Bungo Stray Dogs: Dream Dubcast

Bungo Stray DogsWith stellar animation and a memorable cast of characters, it’s little wonder that Bungo Stray Dogs took home over a dozen accolades last month at the 2017 Newtype Anime Awards.

Fast paced with a rich world that takes the superpowers of comic books into a noir life of detective agencies and organized crime, Bungo Stray Dogs has all the right ingredients to be as much of a hit in America as it is in Japan but has gone largely uncelebrated overseas.

While the current two season’s worth of subs are available for viewing on Crunchyroll and Hulu, Funimation has been promising dubs since 2016 but so far we haven’t seen any clear movement to bring together an English voice cast for the show. With the original film Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple set to release in March 2018, an OVA that dropped in August, and a live action stage play starting its tour of Japan next month, we’re hopeful that we’ll soon be seeing an English dub of this amazing show in order to bring it to a broader audience.

Just for fun and to bring a little more attention to this awesome anime, we put together our personal dream dubcast for the major players of Bungo Stray Dogs drawing from Funimation’s voice talent. Read on to find out our picks for bringing a fresh voice to many of our favorite characters, and let us know what you think!

The Armed Detective Agency

As the young protagonist of the show, Atsushi spends the first part of Bungo Stray Dogs confused by the world he’s been brought into as he grows and develops into the most heroic figure within the show’s gritty take on Yokohama. While the memories of his childhood abuse played out repeatedly in the early episodes of the show, underscoring his lack of self-worth and deeply rooted desire to prove himself, he grows past that and becomes the moral compass of the ADA as well as one of their frontline combatants in the war between the agency and the Port Mafia and Guild. Atsushi has a self-sacrificing streak that makes fans love him and want to rescue him from himself, and he’s first to jump into danger to save friends and enemies alike.

We chose voice actor Ricco Fajardo for the role of Atsushi because of his ability to convey raw emotions and capture the warmth and heart of characters who care deeply about the people they consider family. Playing both the caring, empathetic Haruhiro in Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash as well as the hilariously over-the-top Mitsuru Hitokoe in Nanbaka, Ricco displays real skill in delivering convincing, emotional monologues, and has a great sense of comedic timing (and volume) that is perfect for Atsushi.

While early episodes of Bungo Stray Dogs might lead you to think of Dazai as the comic relief of the show, a dark backstory and cunning mind, combined with quick wit and a prankster’s irreverence, make Dazai a scene-stealing fan favorite. Dazai propels the plot and motivates many of the characters, and his suicidal tendencies become far more tragic than humorous once the story shows his attempts to reform from vicious mafia executive to a member of the Armed Detective Agency. While he often plays the idiot to encourage others to underestimate him, Dazai is a dangerous mastermind and schemer, and that duality would be a challenge for any voice actor.

An actor that can go from comedy to angst within the same show, Daman Mills has shown that he can play an evolving character, one who can switch personalities and moods on a dime. As Juugo in Nanbaka, he showed his ability to handle a character who hides his dark past with a light demeanor, and as Prince Schwan in ACCA 13, he showed off the bratty side that Dazai can bring out to harass friends and enemies alike. We think Dazai would be an amazing showcase role for Daman, and that he could knock it out of the park.

The ultimate Ravenclaw, Kunikida is typically the only on-task member of the Agency. His rigid adherence to his Ideals can make Kunikida come across as unfeeling or unsympathetic, but makes him the only person the agency can trust to lead them in the field. He’s the perfect straight-man for Dazai’s jokes, literal and reactionary, but he has a strong sense of duty and is as efficient in battle as he is pushing paperwork from behind his desk. When Kunikida puts aside his schedules and gets dragged into the fray, you see that he cares deeply and is selflessly dedicated to protecting the agency and their city.

