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  • Maya Glick Brings the RAIN for Storm Fans!

    While there hasn’t been any news about a female superhero solo film from Fox yet, it is heartwarming to see fans being enthusiastic about the idea, especially when it comes to Storm from the X-Men. I got to talk to Maya Glick about her fan-made Storm film RAIN. Check out our exclusive interview to know […]

  • #ForCharlie Supernatural Marathon

    Many of us took Charlie Bradbury’s death hard.  In order to celebrate her life and amazing journey on Supernatural we’ve set up a Watch Party and Trending Event. How to Join: Use the hashtag #ForCharlie on Twitter to follow along with the rest of us. When to Join: The marathon is on Sunday May 10th. Episodes […]

  • Why Is It So Hard To Talk About Fanfiction?

    There has been yet another disastrous attempt to capitalize on fanfiction’s increasing visibility because apparently it’s hilarious to make fun of someone’s hobby. An event called “Fanfic Theater with Chris Gore” was announced as part of WonderCon’s schedule and it’s as bad as it sounds; basically the plan was for a bunch of comedians and […]

  • GISHWHES 2015 Is Coming: Get Ready

      GISHWHES, or the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, is about to kick into gear for 2015.  The website’s FAQ indicates that the hunt will take place between August 1-8 and that registration will be “forthcoming.”  It goes on to state ‘When is “forthcoming”? That’s a great question. We believe it […]

  • What’s The Deal With The Marvel Civil War Meme?

    For about a week now, Tumblr (and by association everybody else) has been contemplating various frivolous reasons for Captain America and Iron Man to go to war in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. The premise of the meme is pretty simple: someone, usually Tony, says something unpopular or even downright offensive, Steve Rogers reacts, and thus […]

  • And The Fangirls Rejoiced: Carmilla Gets a Season 2

    Throw your tampons in the air Creampuffs because it’s official. Breakout YouTube hit Carmilla will return for a second season in Spring 2015. At the end of a video showcasing the best of Season 1 (there are spoilers so watch with care) they announced that the series had been renewed, much to the excitement of […]

  • #SaveCarmilla – Fans Get Their Tampons Out For Season Two

    Breakout YouTube web series Carmilla – based on the Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu  – posted its final episode last Tuesday (Dec 2, 2014). While most fans found the finale very satisfying, the loss of a beloved series – which has been uploading episodes twice a week since August – is never easy; […]

  • Fans Are Having Way Too Much Fun Casting Captain Marvel

    Those that understand Carol Danvers’ impact on comics fans – particularly women – probably aren’t surprised by the enthusiasm for this upcoming movie. And for those who haven’t experienced Carol-fever before, it’s kind of difficult to describe her importance – but you’ll understand when you see thousands of little girls dressed as Captain Marvel on […]