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  • “Petals to the Metal”: Graphic Novel Review

    The newest addition to The Adventure Zone graphic novel series has crossed the finish line in my heart and effortlessly drifted into first place. Petals to the Metal is packed with fantastical wagon races, emotional overtones, Garyl the binicorn, and a beautiful queer romance. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole […]

  • Sweet and Spicy: A Crown of Candy Review

    Not much can prepare you for the absurdity and pure fun that is the tabletop role-playing game: A Crown of Candy. Dimension 20’s fifth season of their Dungeons & Dragons actual-play show is an odd but delightful mixture of Candyland and Game of Thrones set in a world divided by factions of edible food-people. Yes. […]

  • The Growth of Queer Representation in Critical Role

    The beauty of Critical Role is that this article will always feel like it’s being written too early. The unique format that the Dungeons & Dragons Twitch show utilizes means that the characters and plot are a constant, improvised collaboration between storytellers – brand new information is being revealed all of the time in a […]