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  • Silk #5 Review: Black Cat

    In issue #5, Cindy Moon continues to spend her free time trying to find any information on her missing family.  This is something she does during her down time at her day job with the Fact Channel.  She got caught, but it turned out okay as her boss offered to call in a favor with […]

  • Star Wars: Princess Leia #003 & #004 Review

    In Issue #3, Princess Leia and Evaan travel to the planet Sullust.  The Alderaanians who live there, especially their leader, Jora, the Preserver of Alderaan, are not receptive to Princess Leia. They do not recognize who she is, but even after she introduces herself, they are not welcoming. Princess Leia explains her mission and persists […]

  • Silk #4 Review: High Anxiety

    In Issue Four, Silk spends most of her time with the Fantastic Four. She trains with Mr. Fantastic as Galactus (Destroyer of Worlds) in a virtual reality program to test her speed.  As we saw in the last issue, Cindy Moon is not feeling up to par. The Fantastic Four are really trying to help […]

  • Storm #11 Review: The End of Storm!

    Storm #11 came out this week, and it brought the conclusion of the Weather Goddess’s solo series. Could the series have continued after this issue had the Marvel Universe not been destroyed due to Secret Wars? I don’t know, but I did enjoy the Goddess’s journey ending on a high note. Kenji serving as the […]

  • Thor #8 Review: The Woman Beneath The Mask

    Thor returned this month with issue number eight and we finally got to know about the real identity of the Goddess of thunder. So, was the big reveal surprising? Well, not really, but I do think that the new Thor is indeed worthy of wielding the hammer. The whole premise of Thor hinged on the […]

  • The Walking Dead Volume 23 Review: Whispers into Screams

    WARNING: Spoilers through Volume 23 (issues 133-138) of The Walking Dead comics. After the cliffhanger at the end of Volume 22 of The Walking Dead I was worried that the next several issues would jump right into another “war” of sorts. But they didn’t. Unfortunately, while part of me is relieved about that, I also […]

  • Marvel’s Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver Were Never Mutants?

    The real parentage of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver is as confusing as the battle between Fox and the MCU over these fictional characters. Are the twins mutants like their father Magneto, which was also referred to in X-Men: Days of Future Past, or are they experimented beings as shown in Avengers: Age of Ultron? […]

  • Silk #3 Review: Cat Fight

    Marvel lied to me and said we would get Silk on April 15th.  I was disappointed to have to wait until April 29th.  It was well worth the wait, however.  In the third issue, Silk once again faces the “Pokémon Dude” from Issue One.  This time she also refers to him as “Puff the Jerk-Store […]