Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5: “City of Light” Game Review

Batman The Telltale Series Episode 5 City of Light

Batman: The Telltale Series came to its conclusion in Episode 5 “City of Light”. I have been enjoying this series and the finale didn’t disappoint.

The “City of Light” showed Batman trying to figure out Lady Arkham’s next move. The beginning included a scene with Harvey Dent. However, it didn’t really have the impact I was hoping it would. Harvey is still feeling a lot of confusion about what he wants to do, and I think we’ll get to see him become more dangerous in the second season.

Speaking of the second season, Telltale Games hinted at a potential villain but I’ll get to that later. The current series has done a great job trying to make Bruce Wayne and Batman feel like two different beings but also one at the same time. I liked Bruce’s struggle with his family legacy and trying to be a better person.

Lady Arkham was also given a few layers. She was doing everything because of revenge. It made sense due to how her foster parents treated her. I don’t think they deserved to die, but after playing “City of Light” I understand why Vale decided to murder them. While Vicki wasn’t the most interesting villain, she wasn’t a boring one either. I still don’t know how she was able to learn hand-to-hand combat that could make her fight Batman, but their final conformation was very enjoyable. The whole fight sequence was beautifully choreographed, and I wanted them to keep hitting each other without having to press the buttons myself.

Is Vicki dead? I don’t know. Will we see her again? I don’t know. But it would be fun to see her now that she knows Bruce is Batman.

Catwoman also appeared in “City of Light”. My heart broke when I, Bruce Wayne, told Selina that I loved her! How could she leave me after hearing that? Why couldn’t she admit that she loved me, too? She and I are meant to be together. It is inevitable!

All in all, “City of Light” showed Bruce that to save Gotham he had to play the roles of both Batman and the young billionaire. The city needs both men for it to survive and hopefully grow better.

I hope that Telltale Games decides to continue with the series and we get a season two soon. The Joker is all set up to reign terror on the city. Bruce also owes him a favor and I can’t wait to know what it is. I also wouldn’t mind a mini-series introducing Robin or taking players on a dangerous heist as Selina. Just give me new content, Telltale Games!

What did you think of “City of Light”? Did you enjoy Batman: The Telltale Series? Let us know!

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