How to Attend SDCC: A Guide for Newbies

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How to Attend SDCC: A Guide for Newbies

It might seem like an impossible task to attend SDCC.  It’s the biggest pop culture convention in the United States.  Badges sell out in less than an hour and the hotel lottery is mysterious and intimidating. Then once you get there, there’s so much going on that it’s hard to prioritize what’s important to you without fear that you’ll be missing out on something else. But this is a convention, isn’t it? It’s supposed to be fun!

We’ve compiled a list of the articles we’ve written that’ll give you advice about San Diego Comic-Con.  Within those articles are links to other vital sources to help you get badges, get a hotel room, and see the stuff you want to see.  We’ve also included important links to official websites and some of our friend’s archives so you can see what other long time attendees have to say.  Each personal source linked on this page are from knowledgeable long time attendees that we know and trust.  They are the ones that helped us when we were SDCC newbies and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Let’s start with the basics…

How to Attend SDCC: Badges

SDCC 2016San Diego Comic-Con Badge Sales: A Beginner’s Guide
There’s been a lot of changes with how SDCC badge registration works, so we’ve written up a new beginner’s guide to help navigate the highly competitive system.  These tips will give you the best chance at walking away with tickets to San Diego Comic-Con. It’s true that it’s a challenge to get badges for the event, but it’s not impossible.  About 130,000 people attend the con every year and you can be one of them if you study how the system works and stay on top of things.

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How to Attend SDCC: Hotels

SDCC Hotel Tips/FAQ
Unlike badge sales, not much has changed since we wrote this Hotel Tips guide back in 2014.  There has been minor tweaks to the system and we’ve updated the post accordingly (each change has been noted in the article itself). You can use this resource to understand which hotels you’ll want to stay at and how to improve your chances of getting a good room.  If any major changes come out we’ll be sure to write a new article explaining those changes and note what year those changes went into effect.

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How to Attend SDCC: General Tips

You’ve got your badges. You’ve got your hotel.  Awesome.  Now what?

Check out our general guides about programming, events, and much much more.  These are tips from first time attendees as well as returning SDCC convention goers.  Hopefully they’ll help you make the most of your time while attending SDCC and you’ll walk away with an experience you’ll never forget.

First Time SDCC Attendee Reports:
10 Things I Learned During My First SDCC
A First Timer and Cosplay Perspective

Returning SDCC Attendee Reports & Tips:
My Adventure as a Palenist
Secrets of Comic-Con: Things Attendees WILL Tell You

Now that you’ve learned what needs to be done to attend SDCC, consider checking out our extensive San Diego Comic-Con Masterpost to see what we’ve been up to since 2013.  You can also view many of our press rooms on our YouTube channel and follow our San Diego Comic Con Pinterest Board! We’ve also started a brand new SDCC Tips Pinterest Board specifically geared towards newbies.

San Diego Comic-Con is an amazing experience and anyone who wants to put in the effort should have a chance to attend.  We hope you’ll use these tips and enjoy the convention!