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  • Summer of Steven Episode Rankings

    The Summer of Steven aka Steven’s Summer Adventure aka the Steven Nuke is finally behind us. 21 episodes in just one month, followed by a small string of weekly episodes, and now we’re back to hiatus again. Dare I say… I’m not displeased by this? The fandom needs some breathing room to process everything that happened […]

  • Steven Universe 4×01 Review: The Kindergarten Kid

    The Steven’s Summer Adventure event has been packed with some pretty heavy episodes, including yesterday’s “Bubbled“, but today we got a bit of a break with “The Kindergarten Kid”. “The Kindergarten Kid” began with the Crystal Gems going through the Beta Kindergarten and bubbling all of the corrupted Gem monsters. I really liked the little […]

  • Steven Universe 3×24: Bubbled

    Move over Gravity, sorry Interstellar, a children’s cartoon show just accomplished in eleven minutes what you took entire movies to do. “Bubbled” was a breathtaking, brilliant episode of television. “Bubbled” was conceived of and written as the finale of season three, and it could not have been more different than “Jail Break.” It also had […]

  • Steven Universe 3×23: Back to the Moon

    The Rubies have returned from Neptune, bringing with them their trademark silliness. Also returning, a staple for Steven Universe: a fun, lighthearted episode which then gleefully suckerpunches you with feelings! -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • Steven Universe 3×21 & 3×22 Reviews: Beta and Earthlings

    The double-dose of Steven Universe that we got today with Beta and Earthlings packed one heck of a punch; I laughed, I cried, I laugh-cried. It was simply amazing. The Beta and Earthlings episode pair started off with Amethyst and Steven paying a visit to Lapis and Peridot at the barn, and this was definitely […]

  • Steven Universe Review 3×20: Bismuth

    Have you ever had a secret, something you were ashamed of, and you wanted to tell someone about it, but the longer you waited, the harder it became? For Rose Quartz, that secret was Bismuth. What an episode. What a character. The Crewniverse utilized their first half hour special exceedingly well. We first met and […]

  • Steven Universe Review 3×19: Steven vs Amethyst

    When the title for “Steven vs Amethyst” first showed up online months ago, along with a host of other apparently Amethyst-themed episodes, the fandom went a-flurry with theories. A battle between Steven and Amethyst? What could possibly trigger it? Would she change sides? Get corrupted? Try to kill Steven? -Read our before commenting. Do not […]

  • Steven Universe 3×18 Review: Crack the Whip

    There have been so many good episodes in “Steven’s Summer Adventure”, and “Crack the Whip” was another winner. Like “Alone at Sea”, it wasn’t the happiest of episodes, but it packed a lot of punch. (Or…cracked a lot of whip?) -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks […]

  • Steven Universe Review 3×17: Gem Hunt

    Connie’s first mission! Connie’s first mission! Seriously, I was almost as excited as Steven was for this. It’s what I’ve been waiting for since she first showed up with Rose’s sword in the updated opening, and “Gem Hunt” delivered, even if it was in an unexpected way. “Gem Hunt” is the second episode that Colin […]

  • Steven Universe Review 3×16: Greg the Babysitter

    We’ve had two previous flashback episodes to the time before Steven was born, and while “Greg the Babysitter” might not have been as romantic or emotionally tense as the others, it provided us another glimpse into the development of Greg and Rose’s relationship, and their development as people. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy […]