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  • Femslash Poll Results

    Shipping polls are difficult.  Having to end things early because of botting debacles isn’t fun and we regret having to do that.  We’ve listened to feedback and took action when commenters had concerns, but none of that was enough to appease voters.  We put anti-botting measures in place, but that caused anger because one pairing […]

  • Reign 1×13 Review: The Consummation

    The fans of one ship mourn while the fans of another rejoice.  Meanwhile the ship between me and Catherine remains strong, as this woman is flawless and better than all of us!  But I will try to reign in my enthusiasm (pun intended) because this was a pretty exciting episode with many great moments.  Amy […]

  • Glee 5×10 Review: Trio

    It seems Glee is really going to make a full shift to the New York storyline sooner rather than later. It’s as if the freshmen don’t even exist in the show anymore. Trio focused on Rachel and Santana’s feud, and the seniors nearing graduation at McKinley. It was an enjoyable episode but not one of […]

  • Supernatural 9×15 Review: Thinman

    It appears that none of the huge issues of this season are troubling neither Sam nor Dean. Life for the Winchesters is seemingly much calmer than in recent years as tonight’s episode of Supernatural has them crossing paths with The Ghostfacers. It’s the same cookie cutter monster-of-the-week episode we’ve seen multiple times this season. Though […]

  • Teen Wolf 3 x 21 Review: The Fox and the Wolf

    Last week we received an extended look at the final four episodes of this season of Teen Wolf. It promised a lot of action, violent injuries, fight sequences, and genuinely spooky moments. So how does the start of this four-episode conclusion begin? With an hour of exposition, backstory, and a motley team-up of characters talking […]

  • “I’m Nothing”: Castiel in Supernatural 9×14, and His Road So Far

    He’s essentially… a perfect machine that has been infected with human qualities. Or you could say he was once a ruthless mechanism and he’s been elevated by human qualities. He’s a hybrid now. That creates as much conflict as it does insight. — Ben Edlund on Castiel, May 6, 2011 Supernatural 9.14, “Captives”, scripted by […]

  • Walking Dead 4×12 Review: Still

    The opening scene of this week’s Walking Dead was teased last Sunday, and yet again I found myself thinking, “The trunk of a car? Is that really a good idea?” While it still had some suspense to it, I felt like the idea of Daryl and Beth climbing into the trunk of an abandoned car […]

  • Teen Wolf Round Table: Echo House

    The most recent Teen Wolf episode, “Echo House”, stirred up a lot of controversy, which is hardly surprising considering it came with a warning. It certainly got everyone talking, and we were not an exception. There was so much to talk about after this episode, we figured five heads were better than one. So Angel, […]

  • Helix 1×9 Review: Level X

    Let it be known that on the ninth episode of Helix, things actually happened (and some of them were seriously disgusting, but I suppose that’s besides the point)! Unlike last week’s episode, which was action-packed but failed to drive the story forward, Level X had a great combination of plot development and interesting events. The […]

  • 2014 Pilot Orders – Shows I’m Looking Forward To Watching

    The Hollywood Reporter recently released a list of shows that have ordered pilots this year and there’s a lot to be excited about.  Spin offs and comic book shows seem to be on the rise this season, with aliens and apocalyptic narratives also making a strong appearance on the list.  Before launching into the titles […]