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  • Storm #8 Review: Clearing the Storm!

    Ever since the debut of Storm, plot threads have been moving forward to one big climax for Ororo Monroe, and Issue #8 showed the Weather Goddess facing the consequences of her decisions. Storm learned a lot through her ordeals and I’m excited to see where she goes from here. After being framed by a senator […]

  • Silk #1 Review: My Silk-Sense is Tingling

    I’m a huge fan of the TV show Supernatural, so when I heard that one of its writers was going to be involved in a comic book series, I knew I had to pick up the title. I love Robbie Thompson’s writing on Supernatural, and I was not disappointed with his first issue of Silk. […]

  • Harley Quinn: Valentine’s Day Special Review

    I must confess that I have never read a Harley Quinn comic book. I’m not even all that familiar with her character beyond Batman: The Animated Series. I happened to see the title come across my twitter timeline the day the comic was released and hinted to my brother that he should pick it up. […]

  • Thor # 5 Review: Behold, A New Age of Thunder

    Was it just me or did Thor #5 feel like Marvel’s way of saying a big ‘We-don’t-care’ to all the people who don’t like the new Goddess of Thunder? Other than the fact that no one knows about the new hero’s identity, nothing much happened in the issue and I hope that changes soon. After […]

  • Tart #4 Review: Submerged Part 1

    A couple of months ago, I recommended the Indie Comic, Tart.  At the time of my review for the first volume, which contained issues 1-3, Issue 4 was in the process of being sent out to those who participated in the Kickstarter campaign.  I have a friend who knows my love for comics, and for […]

  • Ms. Marvel #11 Review: Generation Why, Part 4

    This month’s issue of Ms. Marvel brought the four-part arc, “Generation Why” to a close and showed Kamala Khan realizing that she can’t defeat every bad guy alone. Kamala’s leadership is infectious and inspiring so I’m looking forward to seeing how this new superhero affects the Marvel Universe in the future. Writer G. Willow Wilson […]

  • Thor # 4 Review: Thor vs. Thor

    The thing I had been dreading ever since Thor #1 happened this week and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I started reading the series because I thought it was Mama Thor who was kicking Frost Giant butt and it was fun seeing her holding Mjölnir and interacting with it. However, the story […]

  • What’s The Deal With The Marvel Civil War Meme?

    For about a week now, Tumblr (and by association everybody else) has been contemplating various frivolous reasons for Captain America and Iron Man to go to war in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The premise of the meme is pretty simple: someone, usually Tony, says something unpopular or even downright offensive, Steve Rogers reacts, and thus […]

  • Grayson Annual #1: Helena’s History Revealed

    Grayson Annual #1 is really the first issue of Grayson that I didn’t enjoy. It wasn’t that it was a bad story, it was that it was lacking in Dick Grayson. Which is odd for a book with his name on it. Like any of Dick Grayon’s books past and present, I read for Dick. This […]