Storm-Inspired Fan Film ‘Rain’ Has Been Released

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If you, like me, have been waiting for Maya Glick’s Rain to be released, then you don’t have to wait any longer. The fan-made film, which shows the X-Men Storm in a very different light, has been released!

I’m a huge Storm fan. It was through her that I got introduced to the X-Men franchise and there was no turning back for me. While I didn’t know it at first, over the years I got to realize just how important a character she really was. Not only is she one of the strongest fictional characters in the Marvel comic book universe, she is also an icon. Storm’s struggles, due to society viewing her as different, allow readers to relate to her.

During my interview with Maya Glick about Rain, she shared how her battle with depression made her rediscover Life-Death. The comic book story eventually led to the creation of Rain. Check out the film below.

For me Rain captured Storm in a very impressive light. She lost her mutant powers in canon, but she didn’t allow the loss to keep her down. The fact that she fought Cyclops in her depowered state for leadership of the X-Men proves how tough a character she is. Rain shows us a depowered Storm as she struggles to remember her true self and gets rid of bad guys along the way.

Storm has always been underutilized in the Fox X-Men film series in favor of her male counterparts. It is a pity that the film writers are unable to tap into her rich backstory and provide viewers with a more meaningful take on her character.

Through fans like Maya Glick, one can see that there is a lot of love for Storm and an interest in POC female superhero solo films. Fingers crossed that big film studios follow suit.

I wouldn’t mind getting to know more about the Storm we see in Rain and hopefully the series will continue.

If you’re interested in what Storm has currently been up to in the Marvel comic book universe then go check out Extraordinary X-Men.

Have you watched Rain yet? What did you think of it? Let us know!

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  1. AMAZING, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! loved it…. This is the storm I KNOW!!! not the rubbish tht we see in the movies

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