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  • ‘Dead 7’ 90’s Boy Bands Zombie Film Drops First Trailer

    Dead 7, a zombie western story starring members of boy bands from the 90’s such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, and 98 degrees, just dropped its first trailer.  And wow, it really is exactly what it sounds like. Dead 7 is written written by Nick Carter.  Yep, the Backstreet Boy.  While the wars between the boy bands […]

  • The Fanged and the Furryous: A “Zootopia” Recommendation

    It is perhaps ironic that a Disney movie about not judging on preconceived notions shattered all my initial expectations of it. I expected Zootopia to be a middling to fair animated feature, not a stunningly textured self-aware joke machine. I expected Zootopia to be a brainless anthropomorphic romp, not a kid-friendly critique of institutionalized racism […]

  • BB-8 Visits NASA’s JPL, Given VIP Tour

    BB-8 got to visit NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and I’m not sure if I’m more jealous of BB-8 or the crew at JPL. The kind folks at JPL shared their adorable pictures on both Facebook  and their Twitter account on Wednesday. They showed BB-8 rocking out a JPL visitor badge, learning about the NASA’s Journey to Mars, […]

  • Marvel Wants to Help Bring More Girls to STEM!

    Marvel has joined forces with the National Academy of Sciences’ Science & Entertainment Exchange to help get more girls into STEM. STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields skew very heavily male, but Marvel hopes to help change that with the “Girls Reforming the Future Challenge”. Released in conjunction with the May 6th opening of Captain America: Civil […]

  • Release of new Ghostbusters Trailer Causing a Buzz on Social Media

    Ever since I heard that three of my favorite comedians – Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig – were starring in the new Ghostbusters movie, I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for more information. Read our before commenting. Please do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are […]

  • Tyler Hoechlin’s New Role Tests This Fan’s Limits

    I thought there was no limit to the levels of bad movies I would sit through in order to watch Tyler Hoechlin on screen. But it turns out that the limit is 50. As in Fifty Shades of Grey. Yesterday, pictures of Hoechlin being picked up at the Vancouver Airport (with a ginormous suitcase) circulated on Twitter, […]