Upcoming (Thai) BL Dramas That I’m Excited About

Three posters side by side. LOVE SEA: Peat and Fort come together in a near kiss, just a breath apart. THE TRAINEE: Absolute chaos with Off and Gun at the center, Off grabbing Gun by the lanyard around his neck. Other cast members in the background. WE ARE: All 8 boys are lined up along a brick wall. TEXT READS: 2024 BL Dramas I Want Right Now

Since I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of Thai BLs, I’ve found myself more immersed in that fandom. I even follow GMMTV on Twitter AND Instagram, which is just ridiculous, but it allows me to keep abreast of upcoming shows. I kind of like watching along with the rest of the audience, rather than discovering a show two years late and then scrambling to catch up.

Yes, yes, I know I’m limiting myself by only focusing on Thai BLs. But the sheer number of available BLs is just overwhelming. There is no way I’d be able to keep up with them if I didn’t! Plus, I’m a little more involved in the Thai BL fandom, so it’s easier for me to learn about those shows than it is for me to find out about shows from Korea, Japan, or Taiwan.

That said, if anyone has any recommendations for upcoming JBLs, KBLs, or Taiwanese BLs, I am open to suggestions.

WE ARE: Aou, Boom, Pond, Phuwin, Winny, Satang, Marc, Poon are all lined up along and leaning against a brick wall. All are wearing university uniforms, Aou and Pond have the engineering shirt on.We Are (premieres April 3)

April 3 is actually my birthday, so this feels like a nice present. Although, to be honest, the more I hear about this series, the more skeptical I become. From the last-minute recasting (how was it possible that they literally just recast someone and are already releasing this? Are they even done filming?) to the fact that this is based on a four novel series and they are adapting all four novels to the fact that this is one of the earliest BL novels and probably full of problematic stereotypes. 

But it stars Pond and Phuwin, and I can’t not get excited about anything that the two of them do. I literally hung out in Grand Central Station for hours just to see them for five minutes when they came to New York Fashion Week in February. I’m eager to see them in something lighter after Never Let Me Go. I’m also curious to see what Winny and Satang can do after My School President.

THE TRAINEE: Absolute chaos rains. Off and Gun are at the center. Off is making the "I'm watching you" gesture with his index and middle fingers in a V. He is grabbing Gun by the lanyard around his neck and pulling him forward.The Trainee (finished, no air date)

I’m not sure if this actually counts as a BL, since I think only one pairing is queer (though it is the main pairing). But I’m including it on this list because it’s OffGun and I will watch literally anything they are in (together or separately). I’m hoping that they play older characters this time, because as I’ve said before, they’re in their 30s and they should be allowed to be in their 30s. I want more BLs like Cherry Magic where they get to be adults. Yes, school BLs can be cute but give us older people something, please.

Some people will still consider a series like this to be a step down for OffGun after Not Me, but I maintain that shows like Not Me and shows like The Trainee exist on entirely different levels and therefore cannot be compared to each other. Comedy is not inherently a step down from drama; we’ll have to wait and see if the quality is there. But I absolutely loved Cooking Crush, so I don’t see why I won’t love The Trainee just as much.

LOVE SEA: Peat and Fort are posed as though about to kiss, only a few inches between them, their eyes half-closed. Fort is looking up at Peat.Love Sea (currently filming, no air date)

One of the only non-GMMTV BLs on this list, I am ridiculously excited for this upcoming FortPeat vehicle. While I wasn’t as enamored with Love in the Air as it seems the rest of the BL fandom was, I nonetheless am still totally obsessed with Prapai and Sky. Yes, I know that their relationship is low-key toxic (at least at the beginning) and has extremely sketchy origins. It was honestly the chemistry between Fort and Peat that hooked me.

That’s why I’m excited to see what they can do in another series. Hopefully this one doesn’t squick me out quite as much as their other one (but judging by this being based on a book by the same author, unlikely). It does look to be a similar dynamic, wherein Fort’s character is super into Peat’s character, and Peat’s character is just not having it. But I dig that dynamic, so I’m not too bothered.

