BNHA 4×6 Review: An Unpleasant Talk

An Unpleasant Talk

‘An Unpleasant Talk’ is exactly what it says on the tin: one big long unpleasant conversation.  It did give me one of my favorite Aizawa moments, though. 

‘An Unpleasant Talk’ laid out the plot that has been building over the past five episodes in a very straight forward way.  Chisaki has been using his daughter’s blood to create quirk-killing bullets.  The child they ran into back in episode four, Eri-chan, needs to be rescued. 

Both Midoriya and Mirio feel a great deal of guilt over letting her go.  They had a chance, but they let it slip through their fingers.  For them, it’s personal.  Their hero mottos echo through their heads as they let the guilt wash over them – Lemillion isn’t saving a million if he lets her go, and Deku doesn’t feel like he can ever be the world’s greatest hero.  

And this is where my Aizawa moment comes in.  If you’ve been reading my reviews of The Mandalorian, you know I have a thing for badass dudes who take on a fatherly role.  So when Aizawa steps in to give Midoriya a nice little pep talk, my heart goes all a flutter.  

Aizawa knows that Midoriya won’t give up and trying to save Eri, even if he told him to step aside and let the pros handle it.  It’s just not in Midoriya’s nature to do so.  So if he’s going to do it, he needs to do it properly.  He assured him that he’ll be there to watch out for him during the rescue.

He finishes it up with a bump to his chest, and the line, “Got it, problem child?”

And I’m pretty sure I’m dead now.  This is peak Dadzawa.  Everything from getting down to his level to talk, to understanding Midoriya’s needs, and understanding the best way for them to proceed.  This is why he’s my favorite character. 

The episode ends with a clear direction: save Eri.  Everyone is moving forward with that one main goal in mind and Midoriya has found a undeniably strong motivation.

Author: Angel Wilson

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