Siren Season 3×07 Review: Northern Exposure

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‘Northern Exposure’ explores fracturing relationships, mending of old wounds, the forming of alliances, transformations, and an increasingly dangerous enemy on Siren

In ‘Northern Exposure’, tensions are rising with Tia’s threat growing ever closer. She’s gathering forces and it’s up to the Wondertwins, I mean, uh, the team to form alliances with Robb’s elusive tribe in the frozen North. Meeting Robb’s tribe reveals some inconvenient truths: he’s been stuck in his human body and cannot transform anymore. What does this mean for Ryn? 

The Song, a standalone entity in the first and second seasons, sound waves capable of causing madness and brain damage in humans, seems to be Tia’s ultimate weapon. Planting explosives along the seabed, it looks like she’s attempting to open the depths in the ocean to release the sound into the human world to cause mayhem, or at least, that’s what Maddie and Ben implied to Robb. The ending sequence of a massive explosion doesn’t give us a clear picture.

After Helen’s indiscretion with the magical sea herb, she’s earned herself a good old fashioned mermaid haunting as Donna’s spirit attaches to hers. This part, so far, has been one of the most underdeveloped side-plots in the show. It needs resolution and we’re not getting any right now. I understand that Donna’s spirit needs closure and needs to be at peace. That being said, this plot is basically just something to give Helen something to do until Ted Pownall comes to exact his revenge on the ranch.

After the monster reveal last week, I anticipated perhaps some lore and introduction of newer characters and I wasn’t disappointed. Ben finally reveals the mermaid genetics twist and Ryn takes it much better than I would have. It’s a little sad to see Maddie drifting away from Ben and Ryn, but her goodbye with Robb was bittersweet. Both of them are very science-minded and complement the other well.

The scene between Maddie and Ryn in the lodge together did make me cry a little. I’ve accepted that Ryn, Ben, and Maddie are going their separate ways as a poly triad but I’m hoping that Maddie and Ryn stay involved with one another at the very least.

The transitioning pool fix is a bit of an easy one–probably too easy. I’m dumb when it comes to science so I just pretended to understand what was going on, but Ben, Robb, and Maddie together were a perfect team to clean the pool and remove the microplastics from it, allowing Yura to transition.

The transitioning pool is such a fascinating thing. I’m invested in this idea. Also, they specify that it helps them change sex, not gender. Maddie is so accepting of the fact that Robb was born a female. It’s a really interesting way to introduce trans characters, such as Robb and Yura.

I’m also worried, though, that it might be disrespectful to the transgender community since I know their transitions are never that easy. I have yet to hear, though, how people feel about the introduction of trans characters on the show.

In my search for other reviews of ‘Northern Exposure’ and Siren this week, I made an uncomfortable discovery. Only a couple of websites are reviewing the show. This could mean curtains for Siren. Of course, the future of everything is uncertain right now with the current pandemic impacting future entertainment and filming schedules.

If anything, I just hope that this show gets its full third season and they can wrap everything up neatly in the time left.

Author: Bekah

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