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  • Arrow 5×9 Review: “Invasion!”

    Arrow delivers a solid third part to the CW’s DC Crossover with “Invasion!” The storyline felt familiar, like rereading a book, but even though I had a good guess what was coming it still held my attention. “Everything is awesome” alternate universes are a time-honored trope. It’s one of those scenarios that will wind up on every […]

  • The Flash 3×08 Review: Invasion!

    As the second of four episodes of the CW’s DC Crossover event, The Flash was exciting and a little frustrating. Several events seemed like things that could have been easily avoided with a little forethought, but we did get a lot of fun interplay among the characters. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our […]

  • Supergirl Gets a Second Season but Moves to The CW

    While Supergirl will get to fly high and beat bad guys for another year, the DC-based TV series has changed networks for the upcoming second season. As long as fans keep getting more episodes about Superman’s cousin it is all good! Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other […]

  • The Messengers 1×1 Review: Awakening

    I am not one to normally seek out a story about angels versus demons, but one of my good friends and fellow TV watchers gave me the heads up for a new show, The Messengers, that premiered last night on the CW. I am always intrigued by a new show, so I wanted to give […]

  • iZombie 1×1 Review: Pilot

    Finally it is here! iZombie is the newest show in the CW’s prime time lineup, and although the network tends to gravitate to programming geared toward a younger audience, this show has a lot of potential for all ages. I found the pilot to be surprisingly refreshing and whimsical which are not usually words used […]

  • POLL: Supernatural Spin Off?

    While the Supernatural spin off Bloodlines didn’t strike the right notes with the fans, CW President Mark Pedowitz has expressed interest in trying for another spin off this year.  Fans have had many ideas about which characters they’d like to see spin off into their own stories, but the network hasn’t announced what it plans on […]

  • Review: The Flash Pilot — Living in the World You’re Saving

    One of the pilots shown at the Paley Center in NYC this past weekend was The Flash, the spin-off from the CW’s Arrow. Barry Allen, like Oliver Queen, is an iconic pre-existing character drawn from decades of comic book stories. As with Arrow, The Flash takes these familiar elements and creates its own version for […]

  • A Reader Gets A Sneak Peek At The CW’s The Flash!

    I’ve been going back and forth about running this, because this thing won’t be out for a few MONTHS yet… but what the hell. I’m sure The Flash is going to be promoted at Comic-Con, and fans deserve some advance warning of what to expect – because why leave it up to the friggin’ CW’s […]

  • 2014 Pilot Orders – Shows I’m Looking Forward To Watching

    The Hollywood Reporter recently released a list of shows that have ordered pilots this year and there’s a lot to be excited about.  Spin offs and comic book shows seem to be on the rise this season, with aliens and apocalyptic narratives also making a strong appearance on the list.  Before launching into the titles […]