Second Ghostbusters Trailer Ignores the Skeptics

second Ghostbusters trailer

With the new movie being released on July 15th, the second Ghostbusters trailer definitely didn’t shy away from revealing more about the female leads and the fact that yes, they’re bringing back some old ghosts. It almost seems like they put this trailer together to combat the skeptics who made the first trailer the most disliked in YouTube history.

There is a lot going on in the second Ghostbusters trailer, so make sure you watch it!

First of all: that’s a lot of ghosts, including Slimer, but no, that’s not the Stay Puft man – it’s the same ghost that’s featured in the Ghostbusters’ logo. Both of those are cool to spot, but there are plenty of new ghosts for the gals to battle. And while many complained that the first teasers and trailers didn’t showcase enough of the plot, the second Ghostbusters trailer definitely reveals much more of that.

The funny thing is, even while showing us new ghosts and more of what we can expect from the story, the second Ghostbusters trailer definitely hammers it home with several references to all the people who don’t think these women can handle the job. Considering Feig already dismissed much of the hate as “vile, misogynistic shit”, as someone who has been excited about this movie for a while, I’m waiting to see whether this trailer will lead to anyone changing their minds, or just stir up more negative feedback. There are already plenty of YouTube comments from people who claim the movie doesn’t look funny at all – and worse:

second Ghostbusters trailer YouTube comment

second Ghostbusters trailer YouTube comment

second Ghostbusters trailer YouTube comment

Those are just some of the worst comments I saw scrolling through the first couple dozen or so that were left on the video, and the sad thing is that the “bankrupt incoming” one is the least obnoxious of the three. We all live in a bubble of our own making, even with our hundreds or thousands of friends on Facebook; thankfully my bubble includes – almost exclusively – people who are excited about this second Ghostbusters trailer and the movie itself.

What about you? Are you looking forward to an all-female Ghostbusters team? Or do you think the movie is bound to bomb? Let us know in the comments, but please, remember our website policies. We encourage discussion, but be polite, and no bigoted language is allowed.

Author: Tara Lynne

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