‘Someone Must Die’ by Sharon Potts Is a Mystery about a Family Hiding Secrets!

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Someone Must Die by Sharon Potts is kind of a repetitive mystery, but it is still a fun enough story to warrant a whole read.

This review contains some minor spoilers regarding Someone Must Die. Be warned!

Someone Must Die is a story about a six-year-old boy, Ethan, vanishing while visiting his grandmother for the very first time. What follows is an FBI investigation into his disappearance. Ethan’s aunt, Aubrey Lynd, also starts her own investigation. Soon enough, she enters a world full of secrets regarding her family, realizing that Ethan’s kidnapping might have to do with something that happened years ago. During Aubrey’s investigations, we find out that her parents were in college during the Vietnam War years. Both of them were also connected to a radical protesters group.

The story is told from two POVs. We get Aubrey’s POV as she tries to uncover her family’s past, and we get Diana’s POV (Aubrey’s mother) filling readers in with the events that occurred in the past through flashbacks. I liked the fact that both Aubrey and Diana felt like fleshed-out characters. However, what I didn’t like was the repetitive chain of thought that Aubrey fell into worrying about her nephew and the history of her parents. Yes, I get it, Aubrey! You have a lot of questions. But you don’t have to keep reminding me about them every single time I read about what you’re up to during the present timeline. The hiding of the ransom note from the FBI also felt a bit cliché to me.

Someone Must Die has a lot of twists and turns. At one point you’ll feel as if the FBI has something to do with Ethan’s disappearance as well. There are a lot of unanswered questions inside Aubrey’s head as she continues with her investigation. It is fun to see the answers be revealed through her and Diana as the story progresses.

All in all, Someone Must Die by Sharon Potts is an investigative mystery about a family hiding secrets. It is an enjoyable read. But the whole repetition of Aubrey being worried about her mother lying to her, and where Ethan could be, etc. makes for some pages that you can quickly skim through without missing much in this more than 300 page novel.

Have you read Someone Must Die by Sharon Potts? What did you think? Let us know.

Note: I received a review copy of Someone Must Die by Wunderkind PR.

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