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  • Teen Wolf 5×7: Strange Frequencies

    This episode was very reminiscent of “Night School”, with the benefit of much stronger writing. The Dread Doctors definitely live up to their name with some traumatic hallucinations for Parrish, Scott, Lydia, and Malia. However, more than the Dread Doctors, it is villainous Theo that is proving to be unpredictable and downright disturbing. Dylan O’Brien […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×6 Review: Required Reading

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf Season 5 delved further into the mystery of the Dread Doctors and gave one of the most obvious creature revelations near the end. Even though I have my problems with the current season I found myself enjoying “Required Reading”. First I’m going to talk about the Liam/Hayden romance and […]

  • Diagnosis Teen Wolf

    A humanoid creature floating in a liquid-filled suspension tube. Three mysterious figures mounting a staircase. An armored hand clenching into a fist. A long needle sinking into a patient’s arm, an eye looking terrified, a bloodied face screaming. A close-up of a black mask with tinted lenses. And, finally, a menacing figure holding a sharp […]