Can Chip Zdarsky & Jorge Jimenez Get Me To Read “Batman” Again?

Batman issue 125 dc comics
Batman Issue 125 – Variant Cover by InHyuk Lee (Image: DC Entertinament/

Turns out, the current Batman solo series is getting a new creative team. A exclusive revealed that award-winning writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Jorge Jimenez will work on the Batman solo series with the oversized Issue 125.

The upcoming arc by Zdarsky and Jimenez, called “Failsafe”, will be six issues long. The premise will deal with Bruce having nightmares of a future he’s incapable of stopping. Not only that, but Bruce’s life will be in danger in the present because there’s someone out there who wants him dead. The mysterious villain is all about killing Batman no matter what it takes. Zdarsky has not shared if the villain will be a familiar face or a new character. 

The “Failsafe” arc is being promoted as a Doomsday-like event for Batman. It is supposed to challenge Batman on a mental and physical level. It will also, apparently, test his relationships.

Another interesting thing about the new story starting with Batman Issue 125 is that Zdarsky will be using Tim Drake’s version of Robin. Tim will try and help Bruce with the “challenge” put forward by the “Failsafe” arc. According to the promo material, Tim is a favorite of Zdarsky’s, so that’s good to know.

Ever since Tim was revealed to be a queer character in August of last year, I have been looking forward to learning more about what DC Comics had planned for him. There were concerns from certain fans that DC Comics would forget about Tim after having him come out. Well, it looks like Zdarsky’s ready to shine the spotlight on Tim.

As far as me picking up Batman Issue 125 on July 5, 2022, is concerned- I guess I’ll give it a try? I’m not the biggest Zdarsky fan out there. It’s not like I have to read every comic book he creates. However, I did highly enjoy his work on the queer-inclusive fantasy miniseries The White Tress. But having said that, I wasn’t into his X-Men/Fantastic Four miniseries. The retcon concerning Franklin’s mutant power in Fantastic Four Issue 26 and the poor use of Storm made the entire thing feel like a waste of money to me. That’s why I’m not very sure about what he will deliver in his Batman run.

For those wondering, I haven’t read a Batman book in a while now. Writer James Tynion IV really made me stop reading the solo series even though I’m a fan of his other works (Something Is Killing The Children, WYND). I didn’t even go back to reading Batman when Joshua Williamson took over with Issue 118.

Currently, I’m intrigued by Zdarsky. But not so much that I’ve already made up my mind to definitely get Batman Issue 125. I do like Jimenez’s art, though.

Through his Substack newsletter (yes, I like Zdarsky enough to have signed up for free. Ha!), Zdarsky shared that he will be going a “little darker with the scripts” and how he has plants for stuff that can impact the other Bat-titles. He promises “non-stop action” in his “Failsafe” arc.

Along with working on Batman, Zdarsky will remain on the Daredevil series for Marvel Comics. Get that coin, Zdarsky!

Are you excited about Batman Issue 125? Will Zdarsky involve Catwoman?

Let us know your thoughts.

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