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  • Storm #9 Review: Teaming up with Gambit!

    After saving people all over the world and dealing with the consequences of her actions, Storm #9 showed Ororo Munroe cutting loose and teaming up with Gambit for an adventure. This month’s issue served as a much needed breather before the concluding arc kicks in. A lot has changed for Storm over the years. The […]

  • Ms. Marvel #13 Review: Crushed – Part I

    This month’s issue of Ms. Marvel had Kamala Khan developing a crush on a boy and dealing with other Inhumans coming to Jersey City. I liked how writer G. Willow Wilson laid the groundwork for a bigger story involving the Inhumans and how it will no doubt change the Marvel Universe as a whole. It was […]

  • Star Wars: Princess Leia #001 Review

    Sometimes my brother and I go to local comic book shops just to look around and satisfy our not-so-inner geeks. Mostly we get an idea of things we would like to read, to add to our Goodreads or library reserve lists. While looking at the Marvel new releases, something completely awesome caught my eye – […]

  • Grayson #6 and #7 Review

    The two most recent installments of Grayson continue to be a book that I very much enjoy reading. There is an impressive amount of insight into Dick’s character in every issue. In Grayson #6: The Brains of the Operation, Dick and Helena face a zombie orca with legs that reminds me of GISHWHES mascots. Dick […]

  • Hawkeye #21 Review: The Penultimate Issue

    (A bit overdue with this review, but better late than never.) Matt Fraction and David Aja’s first run of Hawkeye is nearing a close, and it is determined not to go gently into that good night. There is a bitterness and sense of inevitability even as the issue begins. I think I’m actually going to […]

  • Dear Geekiary: Who is the new gay character on Walking Dead?

    WARNINGS: The following article contains spoilers regarding the character Aaron who recently appeared in AMC’s The Walking Dead (Season 5, Episode 10, entitled “Them”). Because of the nature of the question asked, the spoilers included extend through Issue #132 (Volume #22) of The Walking Dead comics.   Dear Geekiary! Very excited to see The Walking […]

  • Ms. Marvel #12 Review: Loki In Love

    Ms. Marvel #12 was pretty much Valentine’s Day filler, and it would’ve been a very bad excuse to introduce Loki if not for G. Willow Wilson’s entertaining writing style and the humorous art by Takeshi Miyazawa. It’s fun to see heroes sit back and deal with their relationships, rather than go after villains in every issue […]

  • Storm #8 Review: Clearing the Storm!

    Ever since the debut of Storm, plot threads have been moving forward to one big climax for Ororo Monroe, and Issue #8 showed the Weather Goddess facing the consequences of her decisions. Storm learned a lot through her ordeals and I’m excited to see where she goes from here. After being framed by a senator […]

  • Silk #1 Review: My Silk-Sense is Tingling

    I’m a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural, so when I heard that one of its writers was going to be involved in a comic book series, I knew I had to pick up the title. I love Robbie Thompson’s writing on Supernatural, and I was not disappointed with his first issue of Silk. […]