Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga Issue 16 Review – The Vessel

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Issue 16 review The Vessel

This month’s manga issue of Boruto, titled ‘The Vessel,’ told us a bit more about Kara (a secret organization) and the danger that Naruto and the others will soon face.

I didn’t review issue 15 because I found it boring. However, issue 16 ‘The Vessel’ did have some redeeming qualities, including a fun action sequence as well as letting us know more about the upcoming threat. I don’t know when and why Kara was formed but the members do look menacing.

Even though Kara members might not be able to defeat powerhouses like Naruto and Sasuke on their own, I wouldn’t put it past the villains to come up with a plan (perhaps Science-based Ninja tools?) to handicap the powerful heroes. The upcoming threat needs to be stronger than Kaguya for it to even have a chance of beating Naruto and Sasuke.

All we know about Kara at this point is that it’s divided into two groups. We have the inner (more important?) circle and an outer circle. They seem to be gathering intel on juinjutsu and they need some sort of vessel to reach their goal. I’m not sure yet but a man named Jigen seems to be the leader.

There’s also some tension between the group and it seems they’re okay with killing each other if one of them makes a mistake. Kashin Koji killed an elderly Kara member and Kashin is also the one who decides to go to the Hidden Leaf Village.

While I’m interested in seeing Konohamaru fight Kashin Koji, I don’t want anything bad happening to Konohamaru. Furthermore, I’m excited about Kara as a villainous team because it might give other characters a chance to fight. Back in the Naruto manga series, we had Might Guy, Kakashi, and other characters battle Akatsuki members. So, maybe Boruto will allow characters like Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, Shino, etc. to fight as well because Boruto and his team are currently too young.

As for the fight scene in ‘The Vessel,’ I liked seeing Naruto and Boruto bonding over their battle. Turns out that the Leaf Village created a Ninja tool (in the form of a hand) that’s able to absorb jutsus. With the advancement in technology, it makes sense for ninjas to have access to better tools. However, Sasuke made Boruto realize that how a ninja uses a tool is what determines if they’re worthy of being called a ninja or not.

What did you think of Boruto manga issue 16? Did you enjoy reading ‘The Vessel’? Let us know.

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