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  • Tyler Hoechlin Is Sephiroth and I Wish I Were a Gamer

    When the news broke that Tyler Hoechlin was going to be doing a voice in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, I jumped on that claim. You all should know by now that my love of Hoechlin knows no bounds, but as I’m sitting here trying to write this, I suspect I am not the best person […]

  • Why I’m Really Excited For Mass Effect: Andromeda

    The next chapter in the Mass Effect universe debuts in March 2017. Earlier this summer at E3, Bioware and EA (Electronic Arts) released Mass Effect: Andromeda’s newest trailer. Let’s just say I fangirled! It reminded me why science fiction is one of my favorite genres, why video games that gave you the opportunity to create your own […]

  • Pokemon Sun and Moon at E3: Stunning Gameplay and New Pokemon

    Nintendo’s E3 coverage was mostly meant to be dedicated to the new Legend of Zelda title, but Pokemon Sun and Moon have already made a huge impact. Information about these new titles has been steadily dispersed throughout the year, but players were finally able to see some authentic gameplay footage at E3. -Read our before […]