The Ark 1×03 Review: “Get Out and Push”

"Get Out and Push"
The crew of the Ark in “Get Out and Push”

With the Ark’s engine inoperative, the crew must contend with an asteroid hurtling towards them in “Get Out and Push.”

While the crew of the Ark has seen its fair share of crises in the first two episodes, they must deal with yet another series of crises in “Get Out and Push.” An asteroid is now hurtling toward their now motionless ship, someone has stolen medicine from the medical bay, and they are still out of water. Thankfully, the crew manages to overcome these issues in an episode that continues to show improvement from the series’ rough opening.

Upon detecting the asteroid, the crew determines that they have six hours before impact. Unable to turn the engines back on, they struggle to find another solution. An offhand remark by Angus (Ryan Adams) inspires them to attempt to use a shuttle on the ship to push the Ark out of the asteroid’s path. The only problem is that Angus took the shuttle’s hose to help build the farm, and now James (Richard Fleeshman) needs to repair the ship to make it operational. Out of options, Angus offers another solution: blow a hole in the ship that will push the ship out of the path. Though it is questionable how realistic these solutions are, thankfully the crew’s teamwork averts the crisis.

It is fun to watch the crew start to become more cohesive as they begin to grow closer. There is a nice rapport between James and Sharon (Christie Burke) and both Sharon and Spencer (Reece Ritchie) begin to come to an understanding as they start to warm up to each other’s leadership styles. Angus continues to be one of the more endearing characters. Dr. Kabir’s (Shalini Peiris) continued exhaustion despite being the only remaining medical personnel onboard is worrisome, as is her concern over James’ medical records.

While it’s great to see more character development throughout the crew, the continued treatment of Alicia (Stacey Read) is a bit concerning. Though not explicitly stated, Alicia seems to be on the autistic spectrum. Each of the series’ first three episodes has had a character react negatively to her overenthusiasm and lack of understanding of social cues. Though these reactions may be understandable in context, it’s worrying that snapping at an autistic person for exhibiting autistic traits has thus far been a weekly occurrence. Alicia clearly means well in each interaction and has already proven to be a valuable crew member. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed later, as this running gag is neither funny nor amusing.

Alicia (Stacey Read) in “Get Out and Push.”

Despite the concerning trend with Alicia’s character, Alicia once again proves herself and saves the day. After she is forced out of the bridge, Baylor (Miles Barrow) encourages her to continue working on the problem. Though Baylor’s inspiring speech in appreciation of her accomplishments is sweet, his declaration that he could fall in love with her seems to be a bit much after one prior conversation.

Upon observing the asteroid, Alicia determines that it is in fact a comet. Once she informs the crew, they manage to complete a mining operation of the comet’s ice to fix the Ark’s water crisis.

Cat (Christina Wolfe) is thrilled about being able to shower again but finds a sobbing Eva (Tiana Upcheva) nearby. Cat’s emotional intelligence is on display once again, and she comforts Eva, this time without anyone forcing her to. In her private quarters, Eva discovers that Cat wears a wig, as most of her hair was burnt in a chemical accident. It’s great to see more depth added to Cat’s initially shallow characterization and her dynamic with Eva has potential.

Though the series initially made it seem like Sharon murdered the imposter (Chris Leask) before his trial, new evidence in “Get Out and Push” makes that assumption not as clear cut. Eva’s forceful declaration that the imposter deserved to die for causing the death of Harris startles Cat. Even more alarming, Spencer receives a mysterious text message that takes him to the imposter’s hidden belongings. Inside is a video of Sharon murdering a man in a bar. Whether Sharon actually committed the murder or there is more to the story, the mystery has become much more compelling.

Author: Jessica Wolff

Jessica Wolff is a graduate of Drexel University with a BS in Film/Video. She has a passion for entertainment and representation in entertainment. She currently resides outside of Washington, DC.

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