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  • Steven Universe Podcast Volume 2 is Crystal Gem Fantastic

    Have you been listening to Steven Universe Podcast Volume 2 though? Have you remembered how cool it is to get behind-the-scenes insight into your favorite episodes and characters? Do you appreciate voice actors improvising their roles for our hiatus-starved selves? No?? You should be listening to the Steven Universe Podcast though. Seriously. It was good […]

  • Steven Universe 5×11 Review: Jungle Moon

    With the Starskipper obliterated by Emerald’s forces, Stevonnie crash lands on a Jungle Moon, and is forced to survive on their own. To make up for how underwhelming I found Lars of the Stars, I loved, loved, loved Jungle Moon. Fusion is one of the most fascinating elements of Steven Universe, but by its very nature, […]

  • Steven Universe 5×10 Review: Lars of the Stars

    Steven and Connie embark on a mission to check on the Off Colors, only to find Captain Lars of the Stars in the middle of a pitched battle against his arch-nemesis Emerald. It’s hard to believe over sixth months have passed since we left the newly resurrected Lars Barriga and his misfit Gem friends in […]

  • Steven Universe 5×10 Review: Kevin Party

    steWhen major jerk-wad Kevin invites Stevonnie to give his titular “Kevin Party” some flair, Steven agrees on the desperate hope that he may finally be able to reconnect with Connie. Things are glum for Clarence Steven. Connie still hasn’t spoken to him, and Lion is missing too. When Kevin, literally Steven’s least favorite person in […]

  • Steven Universe 5×09 Review: Sadie Killer

    She’s beauty and she’s grace. She’s got lipstick on her face. Her name’s “Sadie Killer” and she’ll kill with her singing voice! Ever since Lars got abducted and taken to space, Sadie has been doing everything in The Big Donut alone. Granted, she’s the one who does most of the work even with Lars around; but […]

  • Steven Universe Review 5×08: Back to the Kindergarten

    Where they’re going, they don’t need (rail)roads– it’s time for the Shorty Squad to travel “Back to the Kindergarten.” The whole scenario in “Back to the Kindergarten” is treated very much like the aftermath of a breakup. Peridot mopes around, listening to the same sad music on repeat, feeling terrible after Lapis’ abrupt departure. Especially […]

  • Steven Universe 5×07 Review: Gemcation

    The Crystal Gem family tries to connect with Steven in “Gemcation”, but their traumatized teenage son isn’t quite ready to open up to them. Connie still hasn’t called Steven back, and for all his advice to himself about giving her time, in practice he finds that pretty hard to do. Greg concocts a plan with […]

  • Steven Universe 5×06 Review: Raising the Barn

    Two episodes into this Stevenbomb and it just won’t stop tugging on my heartstrings! The most recent Lapis and Peridot episodes have been pretty upbeat, so I was hoping that “Raising the Barn” would be as well; unfortunately that was not the case. But just because “Raising the Barn” wasn’t one of those happy Steven […]