“Steven Universe” Renewed Through Season 5!


EW reported that Steven Universe has been renewed through season 5!

Amidst hiatus grumblings and corresponding rumors of cancellation (quickly quashed by Matt Burnett on Twitter), this is a bright spot of news for fans of Rebecca Sugar’s beloved Cartoon Network original series.

Steven Universe is currently 26 episodes through season 2. The show will reportedly air season 3 with the “Summer of Steven” from June to August. Whether that means season 2 will finish between now and then or if this current season is half the length of the previous one remains to be seen. There have been scheduling issues in the past that tend to muddy the exact order of episodes and the seasons to which they belong.

Cartoon Network lists the previous four episodes of Steven Universe as season 3, so it’s possible this is the halfway point of the hiatus, and the “Summer of Steven” will be when it ends. This means a few things: there was a one-day gap between “season 2” (“The Answer”) and “season 3” (“Steven’s Birthday,”) and Cartoon Network categorizes the seasons of Steven Universe differently than the show’s production team does.

I supremely hope we will see more new episodes before June. Otherwise, that means a five-month hiatus without any warning there would be one. It would also be the longest hiatus the show has suffered, beating the previous one between “Rose’s Room” and “Coach Steven” by a full month. Between the CNUK leaks and the fact that this is the first real scheduling news we’ve gotten since the end of the last Stevenbomb, it’s hard not to feel like this is a hollow victory. Still, it’s nice to know that Cartoon Network values this incredible program enough to give it a long run to tell its full and rich story.

Cartoon Network also renewed Uncle Grandpa through season 5, which featured in a crossover episode of Steven Universe called “Say Uncle.”

Author: K-K Bracken

K-K Bracken grew up overseas and in the Washington, DC area, went to the Ohio State University to get her BA in English, and has been in Columbus, Ohio ever since. She is currently querying her first novel ORCHESTRATION under the name Bracken Beveridge. She is the founder and organizer for the first Steven Universe exclusive fan convention, Beach City Con.

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