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  • Penny Dreadful 2×1 Review: Fresh Hell

    Our favorite horror drama is back! I am relatively new to this show, but as a History major in college and an avid lover of the horror genre, Penny Dreadful has quickly become one of my favorites. Although it is not the most historically accurate in consideration of the literature it tries to mirror, it […]

  • Orphan Black 3×3 Review: Formalized, Complex, and Costly

    Well, this week was just bombshell upon bombshell upon bombshell. There were so many twists and turns, and my head is still trying to wrap around everything. But we did get a lot of good pairings in this episode, and it was good to see so many relationships start or return. Although this is meant […]

  • Fierce Females of TV at C2E2

    Con-goers in Chicago were treated to panel that touched on double standards, feminism, and what it means to be a female on television with C2E2’s Fierce Females of TV. The panel featured Maria Doyle Kennedy (Orphan Black), Jewel Staite (Firefly), Leah Pipes (The Originals), Neve McIntosh (Doctor Who) and was moderated by Claire Kramer (Buffy […]

  • Orphan Black: The Cast Talks Season 3 at C2E2

    Orphan Black completely dominated Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) this weekend. Not only were we treated to four of the main cast members, BBC America brought along co-creator John Fawcett to talk all about our favorite sci-fi show. Indeed, in addition to the public panel, I had the chance to sit down separately with […]

  • iZombie 1×6 Review: Virtual Reality Bites

    I like to call “Virtual Reality Bites” the episode where Liv got her groove back. This week, iZombie was all about grudges, whether that meant acting upon them or letting them go. There was also lots to learn about all the guys in Liv’s life, and she finally gave in to moving on from Major. […]

  • The Messengers 1×1 Review: Awakening

    I am not one to normally seek out a story about angels versus demons, but one of my good friends and fellow TV watchers gave me the heads up for a new show, The Messengers, that premiered last night on the CW. I am always intrigued by a new show, so I wanted to give […]

  • Helix 2×13 Review: O Brave New World

    Let’s face it: Helix is a little crazy, and definitely has its own brand of strange. Since both Tara and I love the show, and we LOVED the finale, we decided to do something a little different for the Season Two finale review…so here’s a play-by-play of our thoughts as they happened during “O Brave New […]

  • iZombie 1×4 Review: Liv and Let Clive

    This week on iZombie, we were treated to the beginning of the bromance that is Ravi and Major (anyone have any ideas for nicknames?). Although Liv was very much the central character, we were treated to some interesting subplots that allowed us to learn more about the very entertaining supporting cast. The episode started with […]

  • Outlander: The Sexiest Time Travel Show on Television

    Time travel is sexy: the Doctor, the DeLorean, perhaps a car showing up at midnight to take you to a different decade. Pop culture has a fascination with being able to jump around to foreign environments, but one of the most interesting takes on time travel is on the Starz series Outlander. The television show is […]