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  • Steven Universe 2×26 Review: Log Date 7 15 2

    I almost felt bad that at the beginning of this Steven Universe episode Peridot was still freaking out…and that I was somewhat amused by her continuing reaction to calling Yellow Diamond a clod. The thing is, the way she was acting was totally understandable and realistic, and I know it shouldn’t have felt quite so […]

  • Steven Universe 2×25 Review: Message Received

    Warning: Please note that this article contains spoilers for Steven Universe 2×25: “Message Received”. While we don’t usually give spoiler warnings for episode reviews, I am attempting to make sure that no spoilers show up in any preview blurbs for this particular article. Because can we all just breathe a sigh of relief over everything […]

  • Steven Universe 2×24 Review: “It Could’ve Been Great”

    After two essentially stand alone episodes, “It Could’ve Been Great” – the third episode in this fourth Steven Universe “bomb” – finally moved the current story a few steps ahead. It certainly didn’t give me all the feelings like “The Answer” did or have the cute Steven-Connie aspects that we saw in “Steven’s Birthday”, but […]

  • Steven Universe 2×23 Review: Steven’s Birthday

    Today Steven’s Birthday continued with the actual celebrations, including Connie and Greg showing up at The Barn to celebrate with the Gems. Unfortunately, the first thing that happens is Greg mentioning that Steven is fourteen, something that Connie – who is only “twelve and three-quarters” – is shocked about. And no wonder, because despite Garnet’s […]

  • Steven Universe 2×22 Review: The Answer

    Though The Geekiary has covered Steven Universe before – most notably at San Diego Comic-Con and most recently in a recommendation – this is our first official episode review, and I have to say that I’m insanely happy about covering this episode in particular. “The Answer” – the first episode in this fourth Steven Universe […]

  • Steven Universe: Rocks That Make You Cry

    The set up in Steven Universe is all too familiar in this age of superhero blockbusters: a supernaturally gifted team fights together to keep Earth safe. Members include the strong, mysterious one, the neurotic strategist, the haphazard brawler, the empathetic healer, and of course, the Girl. But Steven Universe takes these tropes and turns them on […]

  • Tara Lynne’s Geekiary Gift Guide

    Let’s be honest – a lot of websites do gift guides. But I’m going to go ahead and claim that this one is the best because I’m creating it. And because the vast majority of the items on this list are actually, um, affordable…and not necessarily something you would just stumble upon on ThinkGeek or […]

  • Comic-Con: So Much Love for Steven Universe

    Recently a friend suggested that I watch Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe…and then she kept suggesting it until I did. Though I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, I’m glad I pushed on, because this little show has so much heart. So imagine my excitement when I was able to attend the […]