We believe Eric Vale would be a strong candidate for Kunikida, with experience playing the straightforward counterpoint to the craziness. It takes good comic timing to be the straight-man, and he showed that as Kazuma in Noragami. As Solf J. Kimblee in Fullmetal Alchemist he showed he could play stern and abrupt, and as Nishiki Nishio in Tokyo Ghoul he showed his emotional range, which would carry Kunikida through his more conflicted moments when his emotions and ethics are in conflict.

Kyouka likes bunny rabbits and tofu, parfait and carnival games–and was brought into the Port Mafia as a child and made to kill. With the blood of thirty-five victims on her hands, Kyouka struggles to deal with her guilt and find solutions that don’t rely on violence. While Kyouka can give the creepy kids of any horror movie a run for their money, she’s still just a young girl who wants to be better than the world she was brought into. While the road to being one of the good guys isn’t easy, Kyouka’s journey shows that it’s the choices you make that define you.

Apphia Yu was our number one candidate to play this small assassin. As Rita in Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, Apphia showed off her grasp of the grim-yet-adorable, a vocal tone vital to Kyouka’s dual-natured character, and as Victorique de Blois in Gosick she demonstrated that she clearly has a knack for playing serious (and seriously skilled) younger characters. Kyouka’s development over the course of the story is an essential aspect of both seasons of the show, and is best-suited to an actress who can really get in the head of a character caught in between the dark and the light–something Apphia Yu can most certainly pull off.

The true brains of the Armed Detective Agency, Ranpo is the Sherlock Holmes of Bungo Stray Dogs; brilliant, egotistical, and often childish. He likes snacks as much as he does solving a case, and finds menial tasks beneath him and his intellect. Regardless, he’s beloved by his coworkers and by fans. Without Ranpo, they wouldn’t be able to call themselves a detective agency, and the city’s law enforcement knows that when a difficult case arises, Ranpo’s Ultra Deduction can help them solve any crime. Though he’s snarky and brash and more than a little lazy, there’s almost an innocent quality to Ranpo that shines through in his complete unfiltered honesty.

Ranpo’s voice needs someone who can snark and smile in the same sentence, and we thought Bryce Papenbrook would be a perfect match. Known for roles such as Kida Masaomi in Durarara and Henry in Fire Emblem Awakening, Bryce is straight up awesome at delivering smug or surprisingly dark lines with a deceptively cheerful tone. Ranpo’s layers of innocence and intelligence are a tall order to properly convey, but Bryce’s past roles and great enthusiasm for the craft itself prove he is absolutely talented enough to do the part justice.

If you thought from Yosano’s introduction that she was there to be the stereotypical anime girl eye candy, she’d be the first to correct you. The doctor of the Armed Detective Agency, Yosano is brilliant, violent, outspokenly feminist, and she will eviscerate you if you attempt to mansplain to her. A true battle medic, Yosano is on the front line as often as she is back at the ADA clinic, and her healing ability is far from passive support. While her teammates are in no hurry to land themselves in the doctor’s office, she’s competent, intelligent, and often all that stands between her teammates and certain death.

You need a badass lady to play Yosano, and we think Colleen Clinkenbeard has the chops to play a woman that won’t take your crap. As Riza Hawkeye in Fullmetal Alchemist, she played a character unafraid to get her hands dirty, who can be caring and considerate and snap into action as needed–perfect for Yosano. As Nice Holystone in Baccano, she was a strong feminist character who could seem a little crazy at times and loved her explosions, bringing an energy to the role without losing any of the character’s intelligence. Colleen kicks butt and has fun doing it, and we think she’d shine as the Agency’s doctor.

A pure ray of sunshine, Kenji ironically is not only the most innocent character in the entire show, he is also the brawler for the Armed Detective Agency. Kenji’s sunny disposition is so disarming that criminals find themselves confessing to him just out of confusion. Outgoing and loyal, Kenji is the youngest member of the Agency, and his youthful exuberance calls for a voice actor who can carry off the part of the ultimate cinnamon roll.

