Comic Book Reviews (Week June 9, 2020): Batman Issue 92, New Mutants Issue 10, and More!

Batman issue 92 review
Batman Issue 92 (Image: DC Comics)

With the comic book industry slowly going back to normal, there’s still not as many comics out every week. But having something to read is better than nothing. In this week’s comic book review round-up, I will be covering Batman Issue 92, New Mutants Issue 10, Something is Killing the Children Issue 7, and more!

Of course, I will begin by talking about Batman Issue 92. There was a lot of hype in the fandom due to this issue being the proper introduction for the new comic book character named Punchline. From the couple of panels that she got in Batman Issue 92, I’m looking forward to reading what writer James Tynion IV has planned for her.

Seeing Punchline interact with Harley Quinn was fun. While Harley was romantically in love with Joker, Punchline came across as someone who wants to be the Joker’s partner in a business sense. Where Harley wanted to basically marry Joker and love him forever, Punchline, in my opinion, is interested in becoming the Joker.

Batman Issue 92 review
Harley Quinn and Punchline in Batman Issue 92 (Image: DC Comics)

I mean, we all know it’s clear that Joker is using Punchline. I’m just glad she’s not a carbon copy of Harley. I guess you can think of her as Joker’s Robin? It’s a weird dynamic and I can’t wait for the Joker to betray her. Or maybe Punchline will betray him? The possibilities!

As for the rest of the issue, we got to see the Riddler take over Gotham and force Batman to play a puzzle game. Due to Bruce having bigger fish to fry with the Designer, I loved how he treated Riddler as an annoyance. With how things ended in the final panel, I need the next issue right now!

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

Joker Issue review Punchline
Punchline in ‘The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular’ Issue 1 (Image: DC Comics)

The Joker 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular Issue 1

I decided to read this anniversary issue because it contained Punchline’s origin story. While I found Punchline to be very interesting in Batman Issue 92, her backstory made me go… Well, it made me go, ‘Meh!’

From what I can tell, Punchline is basically a Joker groupie who thinks of the Clown Prince as a symbol for the alienated. You know, kind of how the recent Joker solo film handled the character. Personally, I would have preferred her origins to remain a mystery instead of learning how Punchline is, more or less, a young Joker stan.

This issue included a number of short Joker-centric stories from various writers and artists. So, you might find one (or more) you’ll like. All of them boiled down to showcasing how important the Joker is for the Batman mythos.

Recommendation: Not for me.

New Mutants Issue 10 review
New Mutants Issue 10 (Image: Marvel Comics)

New Mutants Issue 10

From writer Ed Brisson, things continued to grow worse for the New Mutants team. Trying to rescue a mutant child isn’t as easy as one might hope when the kid’s power involves reality-warping nightmares. The current issue had Mirage come up with a plan. I liked her plan, but it didn’t work. And with the Russian government also against the team, Mirage and her teammates are fighting against very unfavorable odds.

Other than focusing on the mission, this issue also gave us some information regarding how anti-mutant hate groups are doxxing mutants and putting them and their families in danger. Things just can’t ever seem to be okay for the mutant race. Sigh!

Brisson did give us an entire panel featuring Glob’s recipe for vegetarian laska. So, that helped to add a bit of levity to the story.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP! 

Join the Future Issue 2 review
Join the Future Issue 2 (Image: Aftershock Comics)

Join The Future Issue 2

I enjoyed reading the first issue and the second installment was no different. After seeing her entire family die in the series debut, the latest chapter had Clem deciding to stand up against the people that are okay with killing those who don’t want to join the futuristic city. 

Through Join the Future, writer/creator Zack Kaplan has offered a very interesting premise with a lot of mystery and a lead you will root for.

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

Dryad Issue 2 review
Dryad Issue 2 (Oni Press)

Dryad Issue 2

There’s still a lot I don’t seem to understand about the lore featured in Dryad, but I’m here to learn more. With Rana and the other kids being held hostage, Griffon’s able to escape and warn his parents. Morgan instantly got ready to save her daughter after instructing Griffon and Yale (Morgan’s husband) to stay safe.    

We know that Morgan has a past and the current issue gave us a bit more of her backstory. Also, with how things ended for her and Domar, I think Yale might find himself participating in the action soon enough. With Morgan being a warrior and Yale being a scholar, I’m a fan of their relationship.

After giving us an introduction to their magical fantasy/sci-fi world, creators Kurtis Wiebe and Justin Osterling look ready to deliver a dangerous and action-oriented narrative around an interesting family as this series continues.

Recommendation: You should consider giving this book a chance.

Something is Killing the Children Issue 7 review
Something is Killing the Children Issue 7 (Image: BOOM! Comics)

Something is Killing the Children Issue 7

I love this comic book so much! I’m a 100% invested in the story writer James Tynion IV is telling. This week’s issue took a break from the action and gore to showcase how the town’s dealing with the discovery of the remains of numerous dead children. 

It also showed that it’s impossible for Erica to kill the demon’s numerous babies because they aren’t tangible unless they’re eating. So, she needed bait to hurt them. At first, I was a bit confused seeing Erica trying to kill something she knew she wouldn’t be able to. But after hearing Aaron’s explanation, I understood why Erica wanted to attack the demon’s offspring in the manner she did.

It was revealed that the bait in question was going to be Bian and James. Of course, Erica didn’t want to put those kids in danger. But with Aaron tagging along, and the offspring running wild, I don’t think Erica has any choice in the matter. Due to the people that Erica works as a hunter for, there’s so much lore that can be explored in this story. I want this series to be adapted into a live-action series so bad!

Recommendation: PICK IT UP!

Which comic books did you read this week? What did you think of Punchline in Batman Issue 92?

Let us know.

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