James LaRosa Announces ‘Hit the Floor’ Fan Art Competition Winners!

Hit the Floor James LaRosa fan Competition

It all began on the 25th of June when James LaRosa, creator of Hit the Floor, announced a fan artist competition. Now the winners have been chosen!

Being a fan of Hit the Floor, and covering the show for the website, I was excited about the competition. Hit the Floor has such a positive fandom that it is hard not to feel happy when the cast and crew interact with the fans.

James LaRosa posted the rules for the competition on his Instagram account, and soon enough fans started to send in their creations.

The competition ended on June 30th, and not one but four winners were chosen!


Hit the Floor James LaRosa Fan Competition



Hit the Floor James LaRosa Fan Competition

Hit the Floor



Hit the Floor James LaRosa Fan Competition

Hit the Floor


I was also one of the winners. I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate, but yeah, I submitted a piece quite near the end of the competition. This was all I could do when I knew I didn’t have an eraser near me, and couldn’t make mistakes! Check it out!

Hit the Floor James LaRosa Fan Competition

Hit the Floor tweet

Hit the Floor Tweet

Hit the Floor

Hit the Floor


While fans are happy to have participated in the competition, the reactions from the cast and crew are what made the whole thing great!

You can check out more fan works by visiting James LaRosa’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. He shows a lot of appreciation for fans on there. He recently appreciated fans through a video.

Hit the Floor will be returning soon enough for a summer special.

What did you think of the fan competition? Have you started watching Hit the Floor yet? Let us know!


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