MY LOVE MIX-UP: Gemini and Forth sit at desks in class, dressed in uniform. Fourth is behind Gemini, slouched across his desk, with his right hand draped over Gemini's chair. He is holding an eraser. Gemini has his elbow resting on Fourth's desk, against his arm.My Love Mix-Up (currently filming, no air date)

This is a remake of a Japanese series, like Cherry Magic, and like one of the other series on this list. Unlike Cherry Magic, I have seen the original and I loved it. Ordinarily, I’d be hesitant about a remake, but those who have seen the original CM said that the Thai remake was essentially its own show. With the cultural differences between Thailand and Japan, there are some things that won’t carry over that they will rework to fit.

Mostly, though, this is just an excuse to watch Fourth and Gemini in another series. They absolutely killed in My School President and Moonlight Chicken, and they have just the right dynamic for this series. I expect it to be a little like My School President Redux just because I know the story gets kind of kooky, but I also think that Fourth and Gemini are well-suited to comedy. So I think they’ll nail these roles.

MY GOLDEN BLOOD: Gawin is leaning against Joss. Gawin is wearing white. He has a vampire bite on his throat, with blood dripping across his shirt. Joss sits behind him with his arm across Gawin's waist. The moon in the background is red.My Golden Blood (not yet filming)

I don’t even like vampires, but I’m super excited for this series just because it’s different. So many BLs are set in high school or college, and while some series deal with deeper issues – like Not Me or Be My Favorite – or are just downright messy (Only Friends) – there are so few that are, like, just different. That’s why I liked The Sign even though the pacing is terrible and the world-building was convoluted, and that’s why I respect Pit Babe even though I don’t even go there.

Truthfully, I’m just so ready for there to start being more supernatural BLs. And there are something like four vampire BLs coming out this year, so hopefully this indicates a shift in the kind of series that we get. My Golden Blood just looked so cool, and I’m ready for something ridiculous that I can just shut my brain off and watch.

THE NEXT PRINCE: At the bottom is a photo of Zee in royal dress, on the back of a white horse in front of the palace. Superimposed above that is a shot of Zee and NuNew dancing, close enough to kiss. Above that is a shot of Zee and NuNew dressed for fencing. NuNew has his mask/helmet underneath his arm. Zee is leaning his epee along his shoulders.The Next Prince (filmed?, no air date)

Like My Golden BloodThe Next Prince has the potential to be awesome just on the basis of being different from the normal slate of BLs that we see every year. It’s set in a fictional country and features a competition among royalty. It doesn’t specifically mention fantasy elements, but just reading the premise is enough to get me excited. I like a little variety in the shows that I watch.

Not to mention that I’m a sucker for a good bodyguard story. I loved Kinnporsche, and I loved Never Let Me Go even though it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be. So I’m sure I’ll absolutely be here for the royalty-and-bodyguard relationship in The Next Prince.

Ossan’s Love (not yet filming)

I’m including this on the list even though it’s still got a lot of question marks next to it, because GMMTV featured it on their 2024 upfronts, so there is a possibility of it premiering this year. With no indication that it’s even close to filming yet, though, we have to presume it will come out this winter, if at all. Unlike everything else on this list, there is no pilot trailer and not even a poster yet.

Like My Love Mix-Up and Cherry Magic, it’s a remake of a Japanese series. I haven’t seen the original, so I have no trepidation going into this series. Without knowing anything about this show, I am excited solely based on the fact that this stars Earth and Mix. I can’t get enough of the two of them. And it looks like this time they actually play characters the same age!


Those are the BLs scheduled to release in 2024 (allegedly) that I’m excited to see! And I’m sure there will be still more coming. GMMTV hasn’t held the second part of their 2024 upfronts yet, and it’s been confirmed by either First or Khaotung (I can’t remember which) that they do have a series coming out this year. Obviously I will have to watch it.

For upcoming GL series that I’m excited about, make sure you check out my WLW-focused International Women’s Day post.

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