Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode Two Review – “Contemplation”


Now this is what I’m talking about! Resident Evil: Revelations 2 raised the ante quite a bit in its second episode this week. This time around the game felt closer to the franchise’s horror-survival roots, and the plot tease at the end has me eagerly awaiting the next installment.

While Capcom is releasing the game on a weekly basis, the whole thing has already been developed. Though it’s a unique move by Capcom, it also changes the pace of the story. Episode one “Penal Colony” was the opening and that’s why it felt a bit slow to me. The story picked up speed in the second episode “Contemplation” as things neared the climax. We got to know more about what was happening in the island Claire Redfield and Moira Burton were trapped on.

I was surprised to see more TerraSave members trying to survive the horrific ordeal. There has to be a reason these people were chosen. TerraSave’s leader was also present during Claire and Moira’s chapter. Did any of you notice how the leader’s bracelet was colored green? With a veteran like Claire feeling afraid why was he so calm? I still think he’s involved in the kidnappings somehow. I just don’t trust anyone when it comes to Resident Evil games unless they are someone from the main cast.

While I didn’t enjoy Claire and Moira’s chapter in episode one I immensely enjoyed it in episode two. There were a lot of intense moments and boss-fights that had me trying to conserve as much ammunition as possible. Though I enjoyed the gameplay, I still don’t understand Moira’s use in the game. All she does is move the flashlight around and open doors with her crowbar. If you gave those two things to Claire, there would be no need for Moira to be present in the game as a playable character. It’s not like she has some special ability like Natalia. Playing as Moira just turns you into ‘zombie-bait’. I hope we get to know more about Moira, and her part in the story becomes important soon.

Barry and Natalia’s story involved retracing Claire and Moira’s steps to a huge tower where the ‘Overseer’ was supposedly present. The whole thing could’ve gotten repetitive if the game hadn’t introduced invisible monsters that only Natalia could see. Trying to make sense at what Natalia was pointing at in order to shoot monsters Barry couldn’t see made for some exciting gameplay.

10422967_362966513887156_2845731058964845589_nAs far as the main plot is concerned, I’m still trying to make sense of everything. Natalia ended up being a survivor of the island city that was destroyed in Resident Evil: Revelations. I still think there’s more to her than meets the eye. She and Barry also found a very odd picture of Albert Wesker, a major antagonist in the franchise. I’m not sure who the woman in the picture was but as far as Resident Evil is concerned it could be a female clone of Wesker or perhaps his sister?

Gaming Tips:

  1. During Claire and Moira’s chapter, one of their companions is going to turn into a monster carrying a drill as a weapon. Don’t waste ammunition on him when he turns. Dodge his attacks and wait for the room’s door to open. After that just run around the village and wait for the cut-scene to play.
  2. During Barry and Natalia’s chapter you will enter a room with a weird slime throwing creature and two more monsters. If you don’t have ammunition to spare simply climb the containers, reach the shutter, and escape! You will need the ammunition for the boss-fight.

What did you think of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 episode two ‘Contemplation’? Did you enjoy it more than episode one? Let us know!

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