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  • Season 3 “Sleepy Hollow” Finale Shocking in Worst Way

    **The following contains major spoiler from “Ragnarok!” Please steer clear if you have not yet seen season 3, episode 18 of Sleepy Hollow** I quit Sleepy Hollow during season 2. I was frustrated with the (Katrina) Crane Family Drama and I thought the show underutilized its best talent. I logged into Tumblr this morning to find […]

  • Sleepy Hollow 2×14 Review: “Kali Yuga”

    Sometimes it seems like Sleepy Hollow has reached into my mind, picked out all my favourite things and combined them in the most bizarrely wonderful way possible. “Kali Yuga” is not one of those times. A Hawley-heavy episode was definitely not on my wish list and this week reminded me why, although it also gave […]

  • Sleepy Hollow 2×7: “Deliverance”

    Oh, Sleepy Hollow. Can’t you just be Abbie and Ichabod walking around bantering for an hour? Also, can they act any more married? Poor Katrina has no chemistry with her husband and while, as a feminist, it hurts me to see what could’ve been an engaging and complex character (a Quaker? A witch? Hell yes!) […]

  • Sleepy Hollow 1×07 Review: The Midnight Ride

    Sleepy Hollow is proving itself to be the show that just keeps on giving.  This week’s episode was arguably the strongest of the season so far, crammed-packed full with so much character and plot development, humor, and general badassery that it was difficult to distil into a single review. After last week’s tear-jerker of a […]