Siren Season 3×09 Review: A Voice in the Dark

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‘A Voice in the Dark’ was a rollercoaster of action and chaos, topped with a mermaidnapping. The penultimate episode set up a path to a wild finale. 

‘A Voice in the Dark’ brought the knowledge that not only has Tia harnessed the ultimate weapon, destroyed any hope of using the echo chamber, but also that the hybrid mermaids are immune to the siren song. 

Now that Tia has reclaimed her weaponized voice and has put Xander in the hospital with little to no chance of survival, it seems that he may be completely done for. Tia destroying the echo chamber seems to be the end of the road for humanity. tia-image

Every episode brings a little more mermaid Lore, which I love, and I want something a little more mermaid-centric in the future. 

Hope returning as an inquisitive little girl was adorable even though she did her best to wreck Helen’s shop. And, well, she finally did with a scream that blew out every glass surface.

I’m super glad to see Annie pop back into the picture. I was hoping that Xander would apologize to her but instead Maddie intervened when Xander admitted to lying about seeing Levi and Mate dive into the water with baby Hope. I’d like for Annie to be more of a prominent figure in the second half of season 3. I want more lesbians! 

When Hunter returned and was welcomed back into the clan, I wanted to shake my television. And of course she immediately kidnapped Hope. Eliza had the chance to say something and speak out but she didn’t and I don’t understand why. Maybe she’s as naive and trusting as Ryn. Helen fighting her off was comical, not inspiring as maybe the producers hoped it would be.

Ben driving his car into the power plant was probably the most dumbass move he’s pulled since injecting the stem cells. 

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Ted Pownall is still in his unshakable ‘us vs them’ mindset. Not only did we get a brief glimpse at him, but Chris, a victim of Donna’s song, reappeared even though he’s been acting super shady. 

Cami is finally able to lay her mother’s body to rest in the water although the true test of Helen’s haunting isn’t really over. I refuse to believe it’s that easy unless getting Donna’s body was a way to introduce Chris back into the series. 

I have a few predictions (and some outlandish theories) for the mid-season finale:

  • Maddie will finally get in touch with Robb and they’ll discover that the Northern tribe of mermaids has an echo chamber. 
  • Ryn will get word that Hunter has taken her daughter and she’ll go looking for her. 
  • Ben will be the person who has to transport Xander, along with Annie Brennan, to the echo chamber up North, and during that time he’ll end up fully transforming into a mermaid. 
  • Maddie will go in search of her father and may find him in an unlikely place (ooo vague). 
  • Hope may actually be the voice in the dark referenced in this titular episode, not Tia’s weapon. 
  • Ted Pownall will be injured in an attack on the Ranch. 
  • And of course we’ll be left on a cliffhanger of some kind. 

The midseason finale is coming up on Thursday, May 28, at 10 PM EST on Freeform. Do you have any wild fan theories? Please @ us on Twitter at TheGeekiary or StarshineOnFire to share them.

As of right now, with the way things are, there is no word on whether or not Siren will be renewed for a season 4.

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