Playmates Toys “Voltron: Legendary Defender” Basic Blue Lion & Lion Attack Voltron – Review

Voltron Legendary Defender Playmates Toys DreamWorks Animation

Let your imagination run wild and save the universe with Playmates Toys Voltron: Legendary Defender action figures!

I’ve been a fan of the Voltron franchise for years. That is why I was excited when Netflix announced a new series produced by DreamWorks Animation. The second season will premiere on Netflix on 20 January 2017. While you wait, Playmates Toys has released some awesome figures for you to collect or play with.

I received two figures from Playmates Toys. So, I’ll be reviewing them both here.

Basic Blue Lion

This Blue Lion is part of Playmates Toys’ basic action figure assortment. This line includes eight figures, including Myzax. Also, the individual lions don’t combine.

I found the Blue Lion to be well-made. It can definitely handle some rough playtime. I say this because I accidentally dropped it from a three-foot high counter top and the toy remained undamaged. The paint job is okay and the toy does have some good details.

Playmates Toys Voltron Legendary Defender Netflix Basic Blue Lion

As with the rest of the toys in this wave, the Blue Lion also features an action gimmick. You press the hind legs in until you hear a clicking sound. Then you push the arms forward and place the lion in a low pounce-like stance. You then press the button on the back and letting go will make the lion jump forward a bit. You can also keep the button pressed while you push the hind legs in. Let go of the button to activate the gimmick.

As far as articulation goes, the head bobs a bit. The mouth can also be opened and closed. The front legs of this toy move together as do the hind legs because of the gimmick. Furthermore, the elbows have joints.

All in all, the Basic Blue Lion features a gimmick that kids will definitely enjoy. Grownups might want more from it. However, considering the $9.99 price tag the Blue Lion does deliver on quality and fun.

Basic Lion Attack Voltron

Another figure from the basic action figure assortment, the Lion Attack Voltron also features an action gimmick. I would’ve preferred the face to have a bit more paint rather than being entirely silver, though.

Articulation includes joints in the waist and neck. The right arm has a 360-degree joint with a bendable elbow. The left arm has a 360-degree joint but the elbow doesn’t bend because of the gimmick. Furthermore, the legs have joints so you can place the toy in a seated pose. The knees bend too.

Playmates Toys Voltron Legendary Defender Basic Lion Attack Voltron toy review

Coming to the gimmick, the Green Lion missile goes through the elbow. You push the missile from behind to fire it. I was able to shoot the missile more than a foot away, so that was fun! The wings come out easily. This can be annoying for someone who wants to keep them in place while playing.

The Lion Attack Voltron also has a $9.99 price tag. If I were to choose between these two toys, I would go for the Lion Attack Voltron. That way you get a full robot to play with instead of buying a single Blue Lion that doesn’t combine with the rest of the lions in the wave.

In the end, I’d say that the small-scale basic assortment figures are great for kids. However, if you’re an adult collector and want more value, then the Legendary Lion Assortment is for you. Playmates Toys has also released a 14-inch Ultimate Figure. There is also a roleplay assortment line.

Are you a fan of Voltron: Legendary Defender? What do you think of these toys? Let us know.

Note: I received these figures from Playmates Toys for review. The opinions shared in this post are my own.

The Playmates Toys Voltron: Legendary Defender line is available wherever toys are sold.

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