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  • Orphan Black 3×8 Review: Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method

    As the title of the episode referenced, ruthless is the best way to describe this week’s Orphan Black. Not only did the characters sacrifice for each other in very secretive fashion, but the show itself gave viewers so many twists and turns that I feel completely jerked around by them. I officially have no idea […]

  • Penny Dreadful 2×5 Review: Above the Vaulted Sky

    Penny Dreadful this week was a slow and intense burn. We didn’t get a ton of momentum in each storyline, but we learned a little more about each of the characters and got some new interactions among our night crew. Indeed, this episode was all about connections, or as I like to call it, the […]

  • Orphan Black 3×7 Review: Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

    After the action and despair from last week, this week’s episode of Orphan Black provided a much needed break from the darkness. It ended up being very Hendrix-heavy, and we all know that whenever we see a lot of Alison and Donnie, there are sure to be laughs and misunderstandings. Even though we took a […]

  • iZombie 1×11 Review: Astroburger

    Can you believe that we are getting close to the season finale of iZombie? Only two episodes left. What a ride it has been! This episode was a bit heavy-handed. From the talking devil on the Hellfire Cheesy Puffs to the matchy-matchy songs to scenes, everything seemed a bit overdone. I even lost some love […]

  • Penny Dreadful 2×4 Review: Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places

    Hopeful and lightweight are not usually words that I would use to describe Penny Dreadful, but “Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places”, as the name implies, held that dichotomy of lilt and melancholy. It was an action-packed episode with a lot of forward movement, and we spent time with every single main character. Last week we […]

  • Penny Dreadful 2×3 Review: The Nightcomers

    “The Nightcomers” was an extremely uncomfortable and sometimes violent episode, and I absolutely hated it at first. It felt as though the writers were trying too hard to be edgy and it just came across as strange and overdone. The more I watched, however, the more I took it as an allegory between the powerful […]

  • Orphan Black 3×5 Review: Scarred by Many Past Frustrations

    This was a super sad episode, and it has left me with a lot of very melancholy feelings. All of the characters on Orphan Black are real and complex, and although we rarely get to see them happy, “Scarred by Many Past Frustrations” put into focus just how abnormal and sad their lives really are. […]

  • iZombie 1×9 Review: Patriot Brains

    Oh, Show. Every week I faithfully watch iZombie because it is actually quite delightful, and after last week’s series of bombshells at the end, I was holding my breath during “Patriot Brains” that all would be redeemed. And mostly everything worked itself out like it always does on this show because the characters know how […]

  • Penny Dreadful 2×2 Review: Verbis Diablo

    One of the aspects of Penny Dreadful that made it so unique in Season One was its portrayal of sexuality. Whereas last season was quite graphic and open with sex scenes and nudity, this season, so far, seems focused on intimacy. The first touch between Caliban and Brona, the embrace between Lily and Victor — […]

  • Orphan Black 3×4 Review: Newer Elements of Our Defense

    Projects Leda and Castor were even more intertwined than we initially thought, and with last week’s bombshell that all the clones are biologically brother and sister, the importance of them acting as family has never been more relevant. In fact this week, if it weren’t for the budding sibling relationship between Sarah and Mark, they […]