The Flash TV Series Will Feature Two Gay Comic Book Characters

10525877_276563329194142_5424132639270588150_nWhile Constantine has decided not to mention the lead character’s bisexuality, it’s refreshing to see that another yet-to-debut superhero TV show isn’t shying away from the sexuality of their characters. The Flash will be introducing two gay comic book characters this year!

When Arrow showed the romantic relationship between two female characters, Sara Lance and Nyssa, I was a bit annoyed. At first, Sara’s bisexuality felt like eye-candy for straight male viewers. Showing women as bisexual characters in media just so they can make out with another hot female character, and return back to the straight male lead for more love making, isn’t unheard of. However, the show did a good job portraying the romantic relationship between the females and it felt as if there was something deeper going on rather than providing the show with an excuse to make two women lock lips together.

According to Jim Halterman’s recent interview, The Flash, set in the same universe as Arrow, will continue the trend but with two male characters. These two characters are from the DC comic book world. The first season of The Flash will have The Pied Piper, and Captain David Singh. It’s good to know that a new show isn’t shying away from actual gay characters that are present in Flash’s comic book canon.

For those of you who don’t know, Captain David Singh and Pied Piper, whose real 10565132_276563489194126_6720470124120233239_nname is Hartley Rathaway, are in a secret gay relationship in The New 52 continuity. Pied Piper is also an ex-vigilante, and a celebrated musician. According to the interview the Pied Piper has been talked about a lot in the new series, and will hopefully be in 12 to 13 episodes. I think he will start of being some kind of an anti-hero and then maybe through David’s help become more of a good guy. However, with the way their relationship has played out in the comics, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a lot of drama between them, especially when it comes to David not wanting to go public with their relationship. Both characters can go through a lot of development if the show gives them time to make sense of their relationship and tell the viewers that there’s nothing wrong about showing the world who you are in love with.

With Arrow having Sarah and Nyssa, and The Flash having Pied Piper and David Singh (played by Patrick Sabongui), things looks good for gay and bisexual portrayal on superhero TV shows this year. Here’s to hoping that Constantine comes to it’s senses soon enough, though I won’t be holding my breath.

What are your thoughts about seeing two gay comic book characters in The Flash? Maybe the network and show runners don’t want to risk upsetting their intended audience with a bisexual John Constantine? Let us know in the comments!


Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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  1. I think this is great. I wouldn’t have watched otherwise but will tune in now for sure. Kudos to the show runners.

  2. *pops up out of nowhere* can i just point out that Pied translates to foot, so Pied Piper is literally called foot. his name is foot. k bye now. *disapears*

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