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  • The Brits Have the Comic Con: Titan Entertainment at NYCC

    Getting larger every convention, Titan Entertainment had a massive booth at NYCC this year, complete with merchandise, books, and comics galore. If you aren’t familiar with Titan, check out my Toy Fair review from earlier this year. The exclusive swag available for con goers this year included some Sherlock (a duo pack with Watson – […]

  • Ms. Marvel #19 Review: The Last Days – Part IV

    This month’s issue of Ms. Marvel concluded Kamala Khan’s story during the pre-Secret Wars arc. That’s not to say that she won’t return post-Secret Wars, but it was sad to see things ending for her, even if temporarily. Kamala’s mother revealed that she knew her daughter was Ms. Marvel all along. The fact that Kamala […]

  • Marvel “Secret Wars” Titles You Should Read!

    The huge Marvel event under the name Secret Wars is almost at an end come next month, and while we will be seeing an All-New All-Different Marvel, there are some Secret Wars tie-ins you should definitely read. Check out my favorite picks! Keep in mind that this list simply details my favorite titles from the […]

  • Starfire #2 & #3 Review

    Issues 2 and 3 of Starfire continue to paint an interesting story with three dimensional characters who have their own unique stories.  Not just Kori, but Sheriff Stella Gomez, her brother Sol, and a new character with powers introduced at the end of issue 3.  The writing is enjoyable, cute, and engaging with a good […]

  • The Walking Dead Volume 24 Review: Life and Death

    WARNING: Spoilers through Volume 24 (issues 139-144) of The Walking Dead comics. I know I’m not alone in feeling like Volume 23 of The Walking Dead was comprised of a bunch of filler issues, but wow, did Volume 24 make up for it. I just wish it hadn’t done so in such a heart-wrenching manner! […]

  • Ms. Marvel #17 Review: Last Days – Part II

    The second issue of Ms. Marvel’s tie-in to Secret Wars came out this week, and it brought the team-up we have all been waiting for. It was a treat to watch Kamala Khan working with Carol Danvers, her idol, and trying to make the best of time before the end of the world. We have […]

  • Ms. Marvel #16 Review: Last Days – Part I

    While Ms. Marvel does exist in the Marvel Universe, the series hasn’t necessarily been linked to major events in the past. That’s why seeing the series being tied to Secret Wars came as a surprise to me. The Marvel Universe has ended, and showing Kamala Khan’s last days on Earth felt like a very different […]