Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode Three Review – “Judgment”


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 episode 3 “Judgment” was all about solving puzzles in both campaigns, and it also gave us some backstory for Moira Burton. I still don’t know what she’s doing in the story but it was good to see the kind of relationship she shared with her father Barry Burton.

The first part of the campaign again featured Claire Redfield and Moira Burton trying to make sense about what was going on in the zombie-infested island. Even though they made it to the Overseer’s tower in episode two, the story sent them to an abandoned factory because of a note Neil left them.

re1It was obvious from the start that Neil was working with the Overseer so it was annoying for me to watch Claire’s inability to put two and two together. Claire is a veteran when it comes to fighting bioterrorism and not realizing that Neil’s bracelet doesn’t change color felt like a rookie mistake. It was Moira (a first-timer) who pointed it out to Claire and even then she didn’t want to believe it. I think the writers wanted to show some sort of romantic potential between Claire and Neil but it just came across as unnecessary.

I don’t know what the writers have against Claire and her potential love interests in the franchise. Leon is paired up with Ada, Chris and Jill might end up together sooner or later, and Sherry connected with Jake. But when it comes to Claire, this is the second time her love interest turned into a monster. First it was Steve from Resident Evil Code: Veronica, and now Neil who she had to kill. Will Claire ever find happiness?

We also learnt about Moira’s past and the reason she doesn’t like guns. It turned out that she accidently shot her younger sister Polly while they were playing. Polly lived but the distance between Moira and Barry grew. It was Barry’s fault that he didn’t lock up the guns before he left the house but he blamed Moira instead. In the end, Moira had to use a gun to save Claire during a boss fight.

There was a lot of puzzle solving this week. I think it’ll feel better once the whole game is released because spending two to three hours just solving puzzles became tiring for me. The factory that Claire and Moira went to looked like a set out of a horror movie. There were even pools of blood you had to wade through. It was all disgustingly creepy! The sequence where they had to run before the factory self-destructed was the highlight of their campaign. It would’ve been easier with another player but switching between the two characters and making their way through the factory before the timer ran out was enjoyably exhilarating!

Barry and Natalia’s campaign also had puzzles. The story also progressed a bit further and we got to know a bit more about Alex Wesker. I’m still not sure if she really is Albert Wesker’s sister. The fact that Claire hasn’t met her face-to-face yet feels suspicious to me.

With only one more episode left, I feel that the writers are building up to what will hopefully be an explosive finale. There’s a difference of 6 months between the two campaigns and I have no idea how the plot threads will join together.

What did you think of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode 3 “Judgment”? How do you feel about Natalia’s mysterious power to scare the deformed Alex Wesker near the end? Let us know!

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