDM played John in the Pilot, but it would have to be Matt Cohen or someone else now) that is the only story that I’m interested in.

  53. What kind of crowley prequel we talking,300 years ago as in furgus macleoud,or maybe 250 years ago as a brand new crossroads demon, or just a few before the apocalypse,if so same vessel or no, I personally have trouble seeing anyone other than Mark Sheppard playing crowley,but we might find out how crowley procured his current vessel and/or what kind off person he was! Be it Furgus macleoud,or brand new crossroads demon,200 to 300 years is a long time,not quite the same demon/man as the crowley of today, could be fun, could be a train reck?

  54. I’ve been a fan of Supernatural since day 1.I only found out about the actor Travis Aaron Wade when I heard he was going to be ob Supernatutal. That character has so much room for exploration and more. He’s the one character that really can have so many paths and ways to go because they have not gotten into his character like others. He has so many options that they can write. Then if the writers were to write something we won’t tell them they are wrong because we know so much. They have so much room here to makeva good series without having to make sure they got it right with Supernatural.I think his whole story could be awesome and have so many possibilities.

  55. Sorry for my spelling errors. Trying to type on my cell in my car and my hands are freezing. Just pulled into my driveway and had to put my two cents in.

  56. Very good points Melissa. That’s kind of exactly why I’m not on the prequel bandwagon. There’s only so far you can go with those, and you run the risk of alienating fans by altering history or not staying true to canon. Cute for a miniseries or something, but not a sustainable show in my opinion. Cole’s story is wide open, and considering they’d only planned on a couple episodes and have just brought him back for more, it looks like they’ve got something planned for him.

  57. I agree that Cole is one of the few options where there are no preset notions to get in the way and a prequel about John or Booby and Rufus would be fun, though I worry about potentially messing up already sometimes-dicey SPN canon. I think the Judah Initiative would be a better road to go down. I would love to see Adam Rose and his golum on a more regular basis. Surely they would cross paths with Sam & Dean from time to time too.

  58. Regardless of what this poll is showing, I am willing to bet good money on a Cole spinoff having worse ratings than Bloodlines. At this rate, with determined groups pushing their agendas, we’ll never get a spin off people will actually watch.

    1. As a reminder, this is Geekiary’s poll, not the Supernatural producers’ poll, and it’s up to /them/ (the producers) what the form of the actual spinoff will be.
      That being said, I can tell you that the same people who produce Supernatural will be most likely producing the spinoff. Take that as you will on the actual content of the show.

      Further, I have my own opinions, I do not have an ‘agenda'(other than ‘This is my opinion’), I am not a ‘stalker'(0% chance of meeting cast and crew), and I do not appreciate hearing that I am being called a stalker or someone with a horrible agenda whether it is on here, or on another social media site. I’d post my analysis of why 90% of these options won’t work, but I’m not going to bother wasting my time. You have already made it abundantly clear that you do not want my opinion because it doesn’t match yours.

  59. I’ll watch a cole spinoff. I know a lot of people who would also. Hes also been on the show. The blood lines cast haven’t.

  60. The kid who turned Castiel into a figurine. The “anti-Christ” has a wide range of possibilities. He is far away in Austraila, he is all powerful, conflicted, and naive. An entire universe of characters and stories are just waiting to be revealed around him.

  61. So we all know Ben is Dean’s son.He can easily follow his predestined future. Dean and Sam disappear into….trying to save Ben.The story of Dean and Sam could finish on the big screen with there final fight taking them to Heaven. They meet GOD who was never missing but on Earth watching over them.As they enter Heaven,all of the old dead regulars welcome them home with Cass and Bobby the final two to greet them and offer them one last beer…You’ve done good boys carry on and welcome home.Music playing. .Leader of the band.To inmate the man..

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