When we were looking for an actor who could play pure, Dallas Reid was the top of the list. As Seitarou Tanabata in Nanbaka, he brought a bright energy to the role that made the timid guard a truly loveable character, and as Suzuha in Noragami, he showed that he can play an easygoing character who enjoys meeting new people–and connecting with them over a love of plants. Kenji’s cheerful confidence and innocent naivete bring a hopeful light to the show, and we believe Dallas could skillfully portray the character’s effervescence.

The founder and president of the Armed Detective Agency, Fukuzawa is a fair-minded, stern leader for the Agency and acts as a father figure to many within the eclectic little family he’s formed from his employees. While he is a man of few words who prefers the company of cats to the chaos of the Agency, when he speaks people listen–and when he fights, you do not want to try and stand against him.

When looking for fatherly figures (we won’t call him Dad), Phil Parsons stood out for his role as Klaus von Reinherz in Blood Blockade Battlefront. While stern, he never becomes unsympathetic, and finding that line without crossing it is crucial for Fukuzawa. As Renji Yomo in Tokyo Ghoul, he showed he could do a lot with few lines. As with the director, these characters are men of few words who speak when necessary, and you can understand why the other characters respect their authority.  

Don’t let Tanizaki’s humble and mild-mannered demeanor fool you–while technically a non-combatant in the Agency, Tanizaki is a deeply devoted big brother and can be terrifyingly effective with his ability when his protective instincts kick in. Tanizaki is the agency’s go-to for infiltration and reconnaissance, and covers everything from helicopter piloting to manning the phones.  He needs a voice actor who can be an unassuming student one moment, and a righteously pissed off big brother the next.

We think Josh Grelle is the right man for the role; as Yuuri Katsuki on Yuri on Ice, he showed off his ability to play the everyman who’s more extraordinary than he knows, and as Armin Arlert on Attack on Titan he showed he knows his way around a complex character that can become scary when threatened, and scream his head off with the best of them when tragedy strikes.  

A part-timer at the Agency, Naomi is a secretary at the ADA office, but generally is viewed as the codependent sister (who is a little too close to her brother) of Tanizaki. Independent of her brother, though, Naomi is decisive and level-headed in a crisis, self-sacrificing, and has shown a willingness to take a moral stand even when her coworkers are still arguing the ramifications.

We need a voice actress who could be serious when the anime’s grim tone is at the forefront and play up the comedy when the more ridiculous aspects of her character call for it, and we think Monica Rial would be able to play to the character’s strengths. As Mila in Yuri on Ice, she showed her ability to play almost a teasing sibling (without it being creepy–which we very much appreciate), and as Tsuyu Asui in My Hero Academia she’s shown off her comedic timing with lines that might otherwise be overlooked. An incredibly versatile voice actress, she’s played an impressive range of characters, and we would love to have her in the BSD dubcast (we also want her to be Karl below–sorry, Monica, we think you’d be an amazing raccoon too).

The Port Mafia

A divisive character within the Bungo Stray Dogs fandom, Mori has his own strange sort of moral code as the boss of the Port Mafia, but his manipulative ways and frankly creepy implied proclivities make it hard to love him. Nevertheless, he rules the underworld of Yokohama with a razor-sharp mind, and a businessman’s ruthless efficiency.

To tackle such a twisted character, you need a voice actor who can switch in tone from mild-mannered gentleman to indulgent creepy uncle to quietly terrifying criminal mastermind. We trust that Ian Sinclair could bring depth to Mori, and he wouldn’t shy away from playing the character that everyone loves to hate. As Nile Dok in Attack on Titan, he fully embraced the more unsavory aspects of the role, while keeping him a layered character. We need an actor who can carry weight in every word, no matter how mildly delivered, and he showed that as Grossular in ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. We had a hard time narrowing down which role we wanted Ian to play (he could do so many of these characters well), but realized ultimately that we needed someone who could do Mori justice.

