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  • Reign 1×09 Review: For King and Country

    All hail Queen Mary!  Last night’s episode was very extremely well done, and everyone involved brought their A-game.  It was full of explosive plot twists and high octane emotions, keeping me on the edge of my seat until the very end.  So without further ado, here are my thoughts on “For King and Country”.   […]

  • Valentines Shipping Poll: Round One!

    To celebrate Valentine’s day we here at the Geekiary are running a two part shipping poll.  Our first round is going to narrow down the top 10 fandoms to head into the next round.  In order to have qualified for this poll the fandom had to have had new content since January 2013.  That content […]

  • American Horror Story: Coven 3×12 Review: Go to Hell

    This week’s episode got rid of all the deadweight and gave us a glimpse at what the viewers were waiting for: The Seven Wonders! It also prepared the stage for next week’s finale, and I can’t wait! The episode seemed like a showcase of everything that was wrong with the season and I was glad […]

  • Supernatural 9×11 Review: First Born

    As upset as I was with the Winchesters parting ways yet again, this split has offered opportunities for rarely seen character dynamics to thrive.  Mark Sheppard and Jensen Ackles nailed it tonight and I was thrilled with every scene they shared together.  Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki also had a lot of fabulous scenes in […]

  • Sleepy Hollow Season Finale Review: “The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood”

    The breakout hit of FOX’s new lineup had its season finale last night, much to the disappointment of its devoted fans. While we have to wait until Fall 2014 to revisit Sleepy Hollow and its demon-battling inhabitants, the two-hour finale provided plenty of laughs, scares, battle sequences, jaw-dropping plot twists, and a major cliffhanger. The […]

  • Teen Wolf 3×15 Review: Galvanize

    This week’s episode felt a bit crowded, plotwise.  I feel like had a certain storyline been cut and/or moved to another episode, this one would have had a much better flow.  But before I get too much into things, let’s jump into my rundown of “Galvanize”. So let’s get what I didn’t like out of […]

  • Hannibal Season 2 Trailer

    The Hannibal season 2 trailer has landed and with it the Fannibals have awoken.  The fandom never really went to sleep.  You all have been creating gifs and art and stories like your show never went anywhere, but now that this explosive trailer has hit the Internet massive amounts of speculation have begun to spread […]

  • Shameless 4×02 Review: My Oldest Daughter

    This week’s episode finds the Gallaghers drifting further apart, which is never a good thing.  This family works best when they communicate and work together.  Take that away and things start to crumble very quickly.  If this episode is any indication as to how things will progress this season, it’s going to be a rough […]

  • Showtime TV Recommendation: Shameless

     One thing I love about a TV show, a book, or a movie is the element of escapism.  With a few simple clicks or the flip of a page, I am transported to Beacon Hills, Hogwarts, or inside Iron Man’s suit.  That being said, sometimes I don’t mind sitting down with a character with whom […]