“The Adventure Zone” Graduates to Season 3

The Adventure Zone

The McElroys have returned to their Dungeons & Dragons roots for The Adventure Zone: Season 3!

The Season 3 trailer of their popular tabletop roleplaying podcast, which dropped on Friday, announced the return to their very first RPG system after a brief sabbatical while they tested the waters of some other styles of gameplay. While the dips into RPGs like Monster of the Week, Lasers & Feelings, and Fate were incredible to listen to, many fans who have been around since Season 1 of The Adventure Zone are thrilled by their return to the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons for their newest story arc.

The trailer for The Adventure Zone: Graduation welcomes you to Heironymous Wiggenstaff’s School for Heroism and Villainy(™™™™™™) where the students study combat, magic, (and accounting, of course) in order to achieve greatness and become renowned heroes and villains across the kingdoms – that is, if you were applying to the main school.

The Annex is revealed to be the true subject of Season 3, where the sidekicks and henchmen to the previously praised heroes and villains are trained with not quite as much enthusiasm. The Annex appears to be a precariously cobbled together addition to the otherwise illustrious school, and the perfect playground for the McElroy family to work their own special brand of magic in.The Adventure Zone

The Adventure Zone

The twist is quintessentially McElroy in nature, as the characters the brothers and their father enjoy roleplaying tend to be incompetent Chosen Ones, failed American Ninja Warriors, or begrudgingly helpful Clerics, so the second-rate sidekicks and henchmen of Graduation are sure to be delightfully familiar territory for the fans.

While Griffin McElroy was the Game Master for both the “Balance” and “Amnesty” arcs, this season hands the reins over to Travis McElroy, his brother. Travis is no stranger to running a game for their podcast, as he ran the experimental arc “Dust” as well as the bonus campaign “(K)nights”, but this will be his first time weaving together the story for an entire season of what appears to be a intriguing fusion of Harry Potter, Sky High, and My Hero Academia.

Fans have already started theorizing which of the McElroy family will be playing each of the three characters from the trailer that are assumed to be our main cast, as no one ever really knows what to expect from The Adventure Zone crew.

But, no matter the character, one thing is for sure: this Graduation is going to be one to remember.

The Adventure Zone: Season 3 premiers on October 31, 2019.

Author: Michaela Labit

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