The most powerful ability user of the Port Mafia, Chuya is a fan-favorite for his short temper, short stature, and great panache in everything he does. Since Chuya views the mafia as his family, he’s loyal to a fault and will fight to defend them, but he’s just as likely to get drunk on a few glasses of wine and rant about how terrible Dazai is (drunk-dialing sometimes included). Chuya has a bone to pick with his former partner for betraying his trust, and their combination of easy familiarity and bitter snark infuses every scene they share. Chuya can be the serious right hand man to Mori and executive for the Port Mafia, but tear off on a tangent rant at the least provocation.

There’s a vocal quality to Chuya that we feel Brandon McInnis would handle perfectly: endearingly angry, and irritated without becoming irritating. As Samon Gokuu in Nanbaka, he never lost sight of the emotional core of the character… but you certainly enjoyed watching him get angry. We need an actor who can make you love this little bitter drunkard, and we truly think Brandon could pull it off.

The kind of battle-mom you never want to cross blades with, Kouyou is as family-motivated as her former charge, Chuya, and helps lead the Port Mafia with maturity and refinement. Her apparent cruelty masks a deep and genuine care for her escaped daughter-figure, Kyouka, and while her methods are brutal, she’s shown herself capable of forgiveness and mercy when it comes to the people she considers her own.

An actress with presence, we believe Elizabeth Maxwell can bring a commanding note to the role, without losing the more emotional aspects of the character. As Bishamon in Noragami and Urbosa in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, she showed the fierce side of maternal instinct, ruthless, protective, and authoritative. We admit to being a little biased in favor of Kouyou (if there were a fight for mafia boss, we would be in her corner), and we wanted an actress who could make everyone rally behind our murderous mom.

An assassin of the Port Mafia, Akutagawa acts as both the direct antagonist and dark reflection of the ADA’s Atsushi, with his Darwinistic and grim view of the world and his merciless effectiveness in the field. Jealous of the attention given to Atsushi by his former mentor, Dazai, Akutagawa has a grudge against the agency’s newest member. However, he’s not a one-note villain, and his character has been embraced by much of the fandom–to play Akutagawa, you would need a voice actor who can really love a character raised to view himself as simply the “dog” of the criminal enterprise that took him in as a child.  

Fresh out of playing our other grumpy child, Yuri Plisetsky in Yuri on Ice, we believe Micah Solusod is the perfect choice for our emo edgelord. In roles such as Yukine in Noragami, he’s shown he can play our good son, but when he gets the chance such as with The King of Despair in Blood Blockade Battlefront to play over the top evil, he crushes it. Akutagawa can go from quietly seething to screaming at Atsushi and impaling him as a general greeting, and that’s just the kind of energy we think Micah could offer him while still loving the character just as much as we do.

Silent and mysterious, Gin is one of the commanders of the Black Lizard, the Port Mafia’s militaristic special ops unit. At first, even Gin’s coworkers know next to nothing about the assassin, but Gin’s loyalty to the Port Mafia and proficiency with a blade make for a deadly combatant even without a super-power. A character of few words, it’s not until season two that they realize that not only is Gin a woman, she’s got a sweet voice and is quick to blush–and fans of the manga will realize that her connection to the Port Mafia is a family affair.

We needed a sweet-voiced actress who can sound like a fierce warrior when called for, and Alexis Tipton just epitomizes both tones so well. As Yuuko Nishigori on Yuri on Ice, she was the girl next door that everyone fell in love with, and as Kofuku in Noragami she was a kick-ass girly-girl goddess. We wanted a voice that would be surprising coming out of this otherwise silent ninja assassin because that disconnect for all of the other characters is just such a beautiful, humorous thing.

Short tempered and quick to violence, Tachihara is the second of the Black Lizard commanders, a young punk who’s impulsive and reactionary, at times inciting arguments even with his superiors. He’s willing to go against orders to answer a perceived slight, and he’ll spring into action without fully thinking through strategy. Despite this, he’s proven himself a fearsome adversary on the streets without any super power to defend him, rising through the ranks of the Port Mafia by relying instead on dual-wielded pistols.

Feisty and rambunctious, we knew we wanted Clifford Chapin to take on the role of Tachihara after hearing him as Katsuki Bakugou in My Hero Academia. He’s no stranger to playing violently energetic, after taking on Hideyoshi Nagachika in Tokyo Ghoul and Connie Springer in Attack on Titan. The fans always end up loving these characters, wild as they are, and we think that’s exactly what Tachihara needs.

A veteran of the Port Mafia after his extended tour as the Monopoly man, Hirotsu acts as the defacto head of the Black Lizard squad and the voice of reason among his younger cohorts, with a polite edge of threat to keep them in line. Despite being a seasoned killer, Hirotsu is a gentleman in behavior and recognizes that the Port Mafia has its purpose within Yokohama governing the criminal underworld to keep it controlled and from slipping into senseless violence.

We needed a voice actor who could be a grounding presence in all of his scenes, and Christopher Sabat has the range to take it on. While voicing characters like Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood he shows off that he can be upper-crust, as Yakumo Oomori in Tokyo Ghoul he could be sinister as called for. In all of these roles, his voice has carried a resonance that we feel would bring gravitas to Hirotsu.

Few characters are as personally loyal as the Port Mafia’s Higuchi, but unfortunately she’s rarely rewarded for that trait. Higuchi oversees the Black Lizard but primarily acts as Akutagawa’s bodyguard and assistant. While she never receives his appreciation for her work, she’s devoted to taking care of him regardless. Unlike all of the other characters on the show, Higuchi is shown to have a stable family life that she returns to every day, which leaves you to wonder how she came into a life of crime and violence.

Our choice for Higuchi, Morgan Berry, can play a down-to-business woman who will throw down for the sake of those she loves. As Tokaku Azuma in Riddle Story of Devil, Morgan plays another badass bodyguard who is highly protective of someone she’s crushing on. She can play a character who is collected and cool and ready for business, calm but not robotic, until things get real and her emotions take the fore.

Perhaps the creepiest character on the show, Yumeno is what happens when you give a mentally abused child the power to truly hurt everyone to cross him. Better known in the show and in the fandom as simply Q, this character shows the true brutality of the Port Mafia which takes in powerful children and raises them up to be killers–in Q’s case, by taking a child who can only hurt those who harm him, and making it so that even casual touch causes him pain, driving him mad. Locked away by his own people, Q is only let out when the reward is worth the chaos and casualties.

Our selection for Q is Tia Ballard, who can certainly pull of the role of a devious little kid. Tia can be bubbly but sinister, like Aligula in Blood Blockade Battlefront, and we think she’d manage the delighted, threatening voice that Q has upon being freed. Amira in Rage of Bahumut: Genesis, shows that she’s ready for a character to be pushed past their limits and snap, and we think she’d play a tragically twisted Q remarkably well.

In a show full of serious and tragic and complex figures… then there’s this guy. Kajii, better known in the show and in the fandom as the Lemon Bomber, is the cackling ridiculous over-the-top criminal of the Port Mafia. Absolutely convinced of his own genius, he brings chaos everywhere he goes, a mad scientist fond of citrus-shaped explosives. You have to wonder if every one of his disaster sites smells like lemon furniture polish after he leaves.

A bombastic character with a soundtrack all his own, you need a high-energy voice actor to tackle this larger than life character. We chose Alejandro Saab to bring the Lemon Bomber to life because we think he can keep up with Kajii’s crazy pace. As Uno in Nanbaka, Alejandro has shown that he can handle comedy and a flamboyant character, and we think he has the right dramatic flair for this zesty character.

The Guild

It’s so very easy to dislike the Guild’s leader, Fitzgerald–after all, what’s easier to hate than a smarmy American billionaire who lives by the edict that money is power. Fitzgerald wants what he wants, and is willing to burn the entire city down to get it: but he will protect those he views as his own possessions, and his motivation isn’t as shallow as simple destruction or greed.  

Our choice for Fitzgerald, J Michael Tatum is no stranger to “fancy” characters, having played Sebastian Michaelis in Black Butler. We need Fitzgerald to sound monied and upper-crust, but with a single-minded determination and disregard for sending some of his own teammates into harm’s way, like Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan. He’s skilled at making you almost root for characters that you’re absolutely ready to hate, and we think he’d find the right tone for Fitzgerald.

A character from the humble beginnings of a large and poor family of farmers, Steinbeck came to work for Fitzgerald to take care of his own family–and doesn’t much seem to mind what he has to do to others in the name of providing for his younger sister back home. He’s a relaxed and seemingly easygoing young man, and personable enough to his coworkers and even enemies, but he has a ruthless streak when you attempt to get in the way of his objectives.

Our choice for Steinbeck, Justin Briner is currently voicing Deku in My Hero Academia, and while these characters seem a far cry apart, there’s still a personable aspect to Steinbeck that we think can translate.  As Mikaela Hyakuya in Seraph of the End, Justin has already shown he can play a family-oriented character who can be caring, but with a violent edge. Steinbeck can break someone with just a few cutting words, and we think Justin would make the most of those darker moments.

Nothing much seems to bother Lovecraft, a stoic and powerful member of the Guild loosely brought into their ranks by a debt to Fitzgerald, but he’s not entirely what he seems. Unnerving to be around, Lovecraft’s general oddness seems alien in nature, a quiet thread of naivety that is undercut by his lethargic detachment from everything going on around him. Just let the man go back to sleep.

With his sonorous, low voice Chuck Huber is a great fit for Lovecraft. As Shou Tucker in the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist, Chuck showed he could be eery and unsettling. He’s no stranger to horrific characters, and Lovecraft needs to be ominous but serious, without crossing into melodrama. Lovecraft isn’t evil, per say, but he certainly is in an entirely different class than everyone else and we think Chuck’s shown himself as more than up to the task of taking on this eldritch being.

If you’ve ever wanted to bring a book to a party, you have more in common with the Guild’s Poe than you realize. A socially awkward introvert, Poe doesn’t hold any particular loyalty to his employers–he’s only going along with them to get a second chance to see Ranpo’s deductive ability in action. The mutual admiration society of Poe and Ranpo brings this character loosely into the fold of the ADA in the future, but while he poses little threat to the Agency and its members, his skill is not to be underestimated.

We probably associate a little too well with Poe’s nervous qualities, and we think Aaron Dismuke could play to that relatable aspect. He plays believably anxious as Leonardo Watch in Blood Blockade Battlefront, where he portrayed an emotional character that remained relatable and introverted. As Rail in ACCA 13-Territory Inspection Dept. he showed that he could play to a personal rivalry, as we see between Ranpo and Poe, but evolve the interactions as the characters grow. And what would Poe be without his pet raccoon, Karl? We have Monica Rial already filling the role of Naomi in our dream cast, and we’d love her expertise at playing adorable animal buddies such as Sonic in Blood Blockade Battlefront and Ao in Yona of the Dawn, to extend to the Guild’s furriest member.

Bungo Stray Dogs

While Lucy comes across as rude and haughty at the start of Bungo Stray Dogs, we eventually learn there is far more to the character. It’s not quite clear how Lucy fell in with the Guild, but it’s clear that she didn’t know what to do without them. After her initial surprise attack failed, Fitzgerald declared her useless and she took up acting as maid to the billionaire because she had nowhere else to go. Atsushi reaches her, drawing on their similar upbringing of abuse and neglect, and she eventually finds herself aligning with the Agency against her employer.

While she comes across at first as a bit of a brat, taunting and playing with her would-be victims, there’s an emotional component to Lucy that we feel Caitlin Glass could help bring to the fore. As Mina Ashido in My Hero Academia, she’s shown she can play a spunky, teasing girl, and as Winry Rockbell in Fullmetal Alchemist, she tugged at the heartstrings of viewers as a character who’s lived through trauma. Lucy needs both of those qualities, and her voice actress needs to be someone who can encourage viewers to give this character a second chance the way Atsushi does.

Bungo Stray Dogs

A man of deep faith, Hawthorne sees himself as on a mission from God to act against sin. Self-righteous and arrogant, he comes across as fanatical and ruthless, but can be moved by the selfless acts of others. However, his rigid belief system is a weakness that the right people can exploit.

Hawthorne needs a voice actor who can sound strict and judgemental, and considering Patrick Seitz is currently Endeavor on My Hero Academia, we know he can play these characters that really cut down those around them. However, he’s also shown he can bring level-headed rationality to the table, as Reishi Munakata in K Project. While we never exactly warm to Hawthorne, he’s a man of personal conviction, which is more than one can say about his employer.

Shy and introverted in person, Alcott has no problem expressing herself on paper–the guild’s tactician is a quiet genius who thinks several steps ahead of their enemies, drafting extensive mission objectives in the quiet of her own room. Personally loyal to Fitzgerald, this introvert is an integral part of the tycoon’s success.

Our choice for Alcott, Bryn Apprill, has experience playing characters who, while shying away from the limelight, are crucial to the story’s progression. As Krista Lenz in Attack on Titan, Bryn proved she can voice demure characters without letting them fade into the background, and as Ibara Shiozaki in My Hero Academia she showed that she can convey the quiet resolve that is central to Alcott’s personality.

Rats in the House of the Dead

Seeming to lack all fear of his enemies, Fyodor is calm and confident as he out-schemes and out-plots even Dazai and Mori. He’s deadly not just because of his abilities, but because of his manipulative mind and complete conviction in his righteousness. While he has next to no screen time in the first two seasons of the anime, Fyodor is a major player behind the scenes, will hold a larger role in the movie, and will prove to be the big bad of future seasons if the anime continues following the ongoing manga. We wanted a voice actor cast for him that could carry him through the next story lines, and as readers of the manga we know there’s something about this character that endeared him to us (we think it’s when he went back to grab his ridiculous fluffy hat after an assassination).

Our pick to play this Fluffy-hat McRat, Jason Liebrecht, has an undeniable talent for portraying smug connivers. As Yato on Noragami, he exemplified a conceited troublemaker who sees himself as the good guy no matter what chaos follows in his wake. As far as schemers go, Jason’s role as Lilium on ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. is a perfect instance of the kind of master-manipulator that Fyodor has proven himself to be, keeping devious plots hidden behind a smiling face at all times. While this is a small role for now, we think Jason could carry it into future seasons.

Share your thoughts!

While we love the original Japanese voice cast, it’s our hope that with dubs Bungo Stray Dogs could reach a broader audience of potential fans who will see how amazing this show is. A larger fandom overseas can only help in bringing the content that is being produced in Japan to the global market.

BSD fans, weigh in with what you’d like to see in the dubs and what character traits stand out to you that need to shine through in translation! There are many more roles to fill, beloved and reviled characters that make up this rich world like Oda, Ango, Gide, Elise, Melville, Margaret, Twain, and more as we (hopefully) await a third season and Dead Apple. What do you think of our proposed dubcast, and who else would you like to bring into the mix?

You can watch two seasons of Bungo Stray Dogs with subs on Crunchyroll or Hulu, and the English translations of the first four volumes of the manga are available on Amazon.com. Chat with us about Bungo Stray Dogs or your own dream dubcasts on Twitter: @exorcisingemily@a_profeshunal@_PigFeathers.

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