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  • Learning to Love Clara Oswald AKA My Favorite Doctor

    I wasted a lot of time hating Clara Oswald, but when I finally let go of her problematic origins, I realised she’s actually the best Doctor ever! Yes, I said Doctor. It took her “death” for me to realise that I never really gave Clara Oswald a chance. I spent A LONG time resenting her for […]

  • Doctor Who 9×2 Review: The Witch’s Familiar

    I’m in an interesting position with Doctor Who at the moment.  I generally love all things Doctor Who related.  I love the mythology and most of the characters as individuals, but I haven’t exactly been excited about a plot in about three seasons, nor have I been able to emotionally connect with any of the […]

  • Doctor Who Review: The Last Christmas

    The Doctor Who Christmas special was equal parts horror, humor, and in-your-face holiday touches, but the one thing on everyone’s mind was if this would be Clara’s last adventure in the TARDIS. As the episode went on, it became clear that this was going to be the climactic moment of the episode, but in a […]

  • Doctor Who 8×9 Review: Flatline

    This is the first episode of the season that I’ve genuinely enjoyed.  Was it perfect?  No.  There were still parts that irked me, but for about 90% of the episode I was genuinely loving the characters, plot, and visuals to the point that I’d almost forgotten how much of a drag the rest of the […]

  • Doctor Who episode review: The Bells of Saint John

    Moffat’s always been good at tapping into deeply, creepingly scary things, at taking ordinary objects and ideas and making them the kind of thing we stay awake at night thinking about. A shadow, a statue, a crack in your bedroom wall. But it seems that he’s making an attempt to tailor the terror to his […]