Siren Season 3×06 Review: The Island

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‘The Island’ showcases a variety of much-needed action sequences, betrayals and intrigue, and delivers a shocking reveal to Siren’s audience that we haven’t experienced yet.

Things are heating up in Bristol Cove. Tia is slowly boiling the pot that Ryn’s tribe is trapped in, but an unlikely ally to Ryn may bring them the relief and reinforcements they desperately need. With a secret island of mermaids and a race against time to free them from Tia’s clutches, I felt that this episode was appropriately paced and full of excitement. Much like the last episode, ‘The Island’ never bored me.

The island of the mermaids with all the ladies piled up together, protecting and healing each other was an absolute aesthetic. Also, true to mermaid aesthetic, their perfect long hair was just long enough to cover their chests. What can I say? I’m a sucker for mermaids.

The hoedown throwdown between Ryn’s tribe (and yes, I’m totally counting Xander as a member) and Katrina’s team was well matched, especially with Ben’s enhanced skills. I’m actually pretty positive that the entire fight was the producers’ flex with Ben’s newly acquired mermaid traits. 

the island

After three seasons, the Cami and Xander beef is over and everything has been squared away. I’m hoping it stays as dead as Cami’s mother. 

When Robb is revealed to be a mermaid I shrieked so loudly that I frightened my dog. What can I say? I just love good old fashioned reveals. I knew there was a reason I couldn’t trust him! I feel so vindicated. I just hope that Robb is that secret ally that Ryn needs in order to gather more force to meet Tia in the water and on land.

However, when Robb was talking about mermaids and the body in the freezer, he kept hinting at the existence of mermaids. What if he was saying those things as a segue to tell Maddie who he truly is? 

Ted Pownall has come full circle to an ‘us against them’ battle. My dude. My guy. There are bigger fish to fry–bigger mermaids to fry–than some DNA tests and your own inadequacy as a husband and a father. And your obsession with the mermaid you saw in the water. The marine stem cells that help your wife? Yeah, those are mermaid cells, which I know you know. I wish he knew they weren’t a threat. A man with his power in Bristol Cove could be really important for protection and funding of both the mermaids and the ranch.

I feel like they’ve beaten the ‘join me or die’ trope over the head. First Katrina, and now Hunter? I was too naive to believe that Katrina wouldn’t accept Tia’s offer. Of course Hunter betrays Ryn the second she gets a chance and blabs about the baby.

What does this mean for Ryn? What are Robb’s true motives? Is he a spy? Is the compound safe from Ted Pownall? Find out on tonight’s episode of Siren, airing at 10 PM EST on Freeform